Tuesday 24th September

Went for a drive up to Hartz Mountain and my grand-daughter was having a holiday. Fires had been thru all this area and the old mill machinery is still visible. Old portable boiler.


Tuesday 7th March, day 81

Leaving Mount Field N.P., have really enjoyed it. Its 14 deg. Taking the back road from Raspberry farm as we didn’t see much due to bad weather last trip. Heading to Zeeham Bush Camp for 2 nights.

 Camping area at Mount Field N.P.  Rural scenery on trip.  Tarraleah, Hydro power station, small settlement. Off Lyell High way.  Scenery on way to Queenstown.  Looking down onto Queenstown, the bear hills are from the mining some 60 years ago, still scared, the towns people are working hard to get growth happening again. Settled into bush camp and around the camp fire with neighbours, great night.

Friday 10th Finns Beach

The bird life here is really good. We were very fortunate to see a Spotted Quoll today. Tasmania’s wild cat. We drove to Geeveston and decided to stay as its so beautiful, need to explore this area.

 Finns Beach  Finns Beach  Filthy toilet rubbish on the edge of the beach, we have seen a lot of this sort of thing, absolutely filthy.  Went for a walk and came across this beautiful garden in the middle of nowhere.  This is our camp spot at Finns beach, clean drop toilets, ocean on the right, forest on our left. Magic spot.  Two wee Baby Wrens, I watched them for ages, mum was coming and feeding them.  Dad sitting watching me I think, so moved away, let them be.  So cold and damp here most of the time, moss on everything. Can you feel the heat, was a good fire.


Had a great spot down at Sofala, lovely small town, my mother stayed here for some time panning and just loved it, said the hotel had a nice spirit living in it so I inquired, some said yes others didn’t know. Local swimming hole where we were, and got very busy during the day. I saw a Red Bellied Black snake, thought it was a shiny black stick, when it moved, then I knew.

dscf6868  Amazing landscapes, taken through the car window while driving, cant always pull up with a camper trailer in tow.dscf6872  Storm brewing.dscf6883  Countryside.dscf6890  Looking down at Sofala.dscf6914  Local water hole, we camped here. Camper in background.dscf6919  Very deep, quite cold.dscf6921  Resident dog, she was lovely, kept hanging around. dscf6933  The local kids jump into this hole from up the cliffs, we had lots of entertainment.dscf6938  Very cold nights I intend to keep warm. 🙂dscf6945


Day 15


Sunday 29th 
Got up for sunrise but was a bit of a sizzler. Made a cuppa and waited for the sun to appear. Got breakfast before the flies come. Still very windy and in the shade quiet cool. Sun is hot but having the wind helps . Caught up with Robert T,  met him at Lara,  now at Long Water Hole Winton. Had a good chat with him.  We all did star trails, milky way.  Photographed birds, cows and packed up what we could.

Sun setting over the Long Water Hole


Animals drinking just behind our camp site.


Who’s going to move for who.


Nice sitting in the cool of the afternoon at our camp spot. Long Water Hole.


White Plumed Honey eater


Crested Pigeon


Pelicans landing


Apostles, ones teaching the other one something.


Red tailed Black Cockatoo’s, a Kite hovering above.


Whistling Kite


Sand Goanna

IMG_7042Sand Goanna

Sand Goanna


Whistling Kite.


Got his lunch.


Red tailed Black Cockatoo.


Day 12

Thursday 26th 

Here are some photo’s on our last day at Lara. There wasn’t as many birds around at this time of the year, where as in September last year there were 26 different varieties that we photographed.



Think these are Mallee Parrots.





Can you see the stick animals?


Toilet and shower house, there is another block of toilets and showers down further around the lake.


Canoes to use by campers free.



Early morning sun on trees over by the pool.


Big areas to camp, really lovely and heaps of trees.


Day 9

Tuesday 29th September…..Happy Birthday to my eldest son Garry.

Had a real relaxing day, taking photo’s, chatting with the neighbours. Caught up with Jo and took the saw blades we donated for her museum she is getting up and running.

IMG_7193  Looking across the wetlands, lake is low.IMG_7177  Echidna.IMG_7161  Black Fronted Dotterel. These birds are so tiny.IMG_7112  Pale Head RosellaIMG_7097  Emu, I didnt see it until it moved, well camouflaged. IMG_7089 IMG_7088 IMG_7087IMG_7208 IMG_7220 IMG_7242  Juvenile Red Winged ParrotIMG_7251  Red-Winged ParrotIMG_7274 IMG_7335  Young Whistling Kite. It was being annoyed by the Willy Wagtail.IMG_7374 IMG_7394  Double Barred Finch IMG_7400  I’m not sure if this is a Mulga Parrot.IMG_7410  Tree-creeper.IMG_7437 IMG_7522 IMG_7562 IMG_7621  Night Shooting.IMG_7616

Day 79

Tuesday 19th May

Heading off to the East Coast, via the Tasman Highway, along the way we saw Blue Lake sign so thought we’d check it out for a camping spot, but didn’t feel comfortable but the lake was an incredible sight, the turquoise waters are we have been told are because of the tin mining there and the chemicals they used to extract the tin. We decided to stay a night at the Pub in the Paddock with Priscilla the beer drinking pig. It is a historical building,

IMG_6722 IMG_6728 IMG_6741  Inside the Pub in the Paddock near St Columba falls.IMG_6747  Dining roomIMG_6744 Very welcomed fire.

Day 61

Friday 1st May

Woke up early at Rebecca’s Lagoon and it was a frost, so got a fire going and my good old blanket wrapped around me in the sun. We packed up from here and went and checked out Nelsons Bay then on out to the lookout called The edge of the world, beautiful beach, rocks, logs all over the beach, really lovely area, but not a lot here once you have been here for a few days.

IMG_5324  Frost on ground.IMG_5326  Keeping warmIMG_5331  Nelsons BayIMG_5365 Edge of the world  road.IMG_5379 IMG_5366 IMG_5340 IMG_5338 IMG_5356 IMG_5408 IMG_5440  Looked across at where we are going to camp and there’s all this smoke. The water here runs into the mouth of the Arthur River.IMG_5457 IMG_5455  Lots of room here in the Parks and wildlife. This area is just one of many connected to the camping area.IMG_5456  I’m keeping an eye on this, but we are sure its a controlled burn off. That is the toilet block, really lovely and clean.IMG_5515 IMG_5516 IMG_5468  Bridge over the Arthur River, this is where you can take several Cruises up into the Tarkine.IMG_5487 Patterns in the sand.