Days 4-7

Tuesday 24th – Sunday 27th,  Happy Birthday Leroy for 25th 🙂

We are staying with Don’s sister in Barcaldine and not doing a lot, but the bird life is incredible even though it is very dry and hot really feel for the farmers out here, most water holes are dry as are the rivers. Poor things they drink from taps that we have dripping, bowls of water for cooling off, they keep us entertained. We also had a awful person deliberately hit and killed 3 kangaroo’s and their joey’s, right outside the place we are staying, the hawks and whistling kites were hanging around which is normal, council did come and clean them up on the Monday, this happened on the Friday night.

Whistling Kite and road kill-6926 Bluefaced Honeyeater-6841  Bluefaced Honeyeater popped in every morning and sat on the line.Palefaced Rosella Drinking  Paleface Rosella drinking from dripping tap. Kangaroo's-6795  Kangaroos each evening came across from the paddocks to eat the grass next dooe and where we stayed.Pair of Palefaced Rosella's-6761  This pair came each day and very daintily picked off the petals from Lynn’s flowers.Baby Babbler-6734  Baby Babbler squawking for food.Palefaced Rosella-6683  Paleface Rosella  having a swim.Apostle-6665 Apostle bird.