Wednesday 5th April

Week has gone by with  no photo’s, but we are now heading for Cradle Mountain and staying at the Gowie Wilderness Camp, lovely clean facilities and lovely owners. Staying 2 nights, using this as a base.

 The Office, Mt Rowling in behind the low cloud.  Lots of area for big rigs as well.  Dump Point. Don’t know if the rooms are for let.  All the windows are backpackers rooms.  Each door is a room, they have wonderful facilities, BBQ, tables, bins, and camp kitchen.  Each toilet has a shower as well.  Camp kitchen Cabins for rent.

Day 62

Sunday 12th

Had a good night sleep, it was quiet chilly after the storm. Did a walk around the wetlands, just beautiful, these wetlands have been here 100 years that they know of and Jo, the owner is keeping it all in natural state, even the artisan pool and waters are not tampered with, only tested. The sites are huge and they have washing machine bowls or 1/3 of a 44 gallon drum for fire pits, keeps it all fire safe.

IMG_6396  Kite teasing me.IMG_6375  Camp Kitchen, has everything you need.IMG_6344  Roo while walking around the wetlands.IMG_6337  Large sites for all, these are placed around the perimater of the wetlands.IMG_6362  overflow of the bore, artisan waters, these run into the wetlands and into the pool.IMG_6361  The pool, so nice.IMG_6360 Ablution block, really beautiful and old fashioned and clean. Shower and toilets.

Day 39

Friday 19th

Had a neat day, went out to stay at some peoples place at West Point on Magnetic Island, so beautiful. Checked out the beach, then got to Sunglow Ave. This place is incredible, all rooms are like bungalows and connected with board walks, this is their house, big dams, bird life amazing. Beautifully landscaped and then on two boundary’s is National Parks, and ocean so very private. This place is actually For Sale, I have included some photo’s and you can contact the owners direct if you wish to know more about the property, its on 10 acres. Contact me on my contact page for phone numbers of owners.

DSCF3190  Main entrance to the dining areaDSCF3213 DSCF3212  Entrance to the kitchen bungalow and dining room on the right in the bush.DSCF3196  Dining roomDSCF3195 IMG_4592 IMG_4593 IMG_4594  Open aired dinning room attached to the kitchen bungalow.IMG_4606  Other end of lounge bungalow.IMG_4608  Inside lounge bungalow.IMG_4609 IMG_4610  main bedroom bungalow from lounge bungalow.IMG_4611 DSCF3155 One dam and lounge bungalow on right,  guest room bungalow on left.DSCF3159 DSCF3164  Landscaped gardens.DSCF3166  Kitchen bungalow. Main bedroom bungalow in background.DSCF3168  Looking out from kitchen sink to lounge and dams through the doors.DSCF3170  Board walk from kitchen to lounge bungalow.DSCF3171  Main bedroom bungalow on left and bathroom, wardrobe and laundry in room on the right.DSCF3174  Kitchen bungalow from lounge bungalow.DSCF3176 View from the lounge bungalow looking out.DSCF3180  By the Dam and fire.DSCF3177  Andrew heading out to the fire pit, we had our meal there in evening, really nice. Andrews the Chef so meal was great.IMG_4583  Bush Curlew in the palms by the Dam.IMG_4547  Beach 5 mins from the property at West point.DSCF3191 landscaped gardens at Sunglow Ave. Lounge Bungalow in background.