August trip to NZ

Went to Tokoroa in NZ and spent some time with friends, then headed to Christchurch to spend time with my family, caught up with all the cousins and had a great time. Then headed back up to Tokoroa, had some things to do, here are some photos of the trip, not a lot as ChCh was the only time I had for photography.

Bridge of Remembrance

Downtown bus station, ChCh.

Beautiful art on walls from destruction of the Quake.

The Avon river along the banks of the Bridge of Remembrance, really lovely.

Cathedral still in ruins. ChCh

Cousins place

My cousin and the lovely views

This white wall has all the peoples names engraved on it from the Earthquake, those who lost there lives.

Little eateries have popped up everywhere since the rebuild after the Earthquake.

On the way back from Little River.

Move over here we come, doing the scenic Tram trip around ChCh

Bridge of Remembrance, hire bikes.

Tram line in ChCh

Te Waihou walk along the stream, this goes through private property but allowed.

Buttercup flowers, Te Waihou

Kowhai tree in flower, these have the most beautiful scent.


Day 12

Thursday 26th 

Here are some photo’s on our last day at Lara. There wasn’t as many birds around at this time of the year, where as in September last year there were 26 different varieties that we photographed.



Think these are Mallee Parrots.





Can you see the stick animals?


Toilet and shower house, there is another block of toilets and showers down further around the lake.


Canoes to use by campers free.



Early morning sun on trees over by the pool.


Big areas to camp, really lovely and heaps of trees.


Back to Christchurch. Homeward Bound.

Wednesday through to Saturday, the end of a wonderful holiday.

Woke to a lovely sunny day, white frost on the ground so pretty. We did all our bits and cleaned up before heading to Christchurch.  On the drive towards Christchurch I have noticed how early all the blossoms are out, and bunches of Daffadills on the side of roads and in farmers paddocks really a lovely sight. We arrived at my cousins place at 2.30 pm so for the next couple of days we will be visiting hospital, cleaning camper and emptying and refilling everything before taking it back on Friday. Friday night all my whanau came around and we had a feed together, was great catching up with those that could make it.

Heading into Christchurch

This was taken while we were driving, heading back to my cousins place in Christchurch.

Saturday 4th

Was a rough flight home as a front was heading from Australia towards the west coast of NZ, all is well, we got home. Was a great holiday, look forward to the next trip.

Moeriki Boulders.

Tuesday 28th August.

Down at the boulders very early, very cold but no wind or rain so yipppeee. Well the sunrise was nothing to yippee about but still got some ok shots, practised with the 400 ND filter to fog the water. Get to carried away I ended up with sea water in my ski boots just to get the right shot, as one does, so painful when the water is like ice, so headed back up the track to camper, had brekky and then started to rinse the salt water off tripod and boots, did a wash and did a run out to the bird hide up at the light house at Moeriki  what a lovely drive thru the farmlands. Got to the bird hide thinking this was going to be a waste of time, and being 3 pm BUT, what a surprise, only there for a very short time and saw a yellow eyed penguin coming out of the water, then another, they only have a short stroll up a sandy patch past the Hooker sea lions and into the cover, but the conservation have made all these little A frame as houses for them and they use them so neat. We where just sitting there very quietly and all of a sudden heard a penguin call right under the window, so it was just about to close, so beautiful we just sat there watching it, he knew we were there, but stayed very quiet and only whispered. In this small area we saw, the penguins, Hooker sea loins on the rocks, Molly hawks, wax eyes and green-eyed spotted shags, I really thought it was a waste of time, so you can imagine how thrilled we were, was worth the climb down, but now we have to climb back out. When we got back to camp the washing was dried so now we can hit the road.. Saw a Mopoke on the side of road on some road kill, most unusual this time of day and in sun. It was getting late so decided we would pull of at the next camping or free spot, at St Andrew’s old show grounds there were camping signs so in we go, well what a neat place, just like a paddock with some power, suits us. $15 a night powered. Now 5. 20 pm tired so much excitement. Have just found out my cousin has been taken to hospital for heart attack so we will be going straight thru to Christchurch tomorrow.

Moeraki Boulders

This photo was taken before the sun rose, the light was unbelievable, this is a wonderland.

Moeriki Boulders

These children look quiet small as the boulders are very large.

Christchurch, The beginning of our trip.

Sunday 5th August.

We arrived into Christchurch airport at 11.30 pm, got thru customs etc and was heading out to catch the hotel shuttle and my cousins were there, crazy people, but they came over to hotel and we all had a cuppa and chattered until about 1 am, they left and we got to bed as it was an early start in the morning. Up and off to pick up the camper van that was going to be home for the next 27 days. Once that was all sorted we headed to my cousins and spent two nights with family, setting the camper van up and getting the groceries, a phone, buy some Internet etc. Had a look around at the devastation of the suburbs, really sad to see, just like a war zone, roads are hard to navigate as some are still under repair; some are only one way and single lane and full of big holes.

Time of the earthquake, Chchc

This is just one of the buildings that we saw on our look around Christchurch, it even has the time of the earthquake like it’s frozen in time. The cracks and the gaps in the walls are real bad, so much scaffolding around the city and suburbs for peoples safety.

This is just one of the buildings that we saw on our look around Christchurch, it even has the time of the earthquake like it’s frozen in time. The cracks and the gaps in the walls are real bad, so much scaffolding around the city and suburbs for peoples safety.

Earth Quake Damage

Off to the airport we go.

Monday 9th June

7.50 am sunrise, colour in the clouds is red, very cold and looks like a snow sky to me. We did all our clean up of the campervan we hired, did all fill ups and returned it on our way to the airport for our flight at 2.45 pm, had to be there 2 hours prior. My cousin met us at the Maui hire center and drive us to airport. By this time it was very cold and icy winds, I said to my cousin just drop us off and get home into the warm house so she did. Got our luggage all wrapped and bags checked in. Our flight was delayed for boarding because of a flat Tyre, we were watching the snow falling onto the tarmac and it’s getting heavier and heavier, I was not feeling very happy about this take off I cant tell you. By the time we did board and seated the amount of snow on the wings, now I;m really feeling uncomfortable, and yes you are right, I do not like flying at all. But it is a great way to get around, so I get on with it. We are sitting down at the end of runway for 1/2 hour to see if the snow was going to ease up, in the end they announced that it was going to get heavier and the flight was aborted, I was so happy :))))  The airline was extremely good to us, they put up the people that were happy to stay back and let families and children take the first available flights, so of course we said go for it, we will wait as long as it takes, so another two days in a motel, all meals paid for and a shuttle back to airport when we need it, we were very grateful. Christchurch, here we come, we hired a wee juicy car and headed back to my cousins, they got a big shock to see us walk in the door. We stayed at the Motel close to the airport and did heaps of tiki-touring around in the snow, was awesome and cold.

Snow at Suduma Motel.

Snow at Suduma Motel Christchurch.

11.30 pm airport This photo was taken at 11.30 pm out by the Suduma Motel at Christchurch. There has been very heavy falls of snow all around. Port hills had a very good dusting and even down on the beach at Brighton.

Tuesday 10th June.

Got up early to head off and take some more photo’s and there is frost on top of snow,  amazing patterns. It is very cold and ice on the roads, taking it careful. Caught up this afternoon with all the whanau and had a great evening as we are flying out to Brisbane tomorrow Wednesday 11th.

Wednesday 11th June. 

Frost and ice still everywhere but the runway is clear so we will leave as planned today, sorry to be going but wont miss the cold, have had an amazing holiday. Start saving for the next one .

Motel, snow everywhere. Beautiful sight, snow outside the Suduma Airport Motel.

Snow on Port Hill.Snow on Port Hills, This is taken from the Hyde Park footy field.

Arrival Christchurch

Thursday 29th May

We got into Christchurch at 11 pm, very cold 1.1 deg, my cousin’s had been waiting for us since 10 pm, our plane was late leaving Brisbane.

We went to my Aunties place and chattered until 1.30 am, so tired but so neat to catch up and see family members.

Friday 30th May

Had a good nights sleep, up at 8.15 am it was still quiet dark, I’d forgotten how it is in winter, temperature was very cool 2.1 deg frost, we have a lot to do today, get the groceries and go over to pick up the campervan for our travels. Once the girls dropped us off at the Maui camper hire center we then did some looking around at Scarborough, Antigua boat sheds on the Avon, saw Shag Rock The Cave all very nice. Went back to my Auntie’s and we had a big gathering of Whanau ( family ) and got to bed late again, it was worth it so neat to see my Whanau.

Antigua Boat Sheds

Shag Rock

The top image is of the Antigua Boat Sheds, very well known in Christchurch on the Avon River, this river runs through the city.

The second image is of the Shag Rock out form the peninsula at Scarborough Park and foot of the Port Hills.