Day 16

Monday 30th     Fullerton Rest Area.

Early start this morning.  J&A went on in to Winton to do a few things and we met up with them when we did the toilet dump and fueled up.  Heading to Cloncurry,  stopping for morning tea at a wonderful spot where there were some jump ups.  Then carried onto the Blue Heeler Pub, had a bit to eat, lots of history in the place.  On the road after lunch we saw Crocodile Dundee Pub, not the same looking as the movie.  Fueled up as it was cheap. 1.15 liter. Lovely country side,  flat as, dry as, so sad. We checked out the Combo waterhole,  gee it was hot walking to the water hole, but interesting story as to the Chinese building the stone pathway. Saw lots of gibber stone.  The road goes on forever.  We are camped at Fullerton River rest area. Really nice stop over and stayed one night only. Did some milky way shooting.


Early morning at Winton at the Long Water Hole, packing up and heading for Cloncurry with a stop over night somewhere like Fullerton River Rest Area, but I saw no river. 🙂


Some very long Road Trains, if they have only 3 dogs they didnt seem so big after seeing many with 4 dogs.


The road goes on forever. Jump-ups in the distance.


A jump up.


A road train with 4 dogs.




Windmill not doing much good.


Many of these rest area’s every where we have traveled, so good, with toilets and shade for eating.


Very flat land and horizon, makes you feel quiet small, in the realm of things.


Heading into Combo Water Hole, that’s Jack & Alice up ahead, its so dusty we’er stay well behind. Got the air-con on its very hot outside.




Map to show where we are and where we’ve come from today.


Walking to the Combo Water Hole.


These are the stone walkways that the Chinese built and there’s water! There are many of these we crossed.


Interesting read.


Under the shade of a Coolibah tree.


More water. Its dirty looking but was still inviting, but to muddy to take a dip, dammmmm.


Lots of interesting thing here to read.


Heading out from the combo water hole, we have been so lucky to see so much greenery as it was very wet only two weeks prior to this trip.


Lunch is coming up.


Had a bit to eat, very interesting place. One can camp here if they want, there is a caravan park out back.


Well this is a pub with lots of history.


Walkabout Creek.


If you saw the Movie you’ll recognize this.


I’m very fascinated with Termite mounds. These are small ones.


Milky way at our rest stop. Fullerton River Rest area.


Day 15


Sunday 29th 
Got up for sunrise but was a bit of a sizzler. Made a cuppa and waited for the sun to appear. Got breakfast before the flies come. Still very windy and in the shade quiet cool. Sun is hot but having the wind helps . Caught up with Robert T,  met him at Lara,  now at Long Water Hole Winton. Had a good chat with him.  We all did star trails, milky way.  Photographed birds, cows and packed up what we could.

Sun setting over the Long Water Hole


Animals drinking just behind our camp site.


Who’s going to move for who.


Nice sitting in the cool of the afternoon at our camp spot. Long Water Hole.


White Plumed Honey eater


Crested Pigeon


Pelicans landing


Apostles, ones teaching the other one something.


Red tailed Black Cockatoo’s, a Kite hovering above.


Whistling Kite


Sand Goanna

IMG_7042Sand Goanna

Sand Goanna


Whistling Kite.


Got his lunch.


Red tailed Black Cockatoo.


Day 12

Thursday 26th 

Away about 9 am from Lara, no hurry today. Stayed at Lillie’s Lagoon,  very nice place. Only a stop over as there is so much to see in Longreach.


Wellshot Hotel at Ilfracombe


Inside the Wellshot Hotel, hats and money pinned to the roof, money goes to the Royal Flying Doctors.


Lovely big wind mill at Longreach Qantas.


These bras are in Longreach on a house fence. Took a shot as we drove pass.


Just outside of Longreach there are two camping areas, we chose to use Lillie’s Lagoon.


They have had a lot of rain two weeks prior and now look at all the salt like flowering plants, very pretty colours.


Lillie’s Lagoon.




Lots of areas to camp, we got close to the lagoon without fear of bogging, its all black soil.






Milky way to end it all.


Day 12

Thursday 26th 

Here are some photo’s on our last day at Lara. There wasn’t as many birds around at this time of the year, where as in September last year there were 26 different varieties that we photographed.



Think these are Mallee Parrots.





Can you see the stick animals?


Toilet and shower house, there is another block of toilets and showers down further around the lake.


Canoes to use by campers free.



Early morning sun on trees over by the pool.


Big areas to camp, really lovely and heaps of trees.


Day 35

Saturday 4th April

Not a lot happened today, we packed up as much as we could and what had dried out from the rain overnight. Took some photos of the moon and did some star trails even with a small amount of cloud to see how it would turn out, wont bother again. 🙂

IMG_2788 Startrailswithcloud



Day 10

10th Tuesday
Had a lazy day, Don went into town and I caught up with my friend on phone.Our days are hot and the wasps are very annoying. Nights are cold. Walked around the river, very lovely. Bird life is quiet good. been doing star trails and time lapsing.

You can see the line in this image, it was a shooting star.

Day 67

Friday 17th

Graham, the owner of the Bush Camp at Charlieville does bus trips around the town and shows where the floods came to, what they are doing about it, all the points of interest in Charlieville and much more, so yes we did the trip. Very interesting indeed. Got back to our camp 2 1/2 hours later and had lunch, then went up to the Cosmos Center. Spent hours in there, so much to see. Booked into the Observatory for tomorrow night. Had tea out at the RSL with some friends of mine, very flash place. Came back and did star trails.

IMG_7179  This is where we stayed, they have a caravan park up the other end of the farm, we wanted the paddock.IMG_7154  At the caravan park Graham has mattress that go on the star beds, great for star gazing.IMG_7153  They use this in the camp kitchen up at the van park.IMG_7195 IMG_7191  Entrance into airport and Observatory, Cosmos Center and information Center all in one.IMG_7184  Cosmos CenterStarStaX_DPP_544-DPP_548_gap_filling Star trails from the paddock where we are staying.

Day 24

Thursday 4th

Well got a good nights sleep and today is a quiet day, sat around chatting with J & A. Have a few things I need to sort out with my internet. Did take some star trails. Busy place, people coming and going. Good to see the ranger checking here as it is a 48 hour free camping. Lovely toilets, lots a shade trees, near the road, but the trees buff the noise. Beautiful drinking water and a dump point. Good blue one. 🙂

StarStaX_DPP_408-DPP_420_gap_filling Blue Water Camping. Star trails.

Day 23

Wednesday 3rd

Very cold breeze this morning, up and ready to go 8.37 am. We are heading to Blue Water camp spot, its a 48 hour camping.. Fascinating trip, Ant mounds, red, black and sandy coloured ones. Saw our 1st Wedge tailed eagle on this trip and it was on a road kill with heaps of Kites. Stopped at the Harvey Range Memorial and read all about building the road, very interesting, tried to capture the info but only so much will fit on the camera screen. Got set up at Blue Water and got the generator going, caught up with a few phone calls and emails. Very cold.

StarStaX_DPP_374-DPP_398_gap_filling  Star trails again. Blue Water Camping.IMG_3396  Had morning tea here, very nice spot. Some photos to follow soon.IMG_3338Burdikin River  Burdikin River. Its a very long river, keep crossing it in all places.IMG_3332 IMG_3334  Little bit of the info on the building of this road.IMG_3330 IMG_3321

Cattle truck passing Jack and coming toward us, he had 4 trailers.