Tuesday 2nd July, Ross

We said our cheerios to the house owners after a cuppa and chat, leave them to settle in again. Had a nice run down to Ross calling into a few places along the way. The Caravan Park in  Ross is nice, basic and they have a herb garden that you can share, Rhubarb, Lavender, Comfrey, pull a weed or two as well. Lots of room for big vans. Very Clean amenities.The air is cold and dark clouds around.

 Ross Bridge was completed in 1836 and is the third oldest bridge in Australia and a finest sand stone one at that.  Plenty of room in the caravan park  Late evening as the sun was low in the sky


Wednesday 22nd February Heading to George Town

Well we got away by 9 am, and its 21 deg, lovely. Had a great drive through and decided not to call into Bridport as we’d done it last time. Got to George Town and went to information centre as we do when its a new area for us. George Town and Low Head are on the east side of the Tamar near the mouth of the river. With info in hand, had a look around and ended up booking into the East beach Tourist Park, we dont do van parks but I have to say this is nice and clean, basic and lovely couple own it. Good price for power as well. We are staying two nights.

 Our camp site, plenty of room.   Low Head light house.  Beach just out from Van park.  Incredible art works.  I wanted to add these plaques so get the information correct. Van Park.

Day 88 & 89

Thursday 28th May

Rained all day, went into town for a few things. No photos today.

Friday  29th May

Well the canvas is dry so we are really packing up and hitting the road to Bicheno. Came for 2 nights and Stayed for 5, thanks very much to the Hillcrest van park. Giving them a plug as they were very good to us, Thanks to Chris very much. Had a good run down stopped at a few places and got to Seaview  Caravan Park, Decided to set up as the weather was not sounding good, gale force winds, snow down low and cold. We will tiki tour tomorrow.

IMG_0063  If you want a van park to stay in St Helens here it is.IMG_0066 IMG_0070 IMG_0072 IMG_0080  Camp Kitchen, TV, games for kids, etc.IMG_0098  Falmouth where the river runs into the sea.IMG_0096 IMG_0103 IMG_0110 IMG_0111 IMG_0113 IMG_0126 IMG_0139 IMG_0140  Had to take this, it is grass on top of this house’s roof, still being built so couldn’t get to the front to see the architecture.IMG_0214FishermansJetty  Fishermans Jetty at Bicheno, fresh fish and chips and scollops. Beautiful, sat on the rocks and ate them, but first had to wrap our tea in a blanket to keep it warm as wanted to get the colours in the sunset.IMG_0233BichenoSunset Another shot from where we did eat our tea.

Day 67

Friday 17th

Graham, the owner of the Bush Camp at Charlieville does bus trips around the town and shows where the floods came to, what they are doing about it, all the points of interest in Charlieville and much more, so yes we did the trip. Very interesting indeed. Got back to our camp 2 1/2 hours later and had lunch, then went up to the Cosmos Center. Spent hours in there, so much to see. Booked into the Observatory for tomorrow night. Had tea out at the RSL with some friends of mine, very flash place. Came back and did star trails.

IMG_7179  This is where we stayed, they have a caravan park up the other end of the farm, we wanted the paddock.IMG_7154  At the caravan park Graham has mattress that go on the star beds, great for star gazing.IMG_7153  They use this in the camp kitchen up at the van park.IMG_7195 IMG_7191  Entrance into airport and Observatory, Cosmos Center and information Center all in one.IMG_7184  Cosmos CenterStarStaX_DPP_544-DPP_548_gap_filling Star trails from the paddock where we are staying.

Trip to Fraser.

Friday 9th November

We left home at 3.30 pm to go up and stay in the Noosa Caravan Park, got there by 5.15 pm. Got settled into the cabin and had tea, weather was not looking good at this stage for our Fraser trip on Sunday, never mind. Got to bed early.

Saturday 10th November

Woke up to hearing rain and it’s been raining most of the night. Got breakfast sorted, packed food for our lunch and got our camera gear ready with plastic bags to keep them dry as we are heading for Arkwright Point to get some photo’s. Well that’s the plan. Nice surprise, get to Arkwright and the rain stopped, we had a cuppa then headed down the beach, skies are dark, ocean rough, beautiful.

Arkwright Point in storm Arkwright on the Sunshine Coast, beautiful storm coming in.

Arkwright in storm No this wave did not get me, but was close. We packed up as the storm was getting to close so by the time we got back up to the car park, had our lunch and down the rain came. It looked like it was setting in so we headed back to the caravan park. Settled in for a restful afternoon. Early to bed as we are having to have a early start tomorrow.