Day 13

Sunday 24th

Nice weather,  very windy and cool. Had breakfast then headed off down to the bridge to get the incoming tide as it comes in so very fast. Well that was a joke, the tide was on the ebb,  all we got was cold bums. Got back to camp and had morning tea. After we warmed up we headed off to town to catch Sunlander train coming in, but it was 11.40 pm, so we were 12 hours to early. It’s been one of those days, but not in a bad way. Now it’s started raining.  I headed back to camp and when I got there I could here the Brolgas and Curlews calling. We got all packed up as much as we could for the morning. Filled all the water containers etc. One last hot shower as never sure where we’ll end up.

IMG_2325  Don and Jack doing macro on a praying mantus. Couldn’t resist this shot.IMG_2314  Jack walking back from the wetlands.IMG_2312  wet land. Loved the colours in the mud and the posts all ruined.IMG_2293  Train bridge, apparently when the tide comes in it rushes through this gap very fast and is a great sight to see. Another time.IMG_2292  Looking out across the tidal inlet.IMG_2287  Wetlands, lots of migrating birds at times of the year.IMG_2274  Animal holding pens.IMG_2273  Our set up.IMG_2268Mono
 Early morning from the rodeo seats.Did a black and white image out of it.

Day 12

Saturday 23rd.

Was not cold last night but coolish this morning. Going to be a fine day and has a good breeze, do the washing, Don put up a line, so good. Went and posted some mail to NZ. Went all around the settlement lovely we place. Came across a chap who gave us a photo of the building he saw me taking photos of, got chatting, what a beautiful garden he has,  only flowers in St Lawrence,  cut a bunch for me to take back to camp. Lots of crocodiles here down in the mangroves by boat ramp, but we haven’t seen any and don’t need to. It’s a relax day today.

IMG_2201  Old bridge supports.IMG_2195  Only and best flower garden in St Lawrance.IMG_2183 IMG_2175  Driving back from boat ramp and a the wattles are in flower.IMG_2168 IMG_2163 Main St of St Lawrence, this is the post office and far building the court house.