Thursday 28th September

Many days have passed as we’ve been with Dons family. No photos. We did stay at a place called Yakapari, Leap Hotel, its free camping but they like you to buy a meal or have a beer. Good overnight stop. The photos here are when we headed off to the Atherton Tablelands. This is Ingham, Tyto Wetlands, cheap stop over.


Saturday 25th Febraury

Another month nearly over, we have done so much so far. Its cool but not windy, bit of rain during the night. Went for a drive and checked out all the beaches. Snakes are out in the mornings sunning themselves so we’re very weary as we’ve already seen 3 on this trip.

 Dragonfly sunning.  Copperhead sunning on the track.  Nawantapu wetlands  Patterns of grasses washed up  Sand patterns.

Day 12

Thursday 26th 

Here are some photo’s on our last day at Lara. There wasn’t as many birds around at this time of the year, where as in September last year there were 26 different varieties that we photographed.



Think these are Mallee Parrots.





Can you see the stick animals?


Toilet and shower house, there is another block of toilets and showers down further around the lake.


Canoes to use by campers free.



Early morning sun on trees over by the pool.


Big areas to camp, really lovely and heaps of trees.


Day 10

Wednesday 30th September.

Our last day at Lara Wetlands, relaxed and enjoyed it the best I could, not feeling the best so will sort that out when we go back to Barcaldine. Here are a few photo’s, our neighbour Debbie and I took some nights shots, great time Debbie, thanks. Here are some images from the last couple of days as well.

_MG_6845  The wetlands in infrared.DSCF5336  Sun setting.DSCF5301  The cold pool, very deep.DSCF5287  The canoes are free to use on the lake.DSCF5282  This is the water heater for the showers.DSCF5281  New toilet block down other end , this makes two lots of shower/toilets.DSCF5280  Or you can use the original Thunder Box.DSCF5274 Our camp site.DSCF5271 Storms, got lots of lightning and a bit of rain, settled the dust was about all.This was the night before the star shoot.IMG_7656  Night shotsIMG_7646 Traffic lights from the cars coming back from pool, and milky way.

Day 8

Monday 28th September

We headed off to Lara Wetlands and Dons sister and her friend followed us to spend the day with us.After setting up the Cub we all had lunch and a cuppa. Our visitors headed off and we settled into watching what bird life was around this trip, met our neighbours, lovely couple. Had a hot soak in the pools after tea, boy it was so nice. The owner of the property Jo had done heaps of improvements with her helpers, great job. Had a fire that evening.

DSCF5259 DSCF5262 DSCF5264 View from the camp site.

Day 56

Saturday 26th April

Weather not looking to good, but we did get a break so thought we’d go and see the Tamar Wetlands in Launceston. So close to the city it’s incredible. Get a good view of the hills that are built on.

IMG_4838  Looking down onto Sea PortIMG_4849  Tamar wetlands and looking over towards the built up area of LauncestonIMG_4851 IMG_4868  Information centre at the wetlands, also very good view out onto the wetlands.IMG_4877  Very hilly place Launceston, town seems to be down in the valley and houses all up around on the hills, very beautiful place.IMG_4884 IMG_4890 IMG_4896 IMG_4900 IMG_4929 IMG_4935 IMG_4926


Day 65

Wednesday 15th

Had breakfast by the fire this morning a real cold snap, there is snow somewhere down south can feel it. All packed up, dropped into see Fran, caretaker of Lara and Don gave her the bird collection he did while we stayed there, he photographed 26 different types of birds in the 5 days we were there, they have compiled a book for visitors. Stocked up with some food items at Blackall and went to info centre to look around, then headed off to Tambo to Scrubby Bend. Nice place to stay, no road noise and its the tidiest wee town.

IMG_6887  Glossy Ibis and Black winged stilt.IMG_6983  We are leaving the property, we will be back. 🙂DSCF3576  At the turn of from Landsborough Highway to Lara Wetlands.DSCF3595 DSCF3599 IMG_7038  Sun going down at Scrubby Bend.DSCF3602  Yes water in the creek, we havent seen much water in creeks for so long, it gets exciting when we do see it.DSCF3598 All settled for the night here at Scrubby Bend.

Day 64

Tuesday 14th

Another very windy night and cool this morning, so nice after all the hot days. Only got to 28 deg I was told. Had a quiet day, did some packing as we head off tomorrow, had tea early and went over to the hot pools, said our cheerio’s to the people in the pool with us.

IMG_6669  Love the speed sign.IMG_6712  Yellow-billed spoonbillIMG_6776  Pelicans getting their place for the night.DSCF3573  View from the loo.DSCF3574  Another view from the loo.DSCF3575

Yet another view from the loo, so you can see its not at all boring.

Day 63

Monday 13th

Storms, thunder and lightning during the night and black skies this morning, awesome. Was a very hot day when all cleared 41 deg, and humid. I got ticks yesterday and another 4 today, only little ones but fly spray does the job.We are staying another 2 days, just so nice here. Went over to the hot pool and all the others were there, Jo the owner and caretaker and another couple who were camping, we just sat and chattered, so nice.

IMG_6615 IMG_6617  His and Her lou, or a double lou, the black board above is in the toilet above like this, so good, the IGA girls having some fun. The timber was milled from the farm, all treated beautifully.IMG_6584  Our backyard for the moment.IMG_6546Cockatiel  Lovely to see Cockatiels flying free.DSCF3569  Looking down towards the other camper. DSCF3570  The black sky this morningIMG_6646  Nice lighting as the sun was going downIMG_6524BlackFrontedDotterel  Black-fronted DotterelIMG_6503RedWingedParrot Red winged parrot

Day 62

Sunday 12th

Had a good night sleep, it was quiet chilly after the storm. Did a walk around the wetlands, just beautiful, these wetlands have been here 100 years that they know of and Jo, the owner is keeping it all in natural state, even the artisan pool and waters are not tampered with, only tested. The sites are huge and they have washing machine bowls or 1/3 of a 44 gallon drum for fire pits, keeps it all fire safe.

IMG_6396  Kite teasing me.IMG_6375  Camp Kitchen, has everything you need.IMG_6344  Roo while walking around the wetlands.IMG_6337  Large sites for all, these are placed around the perimater of the wetlands.IMG_6362  overflow of the bore, artisan waters, these run into the wetlands and into the pool.IMG_6361  The pool, so nice.IMG_6360 Ablution block, really beautiful and old fashioned and clean. Shower and toilets.