August trip to NZ

Went to Tokoroa in NZ and spent some time with friends, then headed to Christchurch to spend time with my family, caught up with all the cousins and had a great time. Then headed back up to Tokoroa, had some things to do, here are some photos of the trip, not a lot as ChCh was the only time I had for photography.

Bridge of Remembrance

Downtown bus station, ChCh.

Beautiful art on walls from destruction of the Quake.

The Avon river along the banks of the Bridge of Remembrance, really lovely.

Cathedral still in ruins. ChCh

Cousins place

My cousin and the lovely views

This white wall has all the peoples names engraved on it from the Earthquake, those who lost there lives.

Little eateries have popped up everywhere since the rebuild after the Earthquake.

On the way back from Little River.

Move over here we come, doing the scenic Tram trip around ChCh

Bridge of Remembrance, hire bikes.

Tram line in ChCh

Te Waihou walk along the stream, this goes through private property but allowed.

Buttercup flowers, Te Waihou

Kowhai tree in flower, these have the most beautiful scent.