About Me


I have started this web site to showcase my photography and art works so my friends and family can keep up to date with my travels.

I come from New Zealand and started painting  about 35 years ago. I took a break from painting for many years when I started a family.  I took up painting again about 20 years ago. First off, using Acrylics, and then changed to Oils. When I moved to Australia I went back to Acrylic’s as I was very mindful of the toxins and chemicals that are associated with Oils, Turpentine etc. But my love for Oils has taken over again and recently I have found some wonderful new water soluble Oil paints, which are totally chemical free and the brushes even wash out in water, they are called W oils.

My love for Photography started when I would Tiki-tour  ( travelling ) around NZ and take photo’s for the purpose of painting, but from there it has evolved into a passion that I love as much as painting. I am a member of the Peninsula Camera Club, in the North of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. In this beautiful country and NZ we have some of the most picturesque scenery, lush rain forests and wonderful beaches, why would I want to go anywhere else. I am now doing more photography and will paint from time to time while traveling on our trips.

I have just replaced all my Canon photography equipment due to the weight of all my Lens etc, so took the plunge and downsized to a Bridging camera. Bought a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ2500, this camera gives me a 480 zoom so not loosing out with my love of bird shooting, this is not a DSLR but its capabilities are pretty dam good, no changing lens in the field and I have everything in one bag, so good. 🙂

Iwas involved in entering National and International Competitions. Since 2009 I have achieved my AAPS photographic Honours with the APS and in 2011, I was awarded my AFIAP Honour’s with the Federation Internationale de I’art Photographique. ( International Federation of Photographic Art ) I am no longer a member of the APS. I do not enter competitions these days, been there done that.

This is my set up for travelling, Toyota Hiace Hitop Campervan, all set up for off the grid living. Absolutely love it and very comfortable.

 Camping off the grid on private property, just lovely, lots of animals as well as this is a working farm.

This inside with the extension on for the bed, the sofa area on Left has all the house batteries and chargers etc. I now have 2 solar blankets so all very manageable for me.

I hope that you enjoy my site as much as I have enjoyed taking the photos and writing of my travels.

All my Photo’s and paintings are for sale, please  contact me for any enquirers to purchase or feed back.

Cheers Judy