Thursday 5th October

Here are some photos taken over a few days at camp.

 Mum and bub, night shot.  camping area at Bonadio’s.  Toilet block  Camp kitchen  BBQ area and pit fire.


Tuesday 3rd October

Some photos of the park at Millaa Millaa. Lots of room and tucked into the rainforest. Went and did some more waterfalls. Temperatures are really lovely up here, so much cooler, everything is green but the air is very hazy.

 Camp kitchen  Millaa Millaa Falls  Elligh Falls on the Thoresa Creek, very steep down but worth it. Ellingha Falls.

Monday 2nd October

Paronella Park, an amazing place and story. One mans dream which he made come true with hard work.

 Mena Creek Falls   Looking across from the Mena creek falls lookout to Paronella Park.  Top of the falls.  Jose Paronella’s castle.  A good short read.  Banana Plantations  Sugar Cane crops  Nuciforas Tea plantation.  Henrietta creek Park, camping is allowed, park fees apply.  Mungella Falls  This place is a education Centre, Mungella. Irises

Sunday October 1st

Headed off early, going the old Palmerston Rd, doing all the waterfalls. Had lunch at the Ravenshoe pub, highest town in Australia at 930 m above sea level. Went to Innott hot springs, well nothing like I was expecting or use to. Free camping at Archers.

 Curlews  Souita Falls  Lower souita falls  Top of Pepina Falls  Pepina Falls  Windfarm Millstream Falls  Millstream Falls  Little Millstream Falls Free range chooks.

Friday 29th September

Got away at 9.15 am, went to the Wallaman falls, beautiful drive, temps are so much cooler. Wont be doing some of the bigger walks into falls as still recovering from a virus.

 Sugar cane wagons  Top of the falls  Sugar cane mill.  Taylors beach

Lucinda’s beach, no swimming anywhere here Crock signs up. This conveyor belt takes the sugar out to the jetty for the ships to pick up, its to shallow for ships to come into shore.