Getting 80th birthday food ready.

Thursday 7th October

Very cold today, heaters going, and hot water bottle when we sit for cuppa. My friend from Rotorua popped over to see me, was awesome to catch up. When my friend left we went to the shops to get the food and I ran into some people that I barmaid with at the Tokoroa Club, we had a quick catch up and lots of laughs and kept moving, so cold.

Friday 8th October

Not as cold today and Rose my friend and I decided to walk the Te Waihou, it is a stream that is so pure they bottle the water, so we headed to Putaruru got some hot food and did the walk, we did one end and then drove up to the other end and walked in from Leslie road. The images below show how amazing the stream is, I found lots of watercress along the edge ot the water so I was picking it and eating so nice.

Te Waihou stream Te Waihou Stream, that water is like a spring and is filtered up through the sandy bottom. In places it looks like the vegetation is an underwater forest.

Te Waihou Stream, Putaruru.Te Waihou Stream, waterfall, Putaruru. A small waterfall on the walk, this water is very cold, so fresh to drink straight out of the stream.