Day 117 & 118

Saturday 27th – Sunday 28th June

Got away from Rocky Cape about 12.30 pm, heading for Devonport to sail back to mainland. Had a good day and good sailing. Then headed for NSW. Our holiday has come to its end for now, so will post more again soon soon when I go again. I have enjoyed my trip and hope you have enjoyed reading. cheers Judy ūüôā

IMG_5321 ¬†Rocky Cape CampingIMG_5322 ¬†Rocky Cape camping, very large area, this area has powered sites.IMG_5324 ¬†Rocky Cape camping, free area, generators allowed, pay for showers.IMG_5326 ¬†Road from Penguin to Ulverstone on beach road heading to Devonport.IMG_5344 ¬†Our ship.IMG_5360 ¬†Night shot heading out of Devonport.IMG_5397 ¬†Sunday heading to NSWIMG_5339¬†Silo’s in Devonport.


Day 115


Thursday 25th June.
We got away early, had a light frost, but its sunny. Down to the rocks at Port Latta, Port Latta is owned by Grange Resources and mine the Savage River on the west coast, then we spent some time at all the bays that we like. Got back about 3 pm. Going for tea at pub, mince has not thawed. Getting cold.

IMG_4822 IMG_4849 IMG_4843  Like a moon scape.IMG_4852 IMG_4879  red coralIMG_4949  Crayfish BayIMG_4994

Day 114

Wednesday 24th June
Had a good trip to Rocky Cape, rained all the way and started to get windy, got here about 12 noon, Don got set up quickly as it is going to rain some more,  Got lunch sorted as soon as the annex was up, we ate and then headed off to Port Latta to check out some rocks. Had a good time weather was actually fine but very dark clouds most of the time, we were able to park the car close in case we got caught out with the rain.
IMG_4486  Investigating a road, came to a farm.IMG_4533  Port Latta and rainbow.IMG_4536  Port LattaIMG_4655

Port Latta.

Day 113

Tuesday 23rd June.

How nice to wake up warm, slept with only long thermals, awesome.  Cloudy day may get a shower but heading off to see Cam falls. Well we got to do three falls, weather held off nicely until we got home then it rained, so lucky, saw Cam, Joseph and Guide falls. When we got back I did a big cook up and made some yum yum balls, we showered then did the washing and drying, all set for heading off tomorrow.

IMG_4358  Cam fallsIMG_4364 Cam Falls.IMG_4395 Joseph Falls, Trying to look over the black berries, so had to find another view, cant get down to the bottom, to dangerous.IMG_4399  Joseph Falls,IMG_4403  Guide Falls, the upper part.IMG_4405  Guide Falls second fall.IMG_4441

Guide Falls. There are two more levels but to much rubbish in front of them.


Day 112

Monday 22 nd June

Well woke to no frost, cloud cover and rain pending. Annex all nice and dry. Caught up with Dean and Marilyn before we left,  on the road at 11.30 am.  Got to Penguin and shot goat island and some rocks,  then straight up to Somerset,  paid at the office then up and picked a site, we are up the back, own toilet due to no one else using it, camp kitchen is great, and a paddock full of cows, just lovely oh and the ocean across the road.

IMG_4247 IMG_4263 IMG_4320 View from my kitchen.

Day 111

Sunday 21st June.

Very cold morning, ¬†frost plus ice on puddles. Went out and took photos of the frost patterns, tried the frost on the vehicle then Dean’s trailer, very nice, went and showed Dean, oh, he said, I better get my camera, so here’s the 3 of us taking photos in the frost, crazy. Got ready to go shopping & ¬†go meet up with family. ¬†Had tea at Jail House grill,¬† it was a old jail in day’s gone by. Got home at 7 pm. It is very cold tonight.

IMG_4226  I can make out the harbour of Wellington NZ in these patterns, from outer space,  need to have an imagination though.IMG_4235 Frost patterns, very interesting.

Day 110

Saturday 20th June.

Woke up several times, boy its cold, I knew there was a frost, -1 to 4 high. Ice on water all day out at wetlands, sunny though. Had to go to chemist, then we had arranged with Dean and Marilyn to meet them at the art gallery in Patterson st. Launceston,  went and saw Deans work, then up to the Chinese shop, it was lovely food. Marilyn and I went to the pool for a spa, so nice and warm, soaked for at least an hour, then went into the cooler one and did some exercises,  very nice. The men went out shooting at the wetlands.  Another easy tea after a big lunch. No photos today.

Day 109

Friday 19th June

Well we got cleaned up packed up and on the road at 10.30 am. On our way out of Seven Mile beach we saw Mt Wellington was covered in snow on the tops, frost on the ground everywhere. Had a good run through stopped off at Oatlands and had lunch,¬† took some photos. The windmill was working and they were bagging oats. I bought some of their oats, spelt flour wholemeal,¬† and light wholemeal, was very interested learning about the spelt, all there wheat, oats and spelt are gown locally, the farmers get there share by selling direct to Oatlands, its an amazing business they have.¬† From there we pushed it as it was already getting late and we don’t want to be late setting up. Arrived at Legana 3.30 pm, got set up as its getting cold. Bought a cooked chook and coleslaw for tea. We were in bed at 8.30 pm as even with the heater on full it was very cold.

IMG_4173  Just a peak at Mt Wellington with snow. Hobart, Tasmania.IMG_4207  Oatlands.IMG_4182  Country side.IMG_4178 Farming.

Day 106, 107, 108

Tuesday 16th June
Went through to Richmond, then onto Tea Tree and out onto the high way to get to East Derwent to get over to Glenorchy on the west side of Derwent, very low fog, very bleak and drizzly, very cold as well, so didn’t spend much time to get back to unit and veggie out in the afternoon. No photo’s today.
Wednesday 17th June
Very wet, low cloud so we are not going anywhere. Catching up on washing, etc as we only have until Friday when we head off to Launceston.
Catching up on some video’s. No photo’s today.
Thursday 18th June.
Last day to tiki tour so we are off early to the city and Cascade Brewery and Mt Wellington, Had a awesome day, the sun came out at the right time at cascade brewery, then I could see it snowing on Mt Wellington so off we go and yes we got snowed on, only light snow but still fun, the cloud was very low. From there we went down to Battery Point and parked, did a bit of looking around, then got the car and drove to find a place to have our lunch. The black clouds were coming over fast so we ate and ran, back up to Mt Wellington and got snowed on some more, heavier this time, then Don went into a building and a chap was sitting by a fire while waiting for the weather to improve, so we stood by the fire and chattered to him lovely watching it snowing by a fire. Got back to the unit early afternoon and enjoyed the last of it , we leave for Launceston in the morning.
DSCF1660Mt Wellington, Tassie ¬†Snowing on Mt Wellington¬†DSCF1666 DSCF5048 IMG_4038 Sun shone for us very briefly. Cascade Brewery, this is the oldest remaining brewery, it was originally a sawmill, Then the Brewery was established in 1824.¬†IMG_4048 IMG_4059 ¬†Cascade BreweryIMG_4065 ¬†Back up on Mt Wellington.IMG_4074 ¬†Mofo is running for a week in Hobart, love the design of the way the wood is stacked, ready for the fires at night for cooking.IMG_4080Models of Able Tasman’s ships.¬†IMG_4081 IMG_4083 ¬†Salamanca, this is where they hold farmers markets every Saturday.IMG_4085 IMG_4136 ¬†This is the name of the image below, turning silo’s into apartments, great idea, save wasting them.IMG_4097 IMG_4113 IMG_4099 ¬†The house of Lenna. Lenna is a Tasmanian aboriginal word for house or hut. Heritage listed the builder built it for his wife.IMG_4098 ¬†This is the apartments of Lenna. This is at Battery Point.IMG_4100 ¬†View of the city from Lenna’s lookout, we were lucky enough to go inside and climb the stairs to have a look, image below shows the lookout room.IMG_4105 IMG_4110 ¬†Front entrance of Lenna.IMG_4114 ¬†The lookout from the Princes gardens.IMG_4123 ¬†Saw this mansion, as we walk back to the car.IMG_4128 ¬†Silo apartments from another angle.IMG_4129 ¬†Reflections in the all glass front of this building.IMG_4139

All these buildings are being used for arts, cafe’s, etc.. I don’t know what they were previously but thought they may of been wharf storage sheds in early days.