Day 12

Thursday 2nd January 2014

Well the opossums were on the prowl again last night, we have had a baby and an adult hanging around, they make so much noise some nights.

We have another beautiful day, got to make the most of it as this is our last full day. Have had a few spots of rain, very overcast and humid, feels like another storm on the way. Just going to veggie out and spend some time getting photo’s of the baby Yellow face and mum feeding them, she has 3 babies. Only just discovered them last night, but have been watching the way the two adults were protecting this tree, now we know why.

IMG_6103 IMG_6110 I sat motionless for nearly two hours to get these photo’s so as not to disturb mum with her feeding the babies, kept an eye on them over the rest of the day and with the goanna hanging around I was concerned, obviously so were the parents and she encouraged them to fly up into the tree beside her nesting tree, well one got off track and the parents were really going to town, then I realized one was on the ground beside our toilet tent, so Don picked it up and popped it into the tree and off it went up to its mum. Here is a photo of their nest taken by Don, I was to short to reach.


Went for a walk and Don saw a Rufus Fantail, what a beautiful bird, I did get some shots but not good, they are even quicker than the Grey Fantail. Here is a photo taken by Don, it is only a reference photo.



Day 11

Wednesday 1st, Happy New Year to everyone.

Woke to another perfect day. Had my usual morning cuppa listening to the sounds, such a wonderful way to start a day. We had two Female bowers and 3 Male bowers hanging about camp, playing in the wood pile, getting grubs I think. After breaky got cleaned up and got some shots of the bowers.

IMG_5499Male Bower  This dark Bower is the Male.IMG_5659 This is the Female Bower.

Just relaxed around camp, don’t even need to leave camp to get to see things, always something going on. Lots of people heading down the road out of here and we just have new neighbours down the far side move in. Went for a walk up the road and saw baby Willy Wagtails, mum was protecting them from other birds, that’s what caught my attention, her noise, so cute they are, as is all babies. 🙂

IMG_5982 Baby Willy Wagtails.

IMG_5890  Baby Kingfisher.IMG_5977 The country road. I have used Infrared on it.

Had another camp fire tonight. Good night. This is the second to last day of our holiday 😦