Thursday 16th March, Day 90 of trip.

Did a big cook up as we’re off to Maria Island on Saturday and need to prepare. It was also very restful. Had a lovely spa with big storm clouds hanging over us. Did some posts on my website.

 Seven Mile beach  Looking other way.  Pippies and shell.


Day 61

Friday 1st May

Woke up early at Rebecca’s Lagoon and it was a frost, so got a fire going and my good old blanket wrapped around me in the sun. We packed up from here and went and checked out Nelsons Bay then on out to the lookout called The edge of the world, beautiful beach, rocks, logs all over the beach, really lovely area, but not a lot here once you have been here for a few days.

IMG_5324  Frost on ground.IMG_5326  Keeping warmIMG_5331  Nelsons BayIMG_5365 Edge of the world  road.IMG_5379 IMG_5366 IMG_5340 IMG_5338 IMG_5356 IMG_5408 IMG_5440  Looked across at where we are going to camp and there’s all this smoke. The water here runs into the mouth of the Arthur River.IMG_5457 IMG_5455  Lots of room here in the Parks and wildlife. This area is just one of many connected to the camping area.IMG_5456  I’m keeping an eye on this, but we are sure its a controlled burn off. That is the toilet block, really lovely and clean.IMG_5515 IMG_5516 IMG_5468  Bridge over the Arthur River, this is where you can take several Cruises up into the Tarkine.IMG_5487 Patterns in the sand.

Day 40-42 -43

Saturday 20th – 22nd

Not a lot to put into the web site for these three days, came home from our sleepover at Sunglow Ave. On the Sunday I had dreadful news about my granddaughter, so have spent a few days digesting it all.

Tuesday 23rd

Went for a quiet day around the bays and rocks. Here are a few photo’s.

IMG_4805  Backpackers at Geoffery Bay, A-Frames built on and amoungst rocks.IMG_4781  Geoffery Bay beachIMG_4777  Rocks at Geoffery BayIMG_4703 Nelly Bay and MarinaIMG_4684  MarinaIMG_4683 Marina

Twelve Apostles.

Tuesday 19th April

Overcast and drizzly today but to bad we are off the Twelve Apostles, headed off at 8.15 am, we like to get to places before to many people are around as we take photos. What an amazing  coast line, the lighting for photography was not good but you do what you can on the day. Went and looked at all the lookouts until it started to get a bit to wet. The last to lookouts we didn’t do.

Loch Ard Gorge This is such an amazing place, the sheer size of the cliffs, and that narrow opening to the sea, would love to see it in a storm. Loch Ard Gorge.

Loch Ard Gorge#2 Just another angle of the Loch Ard Gorge.Apostles This view was from a lookout, the formations of the sandstone that has been shaped through weather is incredible.

A Bay at the Apostles.I don’t have a name of this Bay, after this photo we couldn’t really get any more shots as it really started to rain, we headed back to the car, camera’s under our jackets. Went to Port Campbell from here and had lunch was really very miserable but what a lovely place if the weather had not been raining. On our way home we did pop into Joanna Beach, it is a really lovely spot to do some freedom camping at another time. Very big area. Another wonderful day.:))