Back to Christchurch. Homeward Bound.

Wednesday through to Saturday, the end of a wonderful holiday.

Woke to a lovely sunny day, white frost on the ground so pretty. We did all our bits and cleaned up before heading to Christchurch.  On the drive towards Christchurch I have noticed how early all the blossoms are out, and bunches of Daffadills on the side of roads and in farmers paddocks really a lovely sight. We arrived at my cousins place at 2.30 pm so for the next couple of days we will be visiting hospital, cleaning camper and emptying and refilling everything before taking it back on Friday. Friday night all my whanau came around and we had a feed together, was great catching up with those that could make it.

Heading into Christchurch

This was taken while we were driving, heading back to my cousins place in Christchurch.

Saturday 4th

Was a rough flight home as a front was heading from Australia towards the west coast of NZ, all is well, we got home. Was a great holiday, look forward to the next trip.