Day 10

Wednesday 30th September.

Our last day at Lara Wetlands, relaxed and enjoyed it the best I could, not feeling the best so will sort that out when we go back to Barcaldine. Here are a few photo’s, our neighbour Debbie and I took some nights shots, great time Debbie, thanks. Here are some images from the last couple of days as well.

_MG_6845  The wetlands in infrared.DSCF5336  Sun setting.DSCF5301  The cold pool, very deep.DSCF5287  The canoes are free to use on the lake.DSCF5282  This is the water heater for the showers.DSCF5281  New toilet block down other end , this makes two lots of shower/toilets.DSCF5280  Or you can use the original Thunder Box.DSCF5274 Our camp site.DSCF5271 Storms, got lots of lightning and a bit of rain, settled the dust was about all.This was the night before the star shoot.IMG_7656  Night shotsIMG_7646 Traffic lights from the cars coming back from pool, and milky way.


Day 9

Tuesday 29th September…..Happy Birthday to my eldest son Garry.

Had a real relaxing day, taking photo’s, chatting with the neighbours. Caught up with Jo and took the saw blades we donated for her museum she is getting up and running.

IMG_7193  Looking across the wetlands, lake is low.IMG_7177  Echidna.IMG_7161  Black Fronted Dotterel. These birds are so tiny.IMG_7112  Pale Head RosellaIMG_7097  Emu, I didnt see it until it moved, well camouflaged. IMG_7089 IMG_7088 IMG_7087IMG_7208 IMG_7220 IMG_7242  Juvenile Red Winged ParrotIMG_7251  Red-Winged ParrotIMG_7274 IMG_7335  Young Whistling Kite. It was being annoyed by the Willy Wagtail.IMG_7374 IMG_7394  Double Barred Finch IMG_7400  I’m not sure if this is a Mulga Parrot.IMG_7410  Tree-creeper.IMG_7437 IMG_7522 IMG_7562 IMG_7621  Night Shooting.IMG_7616

Day 8

Monday 28th September

We headed off to Lara Wetlands and Dons sister and her friend followed us to spend the day with us.After setting up the Cub we all had lunch and a cuppa. Our visitors headed off and we settled into watching what bird life was around this trip, met our neighbours, lovely couple. Had a hot soak in the pools after tea, boy it was so nice. The owner of the property Jo had done heaps of improvements with her helpers, great job. Had a fire that evening.

DSCF5259 DSCF5262 DSCF5264 View from the camp site.

Days 4-7

Tuesday 24th – Sunday 27th,  Happy Birthday Leroy for 25th 🙂

We are staying with Don’s sister in Barcaldine and not doing a lot, but the bird life is incredible even though it is very dry and hot really feel for the farmers out here, most water holes are dry as are the rivers. Poor things they drink from taps that we have dripping, bowls of water for cooling off, they keep us entertained. We also had a awful person deliberately hit and killed 3 kangaroo’s and their joey’s, right outside the place we are staying, the hawks and whistling kites were hanging around which is normal, council did come and clean them up on the Monday, this happened on the Friday night.

Whistling Kite and road kill-6926 Bluefaced Honeyeater-6841  Bluefaced Honeyeater popped in every morning and sat on the line.Palefaced Rosella Drinking  Paleface Rosella drinking from dripping tap. Kangaroo's-6795  Kangaroos each evening came across from the paddocks to eat the grass next dooe and where we stayed.Pair of Palefaced Rosella's-6761  This pair came each day and very daintily picked off the petals from Lynn’s flowers.Baby Babbler-6734  Baby Babbler squawking for food.Palefaced Rosella-6683  Paleface Rosella  having a swim.Apostle-6665 Apostle bird.

Day 3

Wednesday 23rd September. Happy Birthday Nancy

Hi I’m back, been out of action a week so now to catch up. Last night was a pretty noisy one as we camped at a intersection where trucks pull in and check their loads, but hey its a break. Chattered with a truckie, nice block, learn lots about the area chatting. I was up early this morning, sent my daughter in law a mental happy birthday, we have no coverage. We are going to Barcaldine today, that’s the plan. Here’s a few photos from along the way.Roads from Rolleston to Springsure are pretty rough at present. Got to Barcaldine 4.15 pm so was a long hot day. But fun.

_MG_6836Springsure Infrared  Did a Infrared shot here where we had a quick stop and put fuel from jerry can into Pathy.IMG_6514Entrance to Springsure  Entrance signs into Springsure, quiet a few of the towns have these sort of sculptures, really nice.IMG_6519MT Zamia_Virgin Rock  View of the hills.Mt Zamia & Virgin Rock, Springsure. Qld Then we discovered the hills have a story, They are Mt Zamia on left and Virgin Rock on right.

Day 2

Tuesday 22nd September

Wow, it was a very noisy night but tuff luck, its a free spot. Quiet cool, I was up early, and foggy. Made a cuppa and listened to the birds. Had a chat with some of the other campers, real nice people you meet on the road. Got packed up at hit the road at 9 am, fueled up across the road. We are heading for Rolleston. We had cattle on the road, black snake and road works. Very long day.

DSCF5214  Tolderodden Regional Park, it did not say camping, but I feel you could if you needed to, toilets, shade and the Burnett River over the bank.


DSCF5215Tolderodden Regional Park  Other end of the Regional Park, This is just out of Eisvold.DSCF5219Crossing Burnett River  Burnett River, down from the Park.DSCF5222  Burnett RiverDSCF5223droving cattle Cattle droving.


Day 1

Monday 21st September

Left home at 8.30 am, We had a stop at Blackbutt for morning tea. Had a good run through to Ban Ban Springs, stayed the night, very noisy with trucks transporting stock.

IMG_6511Camping at Ban Ban Springs  Camping at Ban Ban Springs, Truckies stop beyond the rocks, this is a free stay over, lets look after it. There are toilets.

IMG_6510Camping Ban Ban Springs  Looking the other way at Ban Ban camping.

IMG_6487Ban Ban Springs

This is the spring, water still flowing.