Day 22

28th April Monday

Last night was awesome, clouds rolled in and we sat by the lake watching a lightning show across the lake, we got no rain but further down to the east they did. Had breaky by the fire and at the moment it is fine weather. We got cleaned up and headed off to Swinging Bridge, Cooyar to stay the night on our way home, but we had a lot of rain traveling there. We had lunch at the general store, asked about their weather and she said we are going to cop it, so in spite of a lovely camping spot we ate and left, figured as we are so close to home, will not stay. Got home late.

It is nice to get home and we are both really tired so will take a few days to unpack, clean everything up and pop it back for the next trip. ūüôā ¬†can‚Äôt wait.

IMG_0648  Beautiful sky this morning before dawnIMG_0664  Sun rising over lake BroadwaterIMG_0668  Reflection of the sun on gum treesIMG_0705  Little WrenIMG_0726 Blue faced honey eater


Day 20

26th April Saturday to 27th April Sunday

Off to Dalby, said cheerio to Kate and ¬†Chris. They left before us.Packed up and left. Got to Dalby, had a few things to do, also fueled up, toilet dump and top up the water, our regular routine in big towns. We headed off down the Moonie Hwy and got to Lake Broadwater, checked the place out, lots of people but decided by Sunday they will mostly be going home as the holiday weekend is finished, and they did, ūüôā such a beautiful spot, lake full of water, it’s a very big lake as is their mossies, ūüė¶ Very big area for camping, lots of trees, hot showers for a $1, flushing toilets, lots of water birds so its a nice relaxing time¬†¬†winding down to home time. Boo Hoo. There was a snake in the trees down from us, I did not see it, but the man told me to be aware, I said, I‚Äôm always aware for snakes. We also had a opossum visit us both nights he was too friendly but so cute, still had to give it it’s marching orders.
DSCF2649 ¬†On the road again. Heading to Moonie HwyDSCF2651 ¬†Cotton fieldsDSCF2662 ¬†Lake Broadwater sign at the entrance, stay awhile, it’s great.DSCF2665 ¬†Shore line from boat rampDSCF2669 ¬†This area is out of bounds for boats, it’s a wildlife sanctuary.¬†DSCF2681 ¬†The opossum visitingDSCF2684 ¬†This is the size of the bush camping across the lake at Wilga Bush Camp ground. Its very nice as well but only has toilets, shade and space, not for big rigs though.DSCF2691

Cotton all bailed up ready for pick up, they are huge as you can see with Don in comparison

Day 19

Friday 25th Anzac… Lest we forget….

Remember them I did down by the river, beautiful. There has been a few people arriving at Archers Crossing today. My friends took their canoe up the river, caught them here while I was taking photo’s on the shore line, so was Kate. I tried some star trails last night but there were a few to many clouds, lovely all the same. Had tea, sat by the fire with Kate and Chris.

IMG_0420IMG_0422 ¬†The water had some sort of algae and you can see how green it is.IMG_0432 ¬†A Pacific Baza, real pretty hawkIMG_0448 ¬†And off he goes.IMG_0471 ¬†This is a shot of a Cormorant with a fish it has speared with it’s beak.IMG_0493 ¬†Cows grazing along the river bankIMG_0508 ¬†A snake swimming¬†IMG_0541¬†My view with my cuppa early morning

Day 16

22nd April Tuesday to 23rd Wednesday

Packing up today and going to stay in Miles as we need to do a big wash. The fire was still going this morning so had my cuppa by it, so nice. Caravan Park pretty run down but clean enough, more to the point the washing machines were not to exe, so I got 3 loads washed and dried, hot showers and went to pub for tea. Was a very noisy night as we are right on the Hwy trucks all night, never mind catch up tonight.


Camp site at Miles caravan parkIMG_0352  Red Winged ParrotIMG_0365 Red Winged ParrotIMG_0379     Red Winged Parrot

24th April Thursday 

Up at 4.30 am made a cuppa and watched the sky change, all the miners heading off to work or coming home, so much mining and gas mining  going on, unbelievable. Heading to Chinchilla to get Dons tablets, but we couldn’t get them so they ordered into Dalby so when we go there on Saturday they will have them for him. Off we go to Archer’s Crossing, get there and Chris & Kate are there, they decided to drag the holiday out a few more days. Stayed a couple of days here, lovely lot of water in the river, very green, some sort of algae in it so we did not put the rubber ducky in. Went for a big walk, did some night shooting and sat around the fire with Kate & Chris, bed by 8 pm.

DSCF1641  River at Archers CrossingDSCF1639 DSCF1638  Down at the boat ramp, Archers CrossingDSCF1636Big area for campingDSCF1632 DSCF1631  Archers Crossing camping, lots of room on the banks of the river

Day 15

21st April Monday 

We have had a real nice time here, but time to go so had breaky and got cleaned up, packed up and hit the road by 9 am, stopped at Taroon for morning tea and empty the toilet, fueled up. Called into Wandeon looked around had a cuppa then headed to Jackson down the Jackson Road, heading south/west now for Warrego Hwy again and back to Judd’s Lagoon. Still a few people here but plenty of room for us all. Stayed two nights and Kate and Chris had to head back home so we stayed another night.

DSCF1600  Taroom, a stop for morning tea.DSCF1605  Wandeon.DSCF1617 On the road to Jackson, heading to Judds Lagoon.

Day 11

17th April Thursday thru to 20th Sunday

Went over early and had a hot shower before everyone else got up. Got brekky and sat under the tree. Storm had gone, mozzies were back, and these are big ones, holly hell they can bite. Bite you thru your clothes; I have big welts on me. We headed to Moura, stopped along the way and saw the mine. We fueled up, emptied toilet, and topped up with some food items at Food Works. Going to Chain Lagoons, on our way we called into Theodore, what a lovely town only small on the Dawson River and a free camping spot. We are now on the Leichhardt H’wy heading south, had a lunch stop here and then got to Chain Lagoons and they had a fence across the road to get to the big lagoon, so we took a bush road thinking we could get thru, ha we got in a tricky spot, but with a bit of work we got back out onto the H’wy. So off we go to plan B and onto Lake Murphy, well what a neat surprise, so green, lovely camp spots so much better, no water in the lake but that’s not a problem, we loved it here and stayed 3 nights, did lots of walks, night shooting, sitting around the camp fire, was lovely, we had Apostle birds hanging around camp, they are so funny, chattering all the time. Our friends are here as well. We spent the next few days just exploring and enjoying the time to relax.

IMG_9930Open Cut Mine at Moura
IMG_9931IMG_9938 ¬†Apostle bird, they are so social and funny with their antic’sIMG_9974 ¬†Babbler with insect in mouthIMG_9987 ¬†A Red Necked kangarooIMG_9991 ¬†Apostle BirdIMG_9994¬†Apostles birds

DSCF1555  Our camp spot at Lake Murphy.DSCF1556  Mowed pathways to Toilet blockDSCF1558  Nice big camp spotsDSCF1563 Our friends and us on our walk over to see the creek, which had water in it.


Empty Lake Murphy, hard to imagine that this is the lake floor.

Day 10

Wednesday 16th April

Got up early, we are having early breakfast and packing up, heading to Moura Apex River Park, Peter Kerr Memorial, this is on the Dawson River, Lovely spot for a stop over, it is on the main road and gets very full, hot showers $1 coin as of April 2014, toilets and shade. It came over very wet and windy but manged to still enjoy the night, got some photos of people having boating fun and whistling kites.

IMG_9856 IMG_9870 IMG_9891 IMG_9902 IMG_9919




Day 9

Monday 14th April

Was drizzly in the morning, we went for a walk around the big hill here to see whats on the other side of the lake. Just a quiet day really, ¬†No photo’s of this day.

Tuesday 15th April

Well I had read about a Blood Moon to be seen on the 15th at 3.07 am, so I got up and saw that the sky was clear, woke our friends to see if they wanted to photograph this amazing event, Chris got up, Kate looked outside and said nope to cold, so here we were waiting……..lovely moon, no red colour, so after some time we all went back to bed, certainly turned out to be wrong info that I had, we had a few laughs, but Kate had the best laugh, tucked up in bed.:)

IMG_9654  This was while we were waiting for the moon to move over where we could see it.IMG_9735  This is what came of this event, just an ordinary moon so I had to have some fun and presented it differently.IMG_9777

Here is a shot from south side of the lake looking over to Lonesome NP.


Day 6

Saturday 12th April

We are having a very hot day again, it was a very warm night. After breakfast we drove out to the tit bit of the lake, I refer to it as the Island, much larger than I thought, found Whistling Kites and there nest, they are getting fish from the lake. We counted 6 Kites. Checked out where coverage was for the Sat phone. Our friends are due today so that’s going to be nice. Cooked in the camp oven tonight, was yummy. Clouds are coming in so I feel we are in for rain, oh no as these roads are not derivable when wet, hope it’s not going to be much or we will be here longer, Oh, what a shame. Here are a few photos from the day.


This is the set up we are using, nicely tucked out of the way.

IMG_9313 ¬†This is before the sun came up over the hill behind us.IMG_9315 ¬†A Darter drying it’s wingsIMG_9324 ¬†Just a relaxing view.IMG_9333 ¬†Lots of wee birds, this one is looking up sideways, so cant see his eye.IMG_9343 ¬†A Whistling Kite with a fish in it’s talonsIMG_9357 ¬†Yummy feed.IMG_9380 ¬†Not a good view, but took it to show how small the nest is for such a large bird. This is very high in the tree.IMG_9386 ¬†Another one eating it’s prey.IMG_9437 ¬†I had been watching the Kite on the left for some time, it was calling and calling, then over came the second one.IMG_9458 ¬†A Boab of some sorts.IMG_9493¬†Yes I think the rains are coming, can hear the odd rumbling somewhere in the distance.

Day 5

Friday 11th April

Got a few photo’s of different birds today, Kingfisher, Kookaburra, the Brolga’s came again and then flew off, also had a huge flock of Pelicans fly around then all came in and landed on the lake at different area’s, was a awesome sight. Sunset was the first one we have had with clouds so grabbed it. All of this from camp.

IMG_9209 IMG_9241 IMG_9269 IMG_9274 IMG_9280 IMG_9306 IMG_9310