Wednesday 5th April

Week has gone by with  no photo’s, but we are now heading for Cradle Mountain and staying at the Gowie Wilderness Camp, lovely clean facilities and lovely owners. Staying 2 nights, using this as a base.

 The Office, Mt Rowling in behind the low cloud.  Lots of area for big rigs as well.  Dump Point. Don’t know if the rooms are for let.  All the windows are backpackers rooms.  Each door is a room, they have wonderful facilities, BBQ, tables, bins, and camp kitchen.  Each toilet has a shower as well.  Camp kitchen Cabins for rent.


Friday 24th March Day 2

Was lovely to walk into the shack for toilet etc, how we take things for granted at home. Very cold outside but I walked along the beach, lovely rock pools and the colours of the rocks under water, very beautiful. Heaps of big kelp as well. Met the lady who owns the Museum lovely people. Great collections of memorabilia from around the area of long ago, a must to see..

 colours in the pools.  They have a great sense of humour here.  Creek run off out to sea from bridge.  Up at Shirley’s at the Museum.  View from the Museum. This is the house with the Museum.  Colours in the rocks down the beach.

Thursday 23rd March. Day 1 of Trial Harbour

Went to “the Wall” yesterday and no photo’s. Weathers been wet.

Heading to Zeeham, get a few stores then off to Trail Harbour. Gorgeous drive, just love it over on the west. Got to Paddy’s place and set the camper up, quiet cool so got organised early for meals etc.

 The Gap  Scenery on the way over to Zeeham,  Queenstown, the mining.  View of Trial Harbour.  The settlement of Trial Harbour.  Coral Fungi.  This is home for how ever long. 🙂  How times gone by.  This is the Shack we have to use when weather gets bad.

Sunday 20th March

Had a very relaxing day yesterday after our big adventure on Saturday. Went to the Sunday markets, they were great. Today we went for a drive around the bays out from Triabunna, it turned out so interesting didn’t get back until 5.15 pm. very overcast and cool day.

 Three Thumbs lookout, very low clouds. sandstone boulders,  Tessellated rocks.  Echidna.  Beautiful patterns in the sandstone.  Lovely view of Maria Island.  Now that’s a great fence. 🙂  Sandstone. Sandstone Quarry.


Saturday 18th March – Maria Island

Caught the boat at 9 am only took 50 min to get to Maria Island. Lovely trip seeing the land from where you have come. Saw a pod of dolphins very beautiful. On the Island we did a 9 km walk taking in the Fossil cliffs, Painted cliffs, and everything in between. You take everything you need as well as your water intake for the day as there is no shops or supplies and you take all rubbish home. Lots of old ruins, just far to many to post in the website. Long and wonderful day, extremely windy late afternoon which was tiring. Caught the boat back at 4.30 pm. Very steep hills to climb but pace yourself and its worth it. I do have lots of photos in this posting so take your time. Enjoy. 🙂

 Our ferry, its very cool at present, its 8 am. Another plant.
 Off to drop the crayfish pots.  Old plant that is now not working, not sure what they were producing.  These people are heading back from sleeping over.  Silo’s.  We’re all taking in the view of where we’ll be for the next 6 hours.  I did the red circuit and the orange circuit.  Jetty in background, silos can be seen.  Dormitories.  BBQ and shelters. Looking back over towards Triabunna.

Whale bones, Ribs I was told.

 Wombat wondering around.  Top 2 images are fossils of sea shells, Oysters.  Fossils quarry down on left.  This is the way to start climbing the hill over there yonder, you can see some people in the right hand side going up the track.  Convict Barn from 1844  Looking down to the settlement.  Tasmanian Native Hen.  Fossils quarry cliff, the person shows just how big it is.

Sleeping wombat.

 View from half way up the hill on circuit.  Painted Cliffs. Heading down to the Painted cliffs, the peninsula out across the bay is where they are. Tide in makes it a bit harder to get good shots of the cliffs, I’ll just do what I can.  On way back to settlement where the Maria ferry will pick us up in the bay from Jetty.






Wednesday 15th March.

Caught the bus int Hobart from Seven Mile Beach, had a awesome day. It was overcast but great for photography. When you are walking everywhere in Hobart I didn’t realize how hilly it was, but get some great views of the bay and city. Most of the photos speak for themselves.

 Salamanca.  Other side of Salamanca, this is where they have the well known Salamanca Markets.  I thought this was well done. Bike stands.  Hobart Botanical Gardens.  Quiet a few buildings had different vines growing over them, very colourful.