Charlie Moorelands

Friday 9 th August

We headed off for 3 nights to Charlie Moorelands camping in the Imbil National Park for some rest-bite. Got here  and set out the Cub Drover, put the annex up in the dark, so did well, got a fire going and ate tea by the fire, was so nice, it was very cold, but what a clear sky, the milky way was magnificent.

Saturday 10 th – 12 th August

I awoke very early as I do and got up, put the kettle on and got the fire pit going again, nothing better than a big fire, hot cuppa in the first morning light listening to the birds and their songs, I had my NZ ski gear on, don’t laugh, it was very cold.

20130810_082228-1 20130810_101326-1

Lovely river running through the bottom of the park, it has lots of damage from the last floods, but this swimming hole the kids were having a great time.20130810_162358-1  I am cooking roast veggies for tea on my new Express oven, worked real well, I was impressed, wait to see how well it does my Gluten Free muffins, then I will really smile if it works.20130810_162408-1  Getting kindling ready for morning fire and wood for tonight’s fire.20130810-20130810_082312  Nomad Drover relaxing.20130811_170622-1  Nomad Drover stocking fire.Fire Pit  My efforts of the morning fire to keep warm with my cuppa. Sun hadn’t got up yet.20130812_072930-1 These photos show the activity over the 3 days, very big sites to camp on, mind you it wasn’t peak season so may be a different story then, one would need to check. The Cub did well, was our first time away in it and we did well with it, lots of room inside so we will have many more great camping trips with it.

Facilities are few, T – $ – S – FP