Dora Point Day 5

Odd shower of rain.Headed into St Helen’s and had Fish & Chips at the Skippers which was an old working boat now converted to Takeaway restaurant, really great food. Was eating my tea this evening early and noticed a movement and looked down, there was a Black snake about 12 inches from my foot, so I reached out to get my camera but it retreated back, so I banged my foot on the ground and it went under the camper, but later on I went around to the back of the camper and here it is again looking at me, so banged my foot lots and it went back into the bushes. No photo.

 Floating Takeaway’s.  Georges Bay, St Helen’s  Rains are coming.  Yellow Throat Honey eaters.  Beautiful Sunset with stormy skies.



Had a great spot down at Sofala, lovely small town, my mother stayed here for some time panning and just loved it, said the hotel had a nice spirit living in it so I inquired, some said yes others didn’t know. Local swimming hole where we were, and got very busy during the day. I saw a Red Bellied Black snake, thought it was a shiny black stick, when it moved, then I knew.

dscf6868  Amazing landscapes, taken through the car window while driving, cant always pull up with a camper trailer in tow.dscf6872  Storm brewing.dscf6883  Countryside.dscf6890  Looking down at Sofala.dscf6914  Local water hole, we camped here. Camper in background.dscf6919  Very deep, quite cold.dscf6921  Resident dog, she was lovely, kept hanging around. dscf6933  The local kids jump into this hole from up the cliffs, we had lots of entertainment.dscf6938  Very cold nights I intend to keep warm. 🙂dscf6945


Day 65

Tuesday 5th May

We went for a quick drive, knew the weather was not going to be good today, but wanted to get to see some rocks we had been told about. Well the weather turned pretty fast, we got back in time to hang onto all the poles that we could, in the end the winds were so bad just blew up under the annex and the zip which was already a bit dicky  just broke and everything fell down on our heads. I have done a few movies on it, but only a couple of photos for this day. They recorded 90 km hour winds, worst in 22 years for Rocky Cape apparently.

IMG_6297  Rocky Cape National Park in back groundIMG_6304 Trees are fair swaying and poles, that’s why everything is out of focus, cause its moving.

Day 54

Thursday 24rd April

We headed back from the West Coast via Rosebery and the Murchison highway, then we turned off along the May Plains, then onto Mole Creek Rd. Was lovely country driving. Back to Launceston.

IMG_4705  Mining buckets at Rosebery.IMG_4708gumflowersRosebery  Gum flowers in rain.IMG_4712MainStRosebery IMG_4713 IMG_4724  The falls.IMG_4729  IMG_4736  This is the heat and gases flowing from the mine, they do it to keep it clean and vented. Its a very deep mine.IMG_4738  Artwork statues to signify the mine.IMG_4747  Looking down on the mining area. Rosebery.IMG_4751 IMG_4756 IMG_4760 IMG_4769  Tallah, another old mining town.IMG_4787  Stopped for a picnic break and here was a bunch of Fungi.IMG_4793  Just took this from the car while we were driving to show the bad weather.IMG_4794 IMG_4801  Climbed to the top of the lookout.IMG_4821 IMG_4823  Storm is coming.IMG_4835

We went to Chudney and this lovely wee shop, I sampled every honey wow, some are awesome, then had a honey ice cream.

Day 63

Monday 13th

Storms, thunder and lightning during the night and black skies this morning, awesome. Was a very hot day when all cleared 41 deg, and humid. I got ticks yesterday and another 4 today, only little ones but fly spray does the job.We are staying another 2 days, just so nice here. Went over to the hot pool and all the others were there, Jo the owner and caretaker and another couple who were camping, we just sat and chattered, so nice.

IMG_6615 IMG_6617  His and Her lou, or a double lou, the black board above is in the toilet above like this, so good, the IGA girls having some fun. The timber was milled from the farm, all treated beautifully.IMG_6584  Our backyard for the moment.IMG_6546Cockatiel  Lovely to see Cockatiels flying free.DSCF3569  Looking down towards the other camper. DSCF3570  The black sky this morningIMG_6646  Nice lighting as the sun was going downIMG_6524BlackFrontedDotterel  Black-fronted DotterelIMG_6503RedWingedParrot Red winged parrot

Day 12

Thursday 2nd January 2014

Well the opossums were on the prowl again last night, we have had a baby and an adult hanging around, they make so much noise some nights.

We have another beautiful day, got to make the most of it as this is our last full day. Have had a few spots of rain, very overcast and humid, feels like another storm on the way. Just going to veggie out and spend some time getting photo’s of the baby Yellow face and mum feeding them, she has 3 babies. Only just discovered them last night, but have been watching the way the two adults were protecting this tree, now we know why.

IMG_6103 IMG_6110 I sat motionless for nearly two hours to get these photo’s so as not to disturb mum with her feeding the babies, kept an eye on them over the rest of the day and with the goanna hanging around I was concerned, obviously so were the parents and she encouraged them to fly up into the tree beside her nesting tree, well one got off track and the parents were really going to town, then I realized one was on the ground beside our toilet tent, so Don picked it up and popped it into the tree and off it went up to its mum. Here is a photo of their nest taken by Don, I was to short to reach.


Went for a walk and Don saw a Rufus Fantail, what a beautiful bird, I did get some shots but not good, they are even quicker than the Grey Fantail. Here is a photo taken by Don, it is only a reference photo.


Trip to Fraser.

Friday 9th November

We left home at 3.30 pm to go up and stay in the Noosa Caravan Park, got there by 5.15 pm. Got settled into the cabin and had tea, weather was not looking good at this stage for our Fraser trip on Sunday, never mind. Got to bed early.

Saturday 10th November

Woke up to hearing rain and it’s been raining most of the night. Got breakfast sorted, packed food for our lunch and got our camera gear ready with plastic bags to keep them dry as we are heading for Arkwright Point to get some photo’s. Well that’s the plan. Nice surprise, get to Arkwright and the rain stopped, we had a cuppa then headed down the beach, skies are dark, ocean rough, beautiful.

Arkwright Point in storm Arkwright on the Sunshine Coast, beautiful storm coming in.

Arkwright in storm No this wave did not get me, but was close. We packed up as the storm was getting to close so by the time we got back up to the car park, had our lunch and down the rain came. It looked like it was setting in so we headed back to the caravan park. Settled in for a restful afternoon. Early to bed as we are having to have a early start tomorrow.