Day 24

Monday 24th February
Slept in a wee bit so nice. Had breaky and decided I best get my wrist x-rayed in case its broken, Went into Texas Hospital and Dr’s, finally got done and no its not broken so I will just keep it wrapped when I’m needing to do anything that hurts it. It was a very long day so bought a chicken and cold slaw for tea. Being slack and love it. ūüôā No photos today.
Tuesday 25th February
We are heading home today, ūüė¶ got all packed up, I helped where I can. Called into the dump point, then had a shower in at Texas. Hit the road, Sandy has gone south to Bingara. We are heading back to Deception Bay. Long day, I¬†couldn’t¬†help with the driving due to my wrist. Got home about 5.15 pm Stuffed. Has been a great trip, can’t wait for the next one. No photos for these two days.

Day 23

Sunday 23rd February
Wrist was quiet sore during the night. Decided to get up, it was still pretty dark, I could see by the clouds that it could be a nice sunrise so had to use my tripod as can only use one hand. Got my cuppa made and saw an incredibly beautiful pre dawn. Went into Texas and looked for the dump point and the free showers, for a small rural town they really provide well and so clean.The van park also allow the public to use there washing¬†machines. Got photos of the stock-man on their horse’s moving the stock around. They have come from Goondawindi and going to Ashford, sad they need to do this, but they have no feed.
IMG_8484-2 ¬†Was so nice to sit and have a cuppa watching this unfold. What a way to start a day. ūüôāIMG_8579-2 ¬†Drover keeping the herd in control.IMG_8598-2 IMG_8613 ¬†Watering the horse and dog.
IMG_8725 ¬†Cattle around camp, they are all pretty docile.IMG_8560-2¬†At least there’s heaps of food and water here for them, but there is 8oo head here so wont take long to eat it all.

Day 22

Saturday 22nd February
Slept well, muggy though and overcast. It’s only 7.30 am, hope we get some rain. We all packed up after breaky and headed for Bingara, Sandy was ready earlier than us so we just met up with her at Bingara. Got a few supplies and had lunch in the Roxy Cafe, it was the old Roxy Theatre, they have restored it to it’s original condition. Arrived at Bonshaw Weir at 3.30 pm, was sad to see the toilet block has gone, I was told that they had big floods last year. Got set up and while Don was putting the annex up I was steadying one of the poles and the side pool dropped and hit me across the wrist, wow, it was instant golf ball size and very sore, so iced it every 20 min intervals. Was a bit sore during the night so wasn’t the greatest of sleeps. lovely and cool and windy, such a nice change. We are camping with some stock-man and there cattle while they feed along the long paddocks. They have no feed back at their farm, they have traveled from Goondawindi and heading for Ashford. Did some star trails, sky to dark.
IMG_8440-2  From our camp site the Dumaresq River, flowing beautifully.IMG_8441-2  Don setting up camp.IMG_8449-2  Looking across the Bonshaw Weir.IMG_8451-2  Looking up the river from the banks of the weir.  This is what I sat and had my cuppa looking at, pre dawn, how awesome.IMG_8493-2  This is the camping area, lovely and big, no facilities left now.IMG_8510-2  Bonshaw Weir, lovely standing under the weir and cooling off.IMG_8511-2 Looking back up to camp from the Weir.IMG_8512-2  Another view, very big area. You can actually see where and what the floods have moved and changed it all.IMG_8543-2  The bridge down from the weir, the chaps caught a Murray Cod off this bridge, big one to.IMG_8548-2  Looking across from the other side of river.

Day 21

Friday 21st February
Had a real good sleep. Got up and made a cuppa as I do most mornings, I love early, went for a look around while drinking my cuppa, lots of birds, rocks, waterfalls and pools, very peaceful. There are toilets, ladies one is full, the vandals have messed the place up.There is a water tank outside both toilets, ladies one still has water the men’s looks like its been left on to run dry. There is not a lot of room here for many campers, lucky there were only the bus and us. Its got very muggy and the midges are coming out more, ūüė¶
We all just used this day for a bit of R & R as we are all tired. We have decided to move onto Bonshaw weir as the midges got real bad.IMG_8148
¬†Setting up camp at Rocky Creek Glacier Site.IMG_8426 ¬†This is the sign on side of road to the camp area.IMG_8424-2 ¬†Coming out of camp area.IMG_8150-2¬†All set up, Don’s sister is with us in her bus.
IMG_8153  This is the camp site, you can see the damage that has occurred, I am going to send this to the Gwydir Council Shire.IMG_8154 Toilets and top camp.IMG_8155  Top camp sites. Only room for two vehicles.IMG_8157 This was taken at first light. That is a really long way down standing up at the BBQ area looking down.IMG_8177  Rock formations, they are huge square blocks, some look like they have been stacked.IMG_8196  Down at the water near the wee waterfall.IMG_8206 IMG_8207 IMG_8208  From down by the water looking up towards the BBQ area.IMG_8223 This was taken from the top of the waterfall in distance. To the right of the person below in the red shirt.IMG_8240 The person shows the perspective of things.

Day 20

Thursday 20th February 
Got up early, packed the last of our stuff into the cub and wagon as Garry will be coming home soon to sleep. I have been using the flat down stairs and this is where Garry sleeps as its the coolest room in the house.
Left at 9.30 am heading for Lake Yarrie, which is over by Narrabri, Sandy arrived before us as she left from Quirindi. We got to Narrabri and filled the wagon up, I asked as to where Lake Yarrie turn off was, the girl told me, but we took a wrong turn, ended up 50 km out of our way heading to Coonabarraban, on our way back I kept trying to ring Sandy but no coverage until nearly at Narrabri, finally Sandy got the call and she is heading out of Lake Yarrie, the place is¬†plagued¬†by¬†midges, so we said that’s it, meet us at the servo and we’ll decide where to from here. Had lunch and a break, decided we’ll head off to Rocky Creek, not far from Bingara. Called into the Sawn Rocks, found that the walk was to far at this time of day and also very hot. Could not find any Rocky Creek camping spot, so we finally found a spot called Glacier Historical Site, so this will do us all, as it was already getting later than we like to be on the road. With a look around, it’s very nice, rock pools and amazing rock formations. Once we were all set up, Sandy got the bus level we all had a cuppa and tea was soon on the go. There are a few¬†midges¬†here but not to bad, just got to keep using the¬†repellents.
IMG_8089 ¬†Silo’s and store sheds at Willow tree heading north from Murrurundi.IMG_8093 ¬†Dry flat country side here, I really hope that dark sky has rain for these farmers. Between Quirindi and Narrabri. NSWIMG_8103 ¬†This is a very sad site, the image below tells the story.IMG_8106IMG_8109 ¬†Taken from the car.IMG_8112 ¬†Cattle on the road side feeding, had to be very mindful of what maybe around each corner.IMG_8117 ¬†Kapitar National Park. Heading to Sawn Rocks.IMG_8148¬†Set up for a stop over.

Day 19

Wednesday 19th February 

Got cleaned up and headed down into Murrurundi to the General store to buy some Gluten Free bread, but they don’t get any¬†more in until¬† Friday, so got bread for Don, I will get some in Quirindi on our way to Lake Yarrie tomorrow. Went to take photo’s and seeing how green it has got it’s so good. We were up taking photos of the trains down in the crown land at Murrundi and onto the private property.¬†We have decided that with the weather so over cast and more rain coming we need power as the solar wont be getting any help, no sun. At Lake Yarrie we will get a powered site, rang the chap and all is¬†organized, its only $20 a night. Lots to see and do in the area if the weather ease’s.
IMG_7940  Rock formations, I have been taking photos from the other side of these rocks. Storm brewing.IMG_7943  Farm land so nice and green, two weeks ago it was brown.IMG_7949
¬†Another image of the rocks.IMG_7969 ¬†This is going up to the rocks from the other side. It is steep, but doesn’t show it in a photo.IMG_7983 ¬†Looking down from the top of the hill.IMG_8020 ¬†Passenger train coming from North to the South.IMG_8036 ¬†Farm Land.IMG_8056 ¬†Coal train.IMG_8066 ¬†Coal in wagons. Most of these trains have at least 99 wagons, I have been counting them.IMG_8082 ¬†Horses roaming free. Lovely to see. Nice dark sky,¬†IMG_8086

This little fella wouldn’t get off the road, after I got this photo, I got him by the tail at took him off the road, when I let him down he was gone so fast.

Day 18

Tuesday 18th February

Went for a drive to Quirindi, about 40 min drive North from Murrurundi NSW to catch up with a friend and had lunch together. Lovely old buildings and lots of history in the area, everyone’s so friendly, you just smile at them and they say hello.

IMG_7818 ¬†Fields of Milo.IMG_7824 ¬†I am lead to believe that the small spider is the male, this was on the fence when I was shooting the Milo field.IMG_7829 ¬†This is a real rail car ūüôāIMG_7844 ¬†Silo’s at Willow Tree.IMG_7848 ¬†Oppppps, here comes the train.IMG_7863 ¬†We waited for trains to come while at the Silo’s and we were rewarded with two.IMG_7874 ¬†And now the third one, I just managed to squeeze between the looked gate so as not to get the wire in my photo.IMG_7923 ¬†On our way back we have noticed how green it has got with just 3 day’s of rain, wonderful for the farmers.IMG_7932¬†Photo of the walk bridge for when the ford is to deep to walk across at Murrurundi.

Day 17

Monday 17th February

We had to go into Scone again today and on our way home we did some tiki-touring, up to the Tewarri NP, very nice, camping, big sites, toilets, lots of shade and water in creek when there’s water. On our way back also we came across a big wide load, took both sides of the road and had 3 Prime movers pulling it and 2 Prime movers pushing, didn’t realize how long it was until it started to pass, so I got what shots I could.

IMG_7698 ¬†One of the many land marks in the National Park of Tewarri.IMG_7709 ¬†Another dry river.IMG_7712 ¬†Quick shot as these birds all flew off, didn’t now they were there until I saw them fly.IMG_7724 ¬†Going up to the Tewarri National Park, lots of farms all the way up.IMG_7726 ¬†Rock formations..IMG_7745 ¬†Wombat up in the area of Washpool camping.IMG_7767 ¬†These are very interesting, read the notice below.IMG_7770 IMG_7799 ¬†A very wide load.IMG_7816¬†Amazing site, what a job getting this wide load thru some of the windy roads.

Day 16

Friday 14th-Sunday 16th February 

Well it’s been very wet since Thursday night so not a lot happening, also the town I’m in had contaminated water so we are relying on tank water.Not allowed to even wash our dishes or drink it, even the animals are not to drink it. The council is doing everything they can and handing out bottled water, so decided to go to my youngest sons place for the weekend. Was good catching up with family down where he lives. On our way home I called into the Plough Inn and was really taken with what the ladies do, they cater for Gluten Free and Vegetarian meals, as I am Gluten intolerant it is awesome to come across a shop such as the Plough Inn out in the middle of know where and are able to have a feed. ¬†They are next to a Antique shop, here are a couple of photos from the weekend.:)

IMG_7659 ¬†This Plough Inn is at Burning Mountain, Wingen on the New England Highway, between Scone and Murrurundi.IMG_7661 ¬†The Plough Inn is built around the tree, it’s a real quaint place with beautiful food.IMG_7662 IMG_7663 IMG_7669 IMG_7672¬†Back at Murrurundi this evening and my son yelled out to me to get the camera quick, beautiful rainbow.