16th – 18th July A trip to Linville

Had 3 days at Linville in a grassed area, nice and quiet, caught up with some friends. Each time I go away I’m working out what I don’t need to take with me, just tweaking things up. Just a few photos, nice spot for a night or two if heading in that direction but not a lot to do, totally self contained as there is no facilities of any sorts, take out what you bring in.

Dont drive down this track with a caravan on back, it drops off at the end of these tyre tracks.

Last of the sun on solar blankets.

Keeping warm.

Areas for camping

Brisbane River.

Brisbane river down there.


Friday 23rd August

We are in our third house sit and decided to look around the area. Ended up checking Nobby Hill which we can see from the kitchen window, lovely views, from here we could see snow on Mt Hartz, so off we went. Well it didn’t disappoint. Port Huon top image.

 Nobby Hill  Mt Hartz in the back ground.  Drive up to Nobby Hill  Remains from the fires early this year.  New growth  Arve Picnic area,was badly damaged but with the new tables and shelter its looking great.  Arve river

Saturday 22nd June, East Side of Tamar

Decided to go for a drive up the East side of the Tamar, taking all the roads off the main road to explore, really beautiful area.

 Looking over towards Rosevears Accommodation where we were two days ago.  This is in Windermere, St Matthias Anglican Church, very old graves.  Looking up river from the church jetty across from Rosevear’s.  Hillwood Park for Lunch.  This is from the farmlands without being zoomed in. Batman Bridge from a distance coming through farm lands.

Friday 21st June

I decided to make some Lemon Spread from the tree that’s loaded of sweet lemons. After lunch decided to do a walk around the Launceston Marina, its so beautiful, lighting was not great but it didn’t matter.

 Marina from Bunnings side of town.  Walk bridge over the Tamar  Looking over towards the Stillwater Restaurant and Cataract Gorge,  Stillwater on left utilizing Silo’s.  Another lot of Silo’s being used for accommodation, Peppers

West side of the Tamar.

Packed the Thermos and picnic bag and headed up to the very top of the Tamar, calling into all the little bays along the way, just beautiful. Its been awhile since we’ve been out since our start of the house sit as I came down with a virus so sat that out. Love walking the dogs and checking where everything is in our area, feeling like the local, love it.

 Jetty at Rosevears  Tamar at Rosevears  Looking from Jetty back to Rosevears Accommodation  Beauty Point,Looking over towards the Seahorse and Aquarium  Mining over the other side of the Tamar from Beauty Point,its Bauxite they are mining Aluminum  The bay at Beauty Point  The best Fish and Chips I’ve ever eaten. Beauty Point, hence the birds. But I loved the imitation news paper print on the wrapping ,just like the old days.  Cargo ship exporting the Bauxite  Clarence Point  Green Beach the very tip of the Tamar looking out to sea.I love the patterns in sand  Daffodils growing everywhere on sides of the road and in paddocks, reminds me of NZ as we have the same thing in places.  On the drive home the last magic hour for lighting

25th July Day 1-2

Off to Lightning Ridge but staying tonight at O’Shea’s in Goondiwindi. I have some photos of the last 2 days all in one .

The land is so dry out here, this is on our way to Goondiwindi.

Farmers are having to use the long paddock just to get the stock some extra feed.

Moonie River at the Nindgully Pub and camping for freedom.

Plenty of room for camping and the river is so nice to look at. I hear the meals at the pub are great.

Daggy sign. On the other side of the sign it has Free beer tomorrow.

Silo art work at Thallon.

Hebel Hotel.

Camp kitchen at Lorne Station, Lightning Ridge.

Looking over towards the old shearing shed on the station.

Shows just how much room there is for camping, you can choose powered or unpowered.

Up at the powered sites and the permanents.


Showing the camp fire area.

Hudson’s Prickly pear, dont ever touch it, Don found out the hard way, took pliers to get them out of his foot, the crocks went in the bin.

Thursday 23rd February

I heard the Penguins last night. 🙂 After breakfast we went out to the Low Head Light house, did all the sites along the way. Found Penguin tracks. Did the tourist stuff in George Town, very lovely area. Great day, got back pretty late.

 Low Head Light house  Lagoon Bay  Maritime Museum  In NZ I’d call this a Huhu Beetle but here in Australia I dont know its name.  Leads Lighthouse  Leads Lighthouse  More Carvings by Eddie Freeman, same person that did the ones at East Beach Tourist Park.  Tamar River, very windy in the exposed areas.   Water Tower, in between Low Head and George Town.

New Year

I’m going to add several photos to cover the past week as it was very wet and not many images.

dscf6761  The road I walk every day while camping at the river, was very smokey as there are fires in the hills.dscf6763  Our camping spot.dscf6764  I was interested as to what makes these lines in the weed on the river, well I found out its a Red Black Bellied snake, I was sitting in the pool and it swam right passed me by about 6 foot.dscf6769  Having a bit of fun with my wee underwater camera, these little fish nibble your legs while you sit still.dscf6784  The storm has passed and the waters are still rising, if you compare this image to the first posting you’ll see how much its filled up. Wonderful to see.dscf6793  My waterhole before the rains was only up to my hips, now its under my arm pits. Awesome.dscf6806 Heading out, trees were down after the storm.

70th Xmas & Tassie Trip

I left home mid December to head off to my favorite spot at the river then carried on down to Tasmania after the birthday and family gathering. Not a lot of images over this period at the river.

img_5412  The river was very low this Xmas, you can see the path that was very well used for out wee swimming hole behind the rock.img_5414  Storms are brewing.storms-coming-5420