Thursday 16th February. Heading to North East Coast

Once we’d had breakfast and did all our bits in at St Helen’s for the next trip, heading up to Gladstone for Policeman’s Point up in the Mount William N.P. There is not a lot of camping up this way but enough for what we want to do. Not sure about the weather but cant sit around waiting, just gotta go. ūüôā Here’s the last of shots from here.

 Underwater at Dora Point,   Floating grass.  Camp site at Dora Point this time.

 Beach looking West at Dora point. This is Georges bay. Last nights starry sky.


Tuesday 14th February. Dora Point.

Woke to a fine warm day. Breeze is fresh but going to be 21 deg. ūüôā ¬†I’m in Tee-shirt and shorts, been awhile. Doing some juicing. Used the inverter and took a reading, it used .04 volts, the juicer is 140 W so not a super duper one but hey on the road it works well. Had a lovely day just pottering. Here’s some wee critters visiting the camp site.

 Superb Fairy Wren, male  Common Black bird Lizard.

Monday 13th February Heading to East Coast

There is snow on Hartz Mountain last night, no wonder it is very cold. We are hoping for a break in the weather to dry the canvas on camper trailer enough to pack up and head off to St Helen’s, weather over there is beautiful. Finally got away by 9.30 am and 10 deg, windy. Had a good run and stopped at Campbell town for more fresh veggies for juicing. Ended up at Dora point, just love this area. Very sheltered.

 Huon River.  Approaching Hobart.  Country side on the way to East Coast.  Dora Point sunset in opposite direction.

Love the colours on the rocks from the sunset.

Monday 6th Feb. Travelling to Cockle Creek.

Was a wet night so let the canvas dry before leaving and 3 Kookaburras were sitting laughing. Travelled to Oatlands and camped the night. Nice sunset, very cool and foggy later in the evening.

 This has been our camped site for 5 nights at Dora Point.  Coloured sand stones.  Oatlands Windmill, still working for flour milling, this is where I buy my Spelt Flour and rolled oats.  Nice big freedom camping area here.

Dora Point Day 5

Odd shower of rain.Headed into St Helen’s and had Fish & Chips at the Skippers which was an old working boat now converted to Takeaway restaurant, really great food. Was eating my tea this evening early and noticed a movement and looked down, there was a Black snake about 12 inches from my foot, so I reached out to get my camera but it retreated back, so I banged my foot on the ground and it went under the camper, but later on I went around to the back of the camper and here it is again looking at me, so banged my foot lots and it went back into the bushes. No photo.

¬†Floating Takeaway’s. ¬†Georges Bay, St Helen’s ¬†Rains are coming. ¬†Yellow Throat Honey eaters. ¬†Beautiful Sunset with stormy skies.

Day 84

Sunday 24th May

Headed off to check out some places a chap called Chris from the park suggested and we were very pleased, got to see and do heaps, Thanks for that Chris. Went to Binalong bay, and all its roads, then onto St Helens point and all its roads etc.

IMG_8444 IMG_8451 IMG_8457Georges bay The bay coming from Hillcrest caravan park where we are staying, this is the George Bay, St Helens in the back ground.IMG_8485 IMG_8475PeronDunes Akaroa IMG_8473 ¬†Part of the Peron DunesIMG_8478 ¬†Sand patterns from wind and critters.IMG_8483 ¬†Think these are She-oak pines cones, Black cockatoo’s loves these cones as there is a nut inside.IMG_8503 ¬†Such clear waters.IMG_8493 IMG_8509 IMG_8510 ¬†Mouth of the bay and oceanIMG_8512 ¬†Looking out over the Peron Sand dunesIMG_8514 IMG_8516 IMG_8564 IMG_8785 IMG_8810Dora Point IMG_8817 ¬†Dora Point, men cleaning their catch for the day.IMG_8850 ¬†Stingrays,¬†IMG_8861 ¬†Waiting for tit bits from the fisher menIMG_8884 IMG_8881