Day 72

Wednesday 22nd.

The place is buzzing with birds nesting, even the Sacred kingfisher is calling and chirping all day. Got it going into it’s nest, and sat very still. Don found a wee nest in the branches while having morning tea, we could hear this bird, didn’t know what it was, we could see it protecting this area, then we saw it, A Pale Yellow Robin, so tiny and the nest is real small, I would never have seen it in the leaves.There are Red backed Wrens as well, could stay here another week. Grrrr, gotta go tomorrow, so this is our last night of actual camping, staying a few nights at friends on our way home. Wont be long and I’ll be planing the next adventure, ūüôā It’s been a fantastic 3 months and a pleasure to share it on my website, and thanks for all the likes.

IMG_7637PaleYellowRobin  Pale Yellow Robin and nest.IMG_7721SacredKingfisher Sacred Kingfisher going to nest, in top of hole.IMG_7746


Day 71

Tuesday 21st

Well we are had a real relaxing day, this place is so quiet and peaceful, heaps of birds and we are all set up, got the fire going and did roast veggies in the camp oven, and had sausages with them in the tin foil in the coals, got the washing soaking for tomorrow to hang out.

IMG_7384 ¬†Pale-headed Rosella’s the were also nesting.IMG_7465

Galah’s nesting, we could hear the babies calling.

IMG_7600 ¬†Several Roo’s would be out feeding on the lush green grass.IMG_7612¬†Milky way at Judds, Mars is the star yellow in the middle.

Day 70

Monday 20th

Happy birthday to my G/Daughter.

We got packed up before the heat came as we are heading towards Judds Lagoon, got to Morven and did a drive around, they had 6 powered sites, not a lot of shade for this heat, but a real lovely spot to stay if one needed. Got to Roma grabbed a few bits to last us while at Judds. Made good time and have decided to set up until Thursday, only 3 other campers, there is still water in the lagoons, heaps of birds, we’ll have fun. Just a few photos along the Warrego H’way to Judds.

DSCF3771DSCF3765  Coming into Roma.DSCF3750 DSCF3747  Quick shot out the car window.DSCF3729

Day 69

Sunday 19th

So nice here we have decided to stay another night. A very hot day so we are not going to do a lot. Caught up with the other people staying here, from Victoria. Did a bit of tiding up for packing tomorrow. I did some Infra-red photography in the middle of the day, bit of fun.

DPP_563  Sky was quiet dark no moon up until early hours of the morning, milky way very low in sky but still had fun. In the process of the image I played with the stars.StarStaX_DPP_550-DPP_554_gap_filling  This photo shows where the two Arks meet slightly. I think this is what one calls them, please correct me if i;m wrong._MG_6787 Infra-red image of the paddock we stayed in.

Day 68

Saturday 18th

Went into town and went to look at camping store, boy they have heaps in there. Got ¬†to 38 deg, not nice, spent most of the day under the trees. Loved the time at the observatory and seeing the stars, galaxy, mars etc through the Telescope. Magic, I will never look at the sky in the same way again. We have heaps of Apostle birds and gave them a container of water, they don’t stop drinking and swimming in it, forever topping it up. Only night shots, was to hot during the day.

DPP_587  Milky way.StarStaX_DPP_579-DPP_585_gap_filling

Star trails with car trails in it. Couldn’t get away from them.

Day 67

Friday 17th

Graham, the owner of the Bush Camp at Charlieville does bus trips around the town and shows where the floods came to, what they are doing about it, all the points of interest in Charlieville and much more, so yes we did the trip. Very interesting indeed. Got back to our camp 2 1/2 hours later and had lunch, then went up to the Cosmos Center. Spent hours in there, so much to see. Booked into the Observatory for tomorrow night. Had tea out at the RSL with some friends of mine, very flash place. Came back and did star trails.

IMG_7179  This is where we stayed, they have a caravan park up the other end of the farm, we wanted the paddock.IMG_7154  At the caravan park Graham has mattress that go on the star beds, great for star gazing.IMG_7153  They use this in the camp kitchen up at the van park.IMG_7195 IMG_7191  Entrance into airport and Observatory, Cosmos Center and information Center all in one.IMG_7184  Cosmos CenterStarStaX_DPP_544-DPP_548_gap_filling Star trails from the paddock where we are staying.

Day 66

Thursday 16th

Slept real well, was pretty chilly last night and still is this morning, I know it’s not going to last. We filled up with fuel in Tambo, love to give a wee bit back to the towns that allow freedom camping, we do respect it. Got to Augethella and had a bite to eat at the cafe in pub. Huge wide streets. Looked around town, some lovely paintings of art on the shops.The drive to Charllieville is beautiful, purple and yellow flowers growing wild along the side of road in places. We have booked into a Bush Camp on private property 2 km east of town.

DSCF3611  Dusty roads.DSCF3620  Shadow in boots.DSCF3625  Street in Tambo, so clean and tidy, flower gardens inspite of drought.DSCF3634 DSCF3637  Traveling with road trains, DSCF3647 DSCF3660  This is the cleanest out back toilet I have ever seen and had nice smelly toilet scents there as well, read down at some of the comments, just a few of very many positive remarks. Between Tambo and Augethella.DSCF3656 DSCF3657 DSCF3663 DSCF3667 DSCF3677 DSCF3684  MeatantDSCF3688  Love this sign, DSCF3714 A street in Charlieville, lovely and wide, flowers are beautiful, Reminds me of Warrick in a small way.

Day 65

Wednesday 15th

Had breakfast by the fire this morning a real cold snap, there is snow somewhere down south can feel it. All packed up, dropped into see Fran, caretaker of Lara and Don gave her the bird collection he did while we stayed there, he photographed 26 different types of birds in the 5 days we were there, they have compiled a book for visitors. Stocked up with some food items at Blackall and went to info centre to look around, then headed off to Tambo to Scrubby Bend. Nice place to stay, no road noise and its the tidiest wee town.

IMG_6887 ¬†Glossy Ibis and Black winged stilt.IMG_6983 ¬†We are leaving the property, we will be back. ūüôāDSCF3576 ¬†At the turn of from Landsborough Highway to Lara Wetlands.DSCF3595 DSCF3599 IMG_7038 ¬†Sun going down at Scrubby Bend.DSCF3602 ¬†Yes water in the creek, we havent seen much water in creeks for so long, it gets exciting when we do see it.DSCF3598¬†All settled for the night here at Scrubby Bend.

Day 64

Tuesday 14th

Another very windy night and cool this morning, so nice after all the hot days. Only got to 28 deg I was told. Had a quiet day, did some packing as we head off tomorrow, had tea early and went over to the hot pools, said our cheerio’s to the people in the pool with us.

IMG_6669  Love the speed sign.IMG_6712  Yellow-billed spoonbillIMG_6776  Pelicans getting their place for the night.DSCF3573  View from the loo.DSCF3574  Another view from the loo.DSCF3575

Yet another view from the loo, so you can see its not at all boring.

Day 63

Monday 13th

Storms, thunder and lightning during the night and black skies this morning, awesome. Was a very hot day when all cleared 41 deg, and humid. I got ticks yesterday and another 4 today, only little ones but fly spray does the job.We are staying another 2 days, just so nice here. Went over to the hot pool and all the others were there, Jo the owner and caretaker and another couple who were camping, we just sat and chattered, so nice.

IMG_6615 IMG_6617  His and Her lou, or a double lou, the black board above is in the toilet above like this, so good, the IGA girls having some fun. The timber was milled from the farm, all treated beautifully.IMG_6584  Our backyard for the moment.IMG_6546Cockatiel  Lovely to see Cockatiels flying free.DSCF3569  Looking down towards the other camper. DSCF3570  The black sky this morningIMG_6646  Nice lighting as the sun was going downIMG_6524BlackFrontedDotterel  Black-fronted DotterelIMG_6503RedWingedParrot Red winged parrot