Monday 5th August

Had a lovely day in Richmond, had some things to pick up. Here are some photo’s.

 Post Office and Court House.  Behind the Bakery and its sitting area, really nice, kids can play etc. Richmond Bridge.


Tuesday 2nd July, Ross

We said our cheerios to the house owners after a cuppa and chat, leave them to settle in again. Had a nice run down to Ross calling into a few places along the way. The Caravan Park in  Ross is nice, basic and they have a herb garden that you can share, Rhubarb, Lavender, Comfrey, pull a weed or two as well. Lots of room for big vans. Very Clean amenities.The air is cold and dark clouds around.

 Ross Bridge was completed in 1836 and is the third oldest bridge in Australia and a finest sand stone one at that.  Plenty of room in the caravan park  Late evening as the sun was low in the sky

Day 29

Sunday 12th June, 

Another cool morning,  love it. Sat by the river and just enjoyed it as we leave tomorrow. Chattered to a couple of people that came in yesterday, Got chatting and Another couple who parked opposite us all were really nice. They all came from Woolongong, NSW. Lovely group.  Quiet day really. I cleaned up my camera gear and put them into the car, had tea and bed by 9 pm. In reference to my words Shoot or Shot, this is with a camera. 🙂


Sun going down, cooling nicely.


What a beautiful sunset, nice end to a wonderful time here at the Gregory River. Top spot. 🙂



Don cooling off, the river is very fast flowing.


Small bridge that the trucks come in and fill up with water for the road works.


Crimson Finch, Male.


Young Whistling Kite.


Grey Fantail.


This poor kangaroo has a broken jaw, so awful to see it still trying to eat and cant help it.

Day 28

Saturday 11th June,     Gregory River

Lovely sleep last night as it was cooler. Alice and Jack headed off,  they are going home. We have decided to stay over until Monday.  Lots of vans have come in.  I had a rest this afternoon was so nice as we are in shade all day. Shot birds, went for a walk, chattered with people really relaxing day.


Infra-red photo of the Gregory river. This is a lovely swimming hole.


Blue Winged Kookaburra. This bird has a real funny call not like the laughing kookaburra, very timid, this was the only shot I got.


From our campsite, looking north. That’s the main bridge on the road above.


This is looking south from our campsite.


Looking south from the main bridge, we are tucked up on the right hand of the image.


Looking north from the bridge. Gregory River on right.


Different angle. Even though there are a lot of vans, people are not in each others face, lots of room for big rigs as well.

Day 23

Monday 6th. June

Well woke to a lovely morning,  heaps of people moving out and one new one came In and its only 9.02 am.  We have the Northern kookaburra,  they are so funny the sounds they make.  We walked up into the town which is 1 pub, 1 shop general Store but only necessary groceries really and petrol, all very exe. The bird life here is magic,  so many different types. Not cold tonight.  I got the washing dry,  had showers. Off to Lawn Hill tomorrow.  Met some lovely travelers.


Lovely reflections on the Gregory River where we are camped.


Large area’s for camping, Gregory River.


This camping area is on the other side under the bridge.


Gregory River down stream.


Under the bridge.


Kites, we have a nest above our camp spot. 🙂


Jack and Alice whom we are traveling with having breakfast in the sun by the rive, doesn’t get much better than this.


Kite taking off from drinking.


The cub set up for two nights only this stop. We keep it simple for a couple of nights.


Getting the shower bottles ready to heat up for the shower. Plenty room over this side of the bridge for camping.


Wee frog while I was crossing the rocks,


Kite preening.


I think this is a young Great bower bird.


White Gaped Honey Eater.

IMG_8770peaceful dove

Peaceful Dove, they are so small compared to the other Doves.


A better shot of the Young Great Bower bird.

IMG_8809white gaped honey eater

White gaped Honey eater.


Water trucks come in all day, they are doing the road works and its at least one hour away from here, so a long haul.


Yellow Tinted honey eater bathing.

IMG_8855Yellow Tinted Honey eater

Here is a better view of the Yellow tinted honey eater.

IMG_8877Black chinned honey eater

Black chinned honey eaters.

IMG_8892white browed robin

White browed robin.

IMG_8911Masked Finch

Masked Finch I think.

IMG_8921Rufas Whistler

Not sure the name of this bird.


Rufus Whistler.

Day 22

Sunday 5th June

Got away from Terry Smiths Lookout by 8.25 am. Great spot to stay, nice and quiet as well.  Had a good drive through to Burke and Wills roadhouse. Had morning tea,  fueled up all set for Lawn Hill. A wedgie was across the road but to far. On our next leg we encountered so many things, Bustards,  Emu’s,  Brolgas,  Sea Eagle,  and a Wedge tail Eagle landed on a carcass in front of us and we all but hit it,  I didn’t even get a shot away as I was so flabbergasted thinking we were going to hit it. There were all sorts of birds at the rest stop as well. We arrived at Gregory River just after lunch,  once all set up had a bite to eat down the river, just a beautiful spot, with amazing bird life.  Jack and Alice are on the lower side down by the river, we chose to stay up the top in shade.  Here for two nights,  will be staying here again on our return from Lawn Hill.


Had Lunch here. lovely spot, the people are new owners and they are so helpful, very friendly.


BBQ area down the end at the Burke & Wills.


As we drive off there’s cattle on the road, they have the right of way. We are following that sign.


Speaks for its self.


The Termite mounds are getting bigger around this area.


Road narrows. Glad it hasn’t rained for awhile, very muggy side of the roads when its been wet.


Off the tar seal for now.

IMG_0607Leichhardt River

Leichhardt River, so nice to see water in some of the creeks and rivers.


Interesting watching how the foliage changes from time to time.


Dry river bed.


The cattle never even moved, they are use to the traffic.


Good sign.


Nearly there.


Savannah way next time.


We are staying at the National Park.


This is our morning tea spot. Gregory River. Clean and fast flowing.


View towards the bridge, we come over this then turn down to here. Lots of room.


View from our kitchen. In the shade all day, weather was very hot.


Afternoon tea spot, lots of Kites and other little birds.


Brolga’s on side of road.


Kite at the river.


They have a nest in the large tree just above us.

Day 105

Monday 15th June
Well we headed off a bit later than planned but ended up going for a drive up the west side of the Derwent River as far as Rosegarland, and it already was getting to late to see Mt Field NP, the fog is getting lower and clouding over more so crossed over the river calling into see a Hop drying building and the lady next to it gave us a run down on all the history, very interesting, the locals here in Tasmania are so open and helpful with there knowledge of their areas. The whole valley is so beautiful and in lots a ways is standing still, so nice to see. Saw the Zinc smelter, Cadbury’s chocolate factory across the river, saw the MR-1 boat which is Mona  Roma-1, traveling up river towards the museum. It was a day of reflections.
IMG_3846  Lindisfarne.IMG_3848  View of Mt Wellington under cloud.IMG_3854  Bridge at Dowsing Point.IMG_3858Mono Roma-1  Zinc Smelter with Mona Roma-1 traveling up river.IMG_3874  Had lunch at Old Beach, lovely views and reflections, the white chimneys in the back ground are from the Cadbury’s Chocolate Factory.IMG_3881  Old BeachIMG_3886  This is on the Boyer Rd, looking across at Granton.IMG_3889 IMG_3890  Looking at New Norfolk.IMG_3893 IMG_3902  From up a hill looking down onto the New Norfolk area, the road we have just travelled on left.IMG_3909  New Norfolk.IMG_3913  New NorfolkIMG_3914  New Norfolk bridge into town center.IMG_3918  Gordon River Road, heading down the west side now. Farmers Patterns.IMG_3924  The Hop dryer buildings, they stopped working 27 years ago and just left to deteriorate.IMG_3931  Another part of the Hop buildings.IMG_3937 IMG_3977Whiskey distillary Redland just loved this wee shack.IMG_4004  Inside the church of St Mathews, Anglican Parish at New Norfolk, which commenced in 1828IMG_4012

Landscape supplies factory. Boyer.

Day 104

Saturday 13th June.
We headed off to Opossum bay but 1/4 of the way decided the light was so good we better get to Richmond and take the photo’s of the bridge and see the town and Old Hobart Town, as its meant to get wet on Monday and we are moving units tomorrow. so did the you turn and headed off, lovely town, there is Oakland, Longford, Campbell Town and Perth all very Similar in the way the towns are set out, buildings from the last century and old homes turned into shops, old Flour mill turned into a Gallery of all sorts. etc. Met some real nice people.
IMG_3071  Richmond Bridge.IMG_3077  Richmond Bridge, note the age of the bridge.IMG_3083  Other side of Richmond Bridge.IMG_3112  Old Flour Mill, now being used as a Gallery with all sorts of wonderful items.IMG_3113  Old Hobart town.IMG_3115  Ice in the water and frost was all on the ground in the shade.IMG_3125  This building is now being used today as a Hotel in Hobart, the battlements have been removed.IMG_3130  Here is a view of the village.IMG_3133 IMG_3156  Church steeple as seen looking through arch of the Richmond bridge.IMG_3154 IMG_3182
 Going across the causeway heading to Seven Mile Beach.

Day 25

25th Wednesday
The weather is going to be bad on the west coast and not so bad on the east coast so we have decided to go east, leave tomorrow. Get the camper re packed and defrost the freezer, all packed up and will watch the weather tonight as it changes so fast, just like NZ. Well yes the weather has turned bad all over so will sit it out and see. No photos.
26th Thursday
Weather still looking bad for anywhere, so kids have said stay and do day trips as long as you need. We went for a drive along the Midland Hway down to Campbell Town, well what a fantastic place, and free camping. The town is very full of history, there are bricks all along the street both sides for the convicts, their crime, their punishment and what boat they were shipped out on, had a bite to eat and a hot drink its very cold. The bridge here is beautiful. From here we carried onto Ross, another quaint town full of history, the bridge here is well known as well. Decided we still had time to go to Oatlands, well thats just really beautiful, free camping as well, big windmill, didnt muck around for to long as it was getting bitterly cold. Carried onto to Mowbray, Aspley, Bothwell and up over the Lakes Hway, had lunch half way up where it was a bit sheltered. The air has ice in it, its snowing somewhere. Got to a place called Steppes, well cant explane how I felt, but we stopped and took a look around, it is dedicated to this family so we will go back and have a good look, its a big reserve. Then up and over the alpine range, we got sleet at Flintstone and it was landing on the window. carried on home thru Longford, fuelled up, got home at 6.15pm I got tea done for when Katie came home.
Camping at Campbell Town  Black Burn Park, Campbell Town, 48 hours camping, give back to the town where you can.DSCF4574  Ducks and geese come running over to you when you walk to the river edge.The Red Bridge, Campbell Town The Red Bridge, Campbell TownCampbell Town Camping,  Campbell Town Beautiful wood carvings at the The Red Bridge, Campbell Town  Carvings at The Red bridge. These were beautifully carved, but lighting was in the wrong place.Bridge at Ross  Ross Bridge, another gorgeous town.Oatlands Camping, free for a week, no facilities but on edge of town, RV friendly town  Oatlands campingWindmill in Oatlands  OatlandsDSCF4545 DSCF4548 DSCF4557 Ross Bridge  RossDSCF4636 Streets of Ross#2 Little Cottage in Ross DSCF4617 Streets of Ross DSCF4688 Camping at Oatlands Oatlands  Oatlands. Lots to see and do in the area.Oatlands Camping#2 Down by the lower section for 3 days camping,  Oatlands  Lower area for camping, OatlandsMowbray Pub Old pub at jnc Melton/MowberryDSCF4723 coming out of steppies scultpures  Highland driving, so lovely all the different Alpine type foliage.Up on the Highlands Hway  The name here means a lot to me as my father was known as Steppe, this is a big reserve and we didnt go into the sculptures it was so boggy.DSCF4715 Up on top of one of the ranges by Bothwell sign at Mowbray heading to Bothwell.

Day 13

Sunday 24th

Nice weather,  very windy and cool. Had breakfast then headed off down to the bridge to get the incoming tide as it comes in so very fast. Well that was a joke, the tide was on the ebb,  all we got was cold bums. Got back to camp and had morning tea. After we warmed up we headed off to town to catch Sunlander train coming in, but it was 11.40 pm, so we were 12 hours to early. It’s been one of those days, but not in a bad way. Now it’s started raining.  I headed back to camp and when I got there I could here the Brolgas and Curlews calling. We got all packed up as much as we could for the morning. Filled all the water containers etc. One last hot shower as never sure where we’ll end up.

IMG_2325  Don and Jack doing macro on a praying mantus. Couldn’t resist this shot.IMG_2314  Jack walking back from the wetlands.IMG_2312  wet land. Loved the colours in the mud and the posts all ruined.IMG_2293  Train bridge, apparently when the tide comes in it rushes through this gap very fast and is a great sight to see. Another time.IMG_2292  Looking out across the tidal inlet.IMG_2287  Wetlands, lots of migrating birds at times of the year.IMG_2274  Animal holding pens.IMG_2273  Our set up.IMG_2268Mono
 Early morning from the rodeo seats.Did a black and white image out of it.