16th – 18th July A trip to Linville

Had 3 days at Linville in a grassed area, nice and quiet, caught up with some friends. Each time I go away I’m working out what I don’t need to take with me, just tweaking things up. Just a few photos, nice spot for a night or two if heading in that direction but not a lot to do, totally self contained as there is no facilities of any sorts, take out what you bring in.

Dont drive down this track with a caravan on back, it drops off at the end of these tyre tracks.

Last of the sun on solar blankets.

Keeping warm.

Areas for camping

Brisbane River.

Brisbane river down there.


Friday 24th February Day 70

Hit the road at 11 am and it is 18 deg, just lovely. Went and checked out Bells Bay, its more like a port really for the coal. We carried onto Beaconsfield and had lunch. From here we headed for Nawantapu NP and the hema took us the shortest route but took twice as long but the scenery was awesome. Camped at Bakers Beach.

 Very big campsites.  Wombats here are suffering with a mange that is killing them, you can see the lack of fur on the rump.  Sunset


Day 9

Tuesday 29th September…..Happy Birthday to my eldest son Garry.

Had a real relaxing day, taking photo’s, chatting with the neighbours. Caught up with Jo and took the saw blades we donated for her museum she is getting up and running.

IMG_7193  Looking across the wetlands, lake is low.IMG_7177  Echidna.IMG_7161  Black Fronted Dotterel. These birds are so tiny.IMG_7112  Pale Head RosellaIMG_7097  Emu, I didnt see it until it moved, well camouflaged. IMG_7089 IMG_7088 IMG_7087IMG_7208 IMG_7220 IMG_7242  Juvenile Red Winged ParrotIMG_7251  Red-Winged ParrotIMG_7274 IMG_7335  Young Whistling Kite. It was being annoyed by the Willy Wagtail.IMG_7374 IMG_7394  Double Barred Finch IMG_7400  I’m not sure if this is a Mulga Parrot.IMG_7410  Tree-creeper.IMG_7437 IMG_7522 IMG_7562 IMG_7621  Night Shooting.IMG_7616

Day 67

Friday 17th

Graham, the owner of the Bush Camp at Charlieville does bus trips around the town and shows where the floods came to, what they are doing about it, all the points of interest in Charlieville and much more, so yes we did the trip. Very interesting indeed. Got back to our camp 2 1/2 hours later and had lunch, then went up to the Cosmos Center. Spent hours in there, so much to see. Booked into the Observatory for tomorrow night. Had tea out at the RSL with some friends of mine, very flash place. Came back and did star trails.

IMG_7179  This is where we stayed, they have a caravan park up the other end of the farm, we wanted the paddock.IMG_7154  At the caravan park Graham has mattress that go on the star beds, great for star gazing.IMG_7153  They use this in the camp kitchen up at the van park.IMG_7195 IMG_7191  Entrance into airport and Observatory, Cosmos Center and information Center all in one.IMG_7184  Cosmos CenterStarStaX_DPP_544-DPP_548_gap_filling Star trails from the paddock where we are staying.