Wednesday 8th Cockle Creek

Lovely spot, Cockle Creek is the most southerly road in Australia, Tasmania. Lots of bays, creeks, and little shacks which are very nice I might add. The bush comes down to the ocean. Here are a few images.

Rose Adams shack whom she lived with her husband, quiet a history on her.  Another shack by Rose’s house.   The Whale.  Cockle Creek bay.

Tuesday 7th on our way to cockle creek

Left really early to get all the way today. Cockle Creek is the most southerly road in Australia. Beautiful drive, had lots of stops along the way, got in at 4.15 pm so made good time. Here are images from Oatlands to Cockle.

 New subdivision, Hobart area.  Driving into Hobart,  Building in Hobart.  Down at the docks by Salamanca.  Huonville. Most beautiful area.  Huonville.  Dover. Dover.  Finns Beach.  Finns Beach.  Finns Beach.

Camping at Finns Beach, just up from Cockle Creek.

Day 36

Tuesday 16th

Well we are off to explore West Point on Magnetic Island. Had a great day exploring the area, calling into Cockle Bay on the way.

IMG_4248  West Point, Magnetic Island.IMG_4244  Greater Palm Island in far distance from West point.IMG_4240  The view from one of the residence places. Cockle Bay.IMG_4231  Cockle BayIMG_4230  Houses are built on rocks over here. Pop them anywhere they will fit.IMG_4229  Castle Hill in Townsville from Cockle Bay,  Magnetic Island.IMG_4174 Rainbow Bee Eaters