Day 4

Tuesday 23rd
Very chilly last night. Woke up and got up at 5am. Did my tai chi early and then I noticed the parrots were sitting eating the thistles watching,¬† no camera in hand. ūüôā I have moved the solar panels around to get the sun when its up over the hill, found coverage this morning on sat phone as the sky is clear,¬† would not work yesterday as the cloud cover was thick. The owners came down and said they’d heard from my daughter. Had 3 swims yesterday.¬† We went for a brisk walk up the hill and back. Davids birthday, one of the aborigines camping next door we all had a lot of fun, David plays guitar. Emptied toilet today. Going to get Kay to move up past us be more quiet for them.

Day 19

Wednesday 7th. 
Had a long day getting home, went via the Paddy Flat Rd, and looked in at Paddy Flat camping, didnt think much of it, and the rest of the trip was slow, so added on hours to the trip, got home later than would of liked, 6 pm. Bought¬†Chinese¬†takeaways, so tired. Great time away, loved every bit of it. For those that have been following my trip, hope you have enjoyed as well and thank you for all the likes. ūüôā
DSCF3966  Last swim to cool off after all the packing was done.DSCF3970  Our foot print.DSCF3968  Opps Don sprung a leak.DSCF3961 Nearly all packed up.

Day 18

Tuesday 6th. Last day here. 

Had breakfast and did my walk,¬† Tai Chi and stretching. Swim was a bit chilly until you are under.¬† Had several swims again today was warm. Got all that we could packed and the rains came so thankfully we did. We saw the goanna that Harvey told us about,¬† it had a turtle in its mouth and took it up the tree right outside our camp. Got lots of photos. Some new people have dropped in for the night, they use to visit here 20 years ago. Don tried a bit of fishing, no luck, a man and his kid were fishing at our water hole and got a eel. Tea all finished early due to weather. Went and said cheerio to the brothers,¬† David, Bruce the artist and he told me of the story of my painting, and there’s Duck, they are nice¬† blokes, they’re packing garlic in the sheds for Zoe and Ed. Cooled down again thats one good thing when it rains early evening,¬† get a good sleep as not hot. Its time to move on now, be good to get home for a rest.

IMG_9547 Goanna.

Day 17

Monday 5th 

Very cloudy and cool,¬† lovely, so I went for my walk early again,¬† so much better. Did Tai Chi and exercising¬† then down for my swim bit chilly getting in but very refreshing.¬† Had breakfast and now the sun is just peaking through the clouds. Been sitting listening to a cow bellowing,¬† I thinks it’s calf has got mixed up with the herd that Ed and Zoe took away the other day and i noticed her udder very full. The brothers have all packed up and ready to be picked up, they are going to be packing garlic. Most people have gone back to work today. Went down to check out the kingfisher and platypus again only saw kingfisher. Started raining about 4.30pm. Had soup for tea as we had big lunch. It has got really chilly and doing this diary inside camper. Raining still and going to bed soon, only 8pm. Started putting a lot of things back where they belong getting ready to pack for leaving Wednesday.

IMG_9484 ¬†Thistle flower, didn’t even notice the orange and black bug or the cicada shell.IMG_9478 ¬†Herd ready to cross, they don’t like us in the water when they cross.IMG_9475 ¬†Fences to be fixed, always work on the farm.IMG_9452¬†Another different butterfly.

Day 16

Sunday 4th, 

Well I got up this morning and went to loo and it needed emptying,¬† so nice job for Don before breakfast. ūüė¶ ¬†Had breakfast after I did my Tai Chi as I don’t walk on a Sunday. Had a early morning swim.¬† Then I noticed a cicada on Dons coat, they have been leaving their shells everywhere but this one was in metamorphosis.¬† So we set up our cameras and sat for one and a half hours taking shots of changes as they happened, it was very interesting and amazing. Then in the blink of an eye looked up and its gone. Had another swim then got ready to go down to the rocks at the beginning of the hill. Beautiful spot, be great camping there. Another option. The young couple that stayed last night gave us a toot as they left. After they’d gone I had a ¬†dip, so nice. Stand in the sun and dry off. Had wraps for lunch,¬† downloaded photos. Flies are really bad today.¬† Brothers are back, going up to the shed at Zo and Eds doing garlic. Going to the platypus again tonight at 5 pm. Didn’t see the platypus but did get shots of the kingfisher. Beautiful full moon and reflection on river. Got a fire tonight,¬† Don is enjoying a port out there so I’m finishing the days diary and to bed I go.

IMG_9326 ¬†Down at the bend.IMG_9272 ¬†This calf was having to eat on the run, mum wouldn’t stop, it was hanging on.IMG_9262 ¬†Finished its metamorphosis. We watched it dry out and and then it was gone.DSCF3936 ¬†Both wings now fully opened.DSCF3927 ¬†Straightening out the wings.DSCF3922 ¬†Out of its shell.DSCF3907 ¬†Coming out of the shell.DSCF3897
 Cicada ready to start metamorphosis,

Day 15

Saturday 3rd

Up early and decided to see if I could do my walk without breakfast and I did, but wouldn’t want to go any further than my 2 km.¬† Kay and Mark all packed up early and set off at 7.30 am. Its warming up and fine. Well we watched the families next door pack up they went in dribs and drabs, but Todd and Harvey families were last.¬† We spent a quiet afternoon, computer work, reading, had another swim. The fire was still smoldering over at Todd’s so we went and checked out the coals for a camp oven tea, and they were lovely so piled all the wood up so it’d keep going.¬† Went down and sat at Kay’s site to get photos of the platypus.¬† He didn’t come out, but we have neighbor’s so Don went over to tell them the story about the fire and they were cooking their tea on a cooker, so it was no problem using the fire pit for camp oven.¬† Had sausages, roast veggies was lovely. Time for bed.

IMG_9095  Canoes travelling down the river.IMG_9089  Rounding up the stock.IMG_9083 One that got away, go for it Ed.IMG_9209  I was heading down to the swimming pool to cool off and thank goodness my torch saw this before I was about to walk into it, I would of messed my pants, I do not like spiders at all.IMG_9139 This mum was taking her calf across the rapids and she was so careful to stay on the down side, it is pretty swift.

Day 14

Friday 2nd 

Got up and so nice not to be in pain in my back. Had 2 gf weetbix and went for my walk, it was only 7 am, so much easier. Did my tia chi and had my swim all done by 7.45 am. Don did his a wee bit after me. Sat out back of camper and read in the shade as it was pretty warm. Did some computer work getting the photos done for Harvey’s family. Then we went up to where the family were at the jumping rock, pretty neat swimming hole. On our way back we went to check out the creek where the Chinese had been gold prospecting, very interesting and they were very smart. We had a storm go thru, lasted about 1/2 hour then a bit of rain for awhile now just overcast. Went up and had a drink with the kids as they are going tomorrow.¬† Lots of people left today. Nice and cool for sleeping tonight.

IMG_9052 ¬†a slouch.¬†IMG_9034 ¬†Another cottage.IMG_9016 ¬†Different angle of this cottage, been added onto. The still use it.IMG_9001 ¬†Harvey’s family having so much fun at this swimming hole.IMG_8983¬†Lots of butterflies around at the moment.

Day 13

Thursday 1st January 2015  Happy new year.

Woke to a beautiful day,¬† had breakfast and then went for my walk.¬† Was pretty hot, so I’m going to start doing it earlier. Had a quiet day,¬† I cleaned the house, washed the sheets etc while Don went for a walk up the valley.¬† By afternoon the clouds were building and we got the most lovely lightning show, we only got a light shower and it cooled things down nicely. Went down to Kays while Don had a sleep.¬† They had a wine and I had my water and a cracker.¬† Lovely cool night for sleeping,

IMG_8971  Wonderful way of keeping cool and the sun off as well. Thanks Guys, lovely family.IMG_8976  Don signaling that hes back safe from hike.IMG_8970 Don heading off on a hike up into the hills, keeping his clothes dry until he gets over the other side.

Day 12

Wednesday 31st,  last day of the year.

Woke to ¬†very clear skies,¬† going to be a hot one, waiting for breakfast to settle then walk.¬† Got short way and had to retreat back to the loo. So stayed home and did all my Qigong and Tai Chi. Took morning tea up to Kays and then decided we’d take the drive up the Wier and dam area, 28km up from our camp spot, taking the upper rocky river rd. Just beautiful scenery,¬† large rocks and the river goes all the way,¬† crossed over a wee bridge and people were camping there. Got to a area in shade for lunch then had a swim in the river there, not deep but cooling. Met Kay and Mark at the top of the range on our way home. Got back and took the mileage from where we walk to the camper was exactly 1 km so 2km return everyday we have done it.¬† One morning was too wet. Doing a fire soon to do my bread and roast veggies for tea, will have a glass of my wine that I didn’t have for birthday. Lovely fine day, 33 deg and clouds building again, seems to happen each night but so far so good, making the most of it. Asked Duck about the story for my painting Bruce did for me as Bruce has gone into town, means Dolphin dreaming.¬† He dreams of the mullet and when the fisherman come and take to many he splits them up so some left for him. Other two brothers have gone to town. Went to Kay and marks for a drink and we stayed awhile then came over to Harveys and Diannes group watched their fireworks,¬† really lovely.¬† Came home and sat listening to their music for awhile. Went to bed, the music did not stop until 2 pm. Great day.

IMG_8968 ¬†My gluten free damper bread, was really nice.IMG_8961 ¬†Huts in the middle of nowhere.IMG_8910 ¬†The Weir¬†IMG_8863 ¬†Another place that’s nice and isolated.IMG_8856 ¬†Huge rocks every where, this is just one I liked.IMG_8908¬†Down at the weir.

Day 10 & 11

Monday 29th 

Going into Tenterfield today get some bits, like fill gas bottle, fill petrol, gumboots, fresh fruit and vegetables. Milk and bread, etc. Well we got most of what we need, spent some time just getting a few extras. Love Tenterfield. Neat place. Went into Crooked Creek and had a look around. Went over to the equestrian place and one has to book now so we have the phone numbers to ring. Got home and put the groceries away.  Went down to Kay and Mark,  had a chat,  we have all agreed that if the rains are going to continue we will pack up at 1st possible time and head to Texas,  check out Bonshaw Wier if full go to Demasque river at Texas. We have had tea. The river has dropped a bit. No photos today.

Tuesday 30th 

Woke to very dark clouds all around the hills, but wasn’t long and they had burnt off to a very warm day. We had breakfast, cleaned up and then did our walk, if you are not back from the walk before 8.30 am it’s just far too hot for me. The family next to us were having great fun going over the Rapids so Don and I started taking pics of them and did a video.¬† I went over and told them and said I’d like to email them to them as i don’t want them. Harvey took me on the buggy down to the bottom of the rapids so I could do a video of them coming towards me. Then in the late afternoon Harvey took Don up the hills in buggy, I chose not to go as a bit rough on my back.¬† We must of had 6 swims today. Kay and Mark came up for a swim in our waterhole as it’s in shade,¬† their’s is in sun, not good for Mark. Sat around the fire for awhile and got all our scrapes burnt then bed.

IMG_8835  These kids just bobbed around like little corks, they had so much fun.IMG_8818  Here they come down the rapids.IMG_8777  There the kids go, there helmets and camcorder on there heads, DSCF3889 I would sit in the shade here and the cows would hang around, so neat.