Saturday 25th Febraury

Another month nearly over, we have done so much so far. Its cool but not windy, bit of rain during the night. Went for a drive and checked out all the beaches. Snakes are out in the mornings sunning themselves so we’re very weary as we’ve already seen 3 on this trip.

 Dragonfly sunning.  Copperhead sunning on the track.  Nawantapu wetlands  Patterns of grasses washed up  Sand patterns.



Had a great spot down at Sofala, lovely small town, my mother stayed here for some time panning and just loved it, said the hotel had a nice spirit living in it so I inquired, some said yes others didn’t know. Local swimming hole where we were, and got very busy during the day. I saw a Red Bellied Black snake, thought it was a shiny black stick, when it moved, then I knew.

dscf6868  Amazing landscapes, taken through the car window while driving, cant always pull up with a camper trailer in tow.dscf6872  Storm brewing.dscf6883  Countryside.dscf6890  Looking down at Sofala.dscf6914  Local water hole, we camped here. Camper in background.dscf6919  Very deep, quite cold.dscf6921  Resident dog, she was lovely, kept hanging around. dscf6933  The local kids jump into this hole from up the cliffs, we had lots of entertainment.dscf6938  Very cold nights I intend to keep warm. 🙂dscf6945


Day 19

Friday 25th Anzac… Lest we forget….

Remember them I did down by the river, beautiful. There has been a few people arriving at Archers Crossing today. My friends took their canoe up the river, caught them here while I was taking photo’s on the shore line, so was Kate. I tried some star trails last night but there were a few to many clouds, lovely all the same. Had tea, sat by the fire with Kate and Chris.

IMG_0420IMG_0422  The water had some sort of algae and you can see how green it is.IMG_0432  A Pacific Baza, real pretty hawkIMG_0448  And off he goes.IMG_0471  This is a shot of a Cormorant with a fish it has speared with it’s beak.IMG_0493  Cows grazing along the river bankIMG_0508  A snake swimming IMG_0541 My view with my cuppa early morning