Tuesday 7th on our way to cockle creek

Left really early to get all the way today. Cockle Creek is the most southerly road in Australia. Beautiful drive, had lots of stops along the way, got in at 4.15 pm so made good time. Here are images from Oatlands to Cockle.

 New subdivision, Hobart area.  Driving into Hobart,  Building in Hobart.  Down at the docks by Salamanca.  Huonville. Most beautiful area.  Huonville.  Dover. Dover.  Finns Beach.  Finns Beach.  Finns Beach.

Camping at Finns Beach, just up from Cockle Creek.

Monday 6th Feb. Travelling to Cockle Creek.

Was a wet night so let the canvas dry before leaving and 3 Kookaburras were sitting laughing. Travelled to Oatlands and camped the night. Nice sunset, very cool and foggy later in the evening.

 This has been our camped site for 5 nights at Dora Point.  Coloured sand stones.  Oatlands Windmill, still working for flour milling, this is where I buy my Spelt Flour and rolled oats.  Nice big freedom camping area here.

Day 109

Friday 19th June

Well we got cleaned up packed up and on the road at 10.30 am. On our way out of Seven Mile beach we saw Mt Wellington was covered in snow on the tops, frost on the ground everywhere. Had a good run through stopped off at Oatlands and had lunch,  took some photos. The windmill was working and they were bagging oats. I bought some of their oats, spelt flour wholemeal,  and light wholemeal, was very interested learning about the spelt, all there wheat, oats and spelt are gown locally, the farmers get there share by selling direct to Oatlands, its an amazing business they have.  From there we pushed it as it was already getting late and we don’t want to be late setting up. Arrived at Legana 3.30 pm, got set up as its getting cold. Bought a cooked chook and coleslaw for tea. We were in bed at 8.30 pm as even with the heater on full it was very cold.

IMG_4173  Just a peak at Mt Wellington with snow. Hobart, Tasmania.IMG_4207  Oatlands.IMG_4182  Country side.IMG_4178 Farming.

Day 25

25th Wednesday
The weather is going to be bad on the west coast and not so bad on the east coast so we have decided to go east, leave tomorrow. Get the camper re packed and defrost the freezer, all packed up and will watch the weather tonight as it changes so fast, just like NZ. Well yes the weather has turned bad all over so will sit it out and see. No photos.
26th Thursday
Weather still looking bad for anywhere, so kids have said stay and do day trips as long as you need. We went for a drive along the Midland Hway down to Campbell Town, well what a fantastic place, and free camping. The town is very full of history, there are bricks all along the street both sides for the convicts, their crime, their punishment and what boat they were shipped out on, had a bite to eat and a hot drink its very cold. The bridge here is beautiful. From here we carried onto Ross, another quaint town full of history, the bridge here is well known as well. Decided we still had time to go to Oatlands, well thats just really beautiful, free camping as well, big windmill, didnt muck around for to long as it was getting bitterly cold. Carried onto to Mowbray, Aspley, Bothwell and up over the Lakes Hway, had lunch half way up where it was a bit sheltered. The air has ice in it, its snowing somewhere. Got to a place called Steppes, well cant explane how I felt, but we stopped and took a look around, it is dedicated to this family so we will go back and have a good look, its a big reserve. Then up and over the alpine range, we got sleet at Flintstone and it was landing on the window. carried on home thru Longford, fuelled up, got home at 6.15pm I got tea done for when Katie came home.
Camping at Campbell Town  Black Burn Park, Campbell Town, 48 hours camping, give back to the town where you can.DSCF4574  Ducks and geese come running over to you when you walk to the river edge.The Red Bridge, Campbell Town The Red Bridge, Campbell TownCampbell Town Camping,  Campbell Town Beautiful wood carvings at the The Red Bridge, Campbell Town  Carvings at The Red bridge. These were beautifully carved, but lighting was in the wrong place.Bridge at Ross  Ross Bridge, another gorgeous town.Oatlands Camping, free for a week, no facilities but on edge of town, RV friendly town  Oatlands campingWindmill in Oatlands  OatlandsDSCF4545 DSCF4548 DSCF4557 Ross Bridge  RossDSCF4636 Streets of Ross#2 Little Cottage in Ross DSCF4617 Streets of Ross DSCF4688 Camping at Oatlands Oatlands  Oatlands. Lots to see and do in the area.Oatlands Camping#2 Down by the lower section for 3 days camping,  Oatlands  Lower area for camping, OatlandsMowbray Pub Old pub at jnc Melton/MowberryDSCF4723 coming out of steppies scultpures  Highland driving, so lovely all the different Alpine type foliage.Up on the Highlands Hway  The name here means a lot to me as my father was known as Steppe, this is a big reserve and we didnt go into the sculptures it was so boggy.DSCF4715 Up on top of one of the ranges by Bothwell sign at Mowbray heading to Bothwell.