Tuesday 21st February.

Well we had a very busy day, cooking meals, showering, washing, and just catching up with a few bits, so not a lot of photo’s , but we did have a fire, and went night shooting.

 Camp   Milky way over the Little Lagoon.


Thursday 16th February. Heading to North East Coast

Once we’d had breakfast and did all our bits in at St Helen’s for the next trip, heading up to Gladstone for Policeman’s Point up in the Mount William N.P. There is not a lot of camping up this way but enough for what we want to do. Not sure about the weather but cant sit around waiting, just gotta go. 🙂 Here’s the last of shots from here.

 Underwater at Dora Point,   Floating grass.  Camp site at Dora Point this time.

 Beach looking West at Dora point. This is Georges bay. Last nights starry sky.

Day 9

Tuesday 29th September…..Happy Birthday to my eldest son Garry.

Had a real relaxing day, taking photo’s, chatting with the neighbours. Caught up with Jo and took the saw blades we donated for her museum she is getting up and running.

IMG_7193  Looking across the wetlands, lake is low.IMG_7177  Echidna.IMG_7161  Black Fronted Dotterel. These birds are so tiny.IMG_7112  Pale Head RosellaIMG_7097  Emu, I didnt see it until it moved, well camouflaged. IMG_7089 IMG_7088 IMG_7087IMG_7208 IMG_7220 IMG_7242  Juvenile Red Winged ParrotIMG_7251  Red-Winged ParrotIMG_7274 IMG_7335  Young Whistling Kite. It was being annoyed by the Willy Wagtail.IMG_7374 IMG_7394  Double Barred Finch IMG_7400  I’m not sure if this is a Mulga Parrot.IMG_7410  Tree-creeper.IMG_7437 IMG_7522 IMG_7562 IMG_7621  Night Shooting.IMG_7616

Day 11

11th Wednesday
Last day here, I took a drive into town, went to bank, book store and chemist. nice town. Toilet still leaking, I am over it. this is our 3rd toilet, never will we buy BCF toilets again. Made a yoghurt today as I use it as a cream as well. Started to tidy up and pack what I could for tomorrow. Did a some night shooting and some Milky Way shots.
IMG_9941 IMG_9947

Day 26-29

Saturday 6th-Tuesday 9th

Very hot day today, Had a quiet day, recharging everything while generator is on. No star trails as its turned cloudy. We saw the Satellite ( sky Lab ) go over again, we have been watching it for nights now. We are heading to Townsville and will be catching up with family on Dons side so no more photos for the web site until the 9th. Here are a few images of the Super moon in Townsville. This is the Jetty in foreground, and the shipping harbour and lights of the wharf in background.

IMG_3618  Final image of the super moon, not as big as I’d thought it would be, still a lot of fun, very windy and cold. 9.30 pmIMG_3596  The only cloud in the sky and of course it had to be in line with the moon, gave it some character. IMG_3588  First glimpse of the super moon. Heaps of people doing the same as us.IMG_3580  This image is looking over at Magnetic Island just before dark.IMG_3576

First image when we got down to the shore line for the super moon.


Day 4

Tuesday 4th February 

The youngest son had to head back to where he lives, we all spent some time looking at new places in the area. Some photo’s of the town of Murrurundi, lots of history here.

IMG_6513 IMG_6520 IMG_6524 IMG_6536 Wednesday 5th February

Today my eldest son returned from a trip in NZ and it’s at his place we have been staying. Very dry out here in Murrurundi and keeping the gardens watered is a big job. Once Garry was settled after his flight, next day he drove us up to some real nice spots as well, we are very lucky. Here are some images of the rock formations up in behind the town, real amazing shapes and they are so huge.

IMG_6625 IMG_6633 IMG_6678  Looking at the town of Murrurundi from the rock cliffs in behind the town.IMG_6731

Star trails from top of the hills.