Redwood Forest

Thursday 14th October

Us 3 girls went out to Tiki Tiki reserve in the forest and on the way called into see the Redwood Forest, they are really beautiful. Most of the forest has been cleared and they are putting it into farming, I hope they don’t touch the Redwoods. The weather is still not nice, cold, wet and very windy, had to put off my trip to Tauranga due to the weather, so most days of late have been spent catching up with long time friend’s in Tokoroa and in the district.

Redwoods, Kinleith Forest Tokoroa Redwoods, Kinleith Forest, Tokoroa. The next day went for a hot swim at the Waikiti Valley, nice drive, lovely natural mineral baths and a very nice meal afterwards. A few days have passed and by the 18th October the weather picked up enough for me to go over to Tauranga, had a great day catching up with another friend, spent the day with her and got back to Tokoroa at 5 pm. This the last leg of this holiday, it has gone real fast and I have thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it.

Getting 80th birthday food ready.

Thursday 7th October

Very cold today, heaters going, and hot water bottle when we sit for cuppa. My friend from Rotorua popped over to see me, was awesome to catch up. When my friend left we went to the shops to get the food and I ran into some people that I barmaid with at the Tokoroa Club, we had a quick catch up and lots of laughs and kept moving, so cold.

Friday 8th October

Not as cold today and Rose my friend and I decided to walk the Te Waihou, it is a stream that is so pure they bottle the water, so we headed to Putaruru got some hot food and did the walk, we did one end and then drove up to the other end and walked in from Leslie road. The images below show how amazing the stream is, I found lots of watercress along the edge ot the water so I was picking it and eating so nice.

Te Waihou stream Te Waihou Stream, that water is like a spring and is filtered up through the sandy bottom. In places it looks like the vegetation is an underwater forest.

Te Waihou Stream, Putaruru.Te Waihou Stream, waterfall, Putaruru. A small waterfall on the walk, this water is very cold, so fresh to drink straight out of the stream.

Mary’s 80th.

Saturday 2nd October

Had a great flight to Auckland where my 2 friends picked me up and we headed for the Service Station at the Bombay Hills. Fine and sunny day. We had lunch and filled up the vehicle and headed for route 27, stopped again at Wharoa for the usual stop and a stretch, then off to Tokoroa. Staying at my friend Mary’s place it was 7.30, so was feeling tired and glad to be there. We chattered until about 10.30 pm and then crashed into bed.

Sunday 3rd October

A great start to the day a bit of an emergency, got an ambulance to Mary and they gave her a check up, took her to the hospital which is on the back boundary fence at Mary’s place, so not far to go. They have found her problem and will keep her in until it’s sorted. Over the next few days I was just catching up with long time friends and Mary is home all is well.

Tuesday 5th October

Went for a drive out to Mangakino, and Lake Whakamaru, these places are on the Waikato River which has many Dams on it. From there we did the round trip to Atiamuri, stopped off at the old Humphrey store and bought a ice cream just like the old days.

Whakamaru Dam

This is the Whakamaru Dam from the reserve, the highway goes over this dam.

Mt Kahu, Whakamaru

 Mt Kahu with the repeater on in the background this is the shores of Lake Whakamauru, beautiful in Autumn.