16th – 18th July A trip to Linville

Had 3 days at Linville in a grassed area, nice and quiet, caught up with some friends. Each time I go away I’m working out what I don’t need to take with me, just tweaking things up. Just a few photos, nice spot for a night or two if heading in that direction but not a lot to do, totally self contained as there is no facilities of any sorts, take out what you bring in.

Dont drive down this track with a caravan on back, it drops off at the end of these tyre tracks.

Last of the sun on solar blankets.

Keeping warm.

Areas for camping

Brisbane River.

Brisbane river down there.


Campervan Renovations

Bought my Toyota in 2018, had a big trip to Tasmania for 7 months, then went to NZ for 5 weeks and came home deciding to renovate my camper into a single sleeper to give me more room for those long trips. Here’s a few images of the progress. I took off all doors, hinges, door handles and replaced them, painted everything I could white. Rust proofed as much as I could. Stuffed insulation into every nook and cranny I could.

Took off wooden step.

Placed a new piece of flooring under old bed.

The rust proofing on metal before rest of flooring is done.

New water pump

Rust proofed the step area.

Placed the vinyl tiles to see how they will look.

Placing things where they can go.

Camper with the new Hopper windows and its new solarscreens which I love.

This when I first bought the campervan.


Before the renovations.

Thursday 12th September

Another great day, too good to waste so off for a drive to Cygnet and all the coast road, so lovely when you get off the main drives. here’s a few shots for the day. This peninsula is on the east side of the Huon River, we are staying on the west side of Huon. It was awesome looking across the river at where we’d come from.

 Birches Bay  Glazier Bay  The Shed  The Shed, this is a wonderful place to stay.  Port Huon  Tassels Salmon Farming.  Gordon  Kettering,Bruny Island in back ground, this is the ferry that goes over there.