Day 26

Thursday 9th. 

What a day,  awesome. Did lots of shooting birds,  did the boat trip, that was fantastic learning all the history of the gorge and the Waanyi people.


Heading up the Gorge.


Cliff face, going up the Gorge, some light it looks red, other times its orange, keep’s changing colours. Just beautiful.


We go up around the bend ahead. Feel very small in comparison to the cliffs.


Another part of the trip.


Crocodile slide. We waited but didn’t see anything.


Canoeing, they all having fun, Indarri Falls just around the corner.


Trees growing out of rocks, amazing.


Part of the falls, quite a story as to how long the falls have eroded the rock away, it passes through lime stone and deposits calcium to form where the falls fall.


Another fall as part of the Indarri falls.


A Bower bird landed on the calcium ledge.


Indarri Falls in all its glory, they are so beautiful..


Shapes, colour, just breath taking.


The skipper was telling us about the crack in this cliff face, when there’s been a lot of rain the water gushes out from this crack and forms a water fall that flows right out into the water. So where we are now he said, we’d be getting wet.


Honey Bee full of nectar.


Purple crowned wren.


Day 19

Thursday 2nd June

Went into Mt Isa and spent the day pretty much there. The part we went to get cap for the toilet funnel but it hadn’t arrived yet, it had gone to Winton. We did get a cap for the pole pipe, so that was good, got gas and other wee nick nacks. Went to the lookout,  amazing view, the town is built right beside the mine, its copper they mine. Traveling through was so beautiful,  the countryside changes and the colours are incredible. All the rock seems to be a shale of some sorts.  Got back here and had afternoon tea with J&A. Weather is fine, meant to be cool and windy tomorrow. Darwin and Uluru has had heavy rains. The scenery around this area is amazing,  hilly, red rocks and short trees. Early tea. Met a couple and the lady is getting into photography so gave her some tips. Bed early,  already it’s 9 pm.

IMG_7420 Not many images today, this is a White Plumed Honey eater, its trying to shelter from a shower of rain.

Day 18

Wednesday 1st June  Day 18

Well it is raining,  started quiet early after we went to sleep last night. Has rained fairly constant. The land needs this,  as campers it’s fine overnight but nice to fine up now,  well not a lot to do in the rain.  Soaking the clothes to hang out when fine. Had a early tea, cleaned up and retired to the camper.


Just down the bank from our camp site, looking south. very overcast.


Looking up the opposite way. This dam is a lot higher than it has been, last year people were camping where the water is.


Our camp site.


Very dark skies tonight.


Beautiful Kite.

Day 17

Tuesday 31st    Traveling to Corolla Dam.

Set the alarm for 6 am,  got up and had breakfast,  got all ready to close the camper and I was on the phone when I saw a big bird in the tree,  it was a Kite,  not a wedge tail like I first thought. On the road by 8.20 am,  what a beautiful drive,  the country side changed many times, from really green to red, flat to really hilly out crops with a lot of rock,  then as we got closer to Cloncurry the hills were amazing.  Had morning tea at the Info center after we did the shopping at Woolworths. Nice town, not a lot of shops though. While we were at the info center a lady came up and asked if I was camping back at the rest area, I said yes, she said, you have lost 4 poles along the road back there. Went back to the camper and told Don and yes the cap for the tent poles vibrated loose off the pole carrier and we have lost 7 poles . Tried at Cloncurry to get some more, no luck,  so will try at Mt Isa when we go to get the toilet cap. Saw a Wedge-tailed eagle today fly off a dead carcass on side of road. We arrived here at Corella Dam at 12.15 pm,  quiet a few people here and the water levels are up as we can’t camp on the peninsula where J&A usually camp,  so did a bit of a drive around, finally found a top spot,  got all set up with only minimal things out as if it rains we have to move fast due to bad soil. No photos tonight as it’s very overcast and windy. Sat around a wee fire until 7 pm, we’re all pretty tired so have retired to our vans. Here are some photo’s of the days travel. A lot of these I take while Don drives.


Heading to Corella Dam, on the Mt Isa road.


Rocky outcrop.


The Town


I have noticed that a lot of the out back towns have beautiful wide streets, plenty room for parking with a RV. The bakery makes lovely fresh cream buns with real cream and jam,


Just a quick shot as we drove through town.


I just loved the scenery, the changing colours of the hills. Still lovely and green from all the flooding and rain they have had out west, we are very lucky to see it this way.


Another amazing hill.


Arriving ar Corella Dam.


Could not believe how many campers were here, but its a big area.


Wow, look at this for a set up. Lovely people, I was chatting with the owners, they have been everywhere, so interesting chatting . Continue with safe travels.



Day 106, 107, 108

Tuesday 16th June
Went through to Richmond, then onto Tea Tree and out onto the high way to get to East Derwent to get over to Glenorchy on the west side of Derwent, very low fog, very bleak and drizzly, very cold as well, so didn’t spend much time to get back to unit and veggie out in the afternoon. No photo’s today.
Wednesday 17th June
Very wet, low cloud so we are not going anywhere. Catching up on washing, etc as we only have until Friday when we head off to Launceston.
Catching up on some video’s. No photo’s today.
Thursday 18th June.
Last day to tiki tour so we are off early to the city and Cascade Brewery and Mt Wellington, Had a awesome day, the sun came out at the right time at cascade brewery, then I could see it snowing on Mt Wellington so off we go and yes we got snowed on, only light snow but still fun, the cloud was very low. From there we went down to Battery Point and parked, did a bit of looking around, then got the car and drove to find a place to have our lunch. The black clouds were coming over fast so we ate and ran, back up to Mt Wellington and got snowed on some more, heavier this time, then Don went into a building and a chap was sitting by a fire while waiting for the weather to improve, so we stood by the fire and chattered to him lovely watching it snowing by a fire. Got back to the unit early afternoon and enjoyed the last of it , we leave for Launceston in the morning.
DSCF1660Mt Wellington, Tassie  Snowing on Mt Wellington DSCF1666 DSCF5048 IMG_4038 Sun shone for us very briefly. Cascade Brewery, this is the oldest remaining brewery, it was originally a sawmill, Then the Brewery was established in 1824. IMG_4048 IMG_4059  Cascade BreweryIMG_4065  Back up on Mt Wellington.IMG_4074  Mofo is running for a week in Hobart, love the design of the way the wood is stacked, ready for the fires at night for cooking.IMG_4080Models of Able Tasman’s ships. IMG_4081 IMG_4083  Salamanca, this is where they hold farmers markets every Saturday.IMG_4085 IMG_4136  This is the name of the image below, turning silo’s into apartments, great idea, save wasting them.IMG_4097 IMG_4113 IMG_4099  The house of Lenna. Lenna is a Tasmanian aboriginal word for house or hut. Heritage listed the builder built it for his wife.IMG_4098  This is the apartments of Lenna. This is at Battery Point.IMG_4100  View of the city from Lenna’s lookout, we were lucky enough to go inside and climb the stairs to have a look, image below shows the lookout room.IMG_4105 IMG_4110  Front entrance of Lenna.IMG_4114  The lookout from the Princes gardens.IMG_4123  Saw this mansion, as we walk back to the car.IMG_4128  Silo apartments from another angle.IMG_4129  Reflections in the all glass front of this building.IMG_4139

All these buildings are being used for arts, cafe’s, etc.. I don’t know what they were previously but thought they may of been wharf storage sheds in early days.


Day 8 & 9

Saturday 27th 

I’m up having a cuppa around a nice hot fire. Drizzling still, the river is up by about 6 inches so my water hole is going to be deep, We have little frogs jumping back across the grass inland direction,  dont understand, in the evening they jump towards the river, dont know where they live in between. Went for our walk, found it hard today. Zoe was driving up the road and stopped and chattered,  they had a nice xmas and came home to damage from the storm two nights ago, there thunder box blew over, ripped the seat off it. Some fences are damaged so they are having to fix them as Garry’s stock can get through. Got back from the walk and did our exercises, had a swim, the river has come up at least 12 inch now, so we are watching. Made a milo and toast, took it up to K&M but they were still in bed so came home and had it, then I decided to make a cake out of my muffin pre mix in the camp oven, even though its raining, well bugger me turned out great, then I threw in some scones and they turned out great. Very happy. Well the rain has not stopped and it’s chilly.  Kay popped over she’s had a good lazy day and sleep.  I have used my dehydrated pumpkin soup mix for tea tonight,  see what it tastes like.

Sunday 28th 

Buy gumboots,  short ones.

It has rained all night.  Still raining it’s 9.30 qld time. River has risen, Don has a stick on the bank for a marker and if the water gets to that we will be packing up. I have got heaps of uke practice done. Oh, the pumpkin soup last night was delicious,  even Don loved it so that’s saying something. I did put 2 cubes of spinach frozen into it. No walk today,  we have walked 6 days want one day off and its so wet as well. The river has been rising more and our sticks are under water. We will make a decision in the morning. Went for a drive up thru Garrys place next door and went only 10 km was lovely, people are camped down by the river there and the river is only couple of feet bankment, crazy. There are too river systems running into this one river so no wonder it’s rising as we could see it still raining up in the hills.  Went down to Kays and saw the platypus playing,  there were two that we saw. Got photos but not good enough to keep. I had a dehydrated meal for tea and Don even liked that one. Crikey. Still raining.  Batteries are doing much better now that the charger is working properly. It’s cooler and the freezer is sitting on -10 most of the day. I have put these two days together with the few photos as to wet for photography.

IMG_8732  Cant even see the rocks that the kids were sitting on few days ago.IMG_8726  Just outside our camp.DSCF3882
  The drive up the road.

Day 1 & 2

Saturday 20th December

Got away about 11.30 am. Good price for fuel, filled up everything, at $1.30 a litre and 4 cents discount a litre, was great.

Stopped at Logan river just before Beaudesert and had lunch.
Carried on down the Mt Lindsay highway,  real lovely drive and over the ranges into Urbinville,  and out to the Bruxner highway. Our turn off was not that far away and then we carried on down to the river where we are going to camp. Just had a wee bit of rain so have retreated into the camper,  early to bed.

Sunday 21st.

 Woke to a lovely overcast morning,  sitting by the river having morning cuppa, I’m in heaven.

We had a opossum visit last night. Horses, cows a big bull and calves, just lovely. Its 6.08 am.
Have had a busy and good day. Turned out fine. Looked further up the road at the other camp spots,  all nice but where we are better for view of river and closer to swimming hole.
A couple dropped into look at the camping area and popped over for a chat. Good chatting with locals as you learn more.
Late this afternoon I could hear thunder in the distance,  sure enough it slowly moved over us, few spits of rain and thats it. Cools the air, but the flies are bad.
Collected heaps of fire wood.

IMG_8310 IMG_8387

Day 3

Thursday 14th

Woke to a beautiful day so we had breakfast, cleaned up and Don got the tarp up over the camper, so now we are secured for the rains. The dam/lake is low but still lots of water. We have toilets, cold showers and trees. Very uneven ground as it is all just paddocks,so you get what you can. Lots of people with boats, blow up canoes and rubber ducks.  Don and Jack went rowing several times. I got tea all prepared early so didnt matter about the weather. A chap called around to all the sites, hes getting a delivery service up and running and was asking about what we might want. Gets the stock from Monto and keeps his delivery fees low. His email for info is Jamie Harris is his name. He owns the 4×4 shop in town. We went for a big walk around all the bays, so big. Havent been to the wier yet. Had chicken tonight with veggies all in one pot. Don had a big fall today, thought he’d knocked himself out for a second, but he dented his head at the forehead by the hair line, got the bleeding stopped and put a cross plaster on it. Hes ended up with a very big bruise on his leg at the top. Weather does not know what it’s doing but its overcast and windy.  Not as cold tonight with the cloud cover.

IMG_1729 IMG_1713 IMG_1710 IMG_1677 IMG_1613 IMG_1597 IMG_1590 IMG_1589