Monday 6th Feb. Travelling to Cockle Creek.

Was a wet night so let the canvas dry before leaving and 3 Kookaburras were sitting laughing. Travelled to Oatlands and camped the night. Nice sunset, very cool and foggy later in the evening.

 This has been our camped site for 5 nights at Dora Point.  Coloured sand stones.  Oatlands Windmill, still working for flour milling, this is where I buy my Spelt Flour and rolled oats.  Nice big freedom camping area here.


Day 16

Monday 30th     Fullerton Rest Area.

Early start this morning.  J&A went on in to Winton to do a few things and we met up with them when we did the toilet dump and fueled up.  Heading to Cloncurry,  stopping for morning tea at a wonderful spot where there were some jump ups.  Then carried onto the Blue Heeler Pub, had a bit to eat, lots of history in the place.  On the road after lunch we saw Crocodile Dundee Pub, not the same looking as the movie.  Fueled up as it was cheap. 1.15 liter. Lovely country side,  flat as, dry as, so sad. We checked out the Combo waterhole,  gee it was hot walking to the water hole, but interesting story as to the Chinese building the stone pathway. Saw lots of gibber stone.  The road goes on forever.  We are camped at Fullerton River rest area. Really nice stop over and stayed one night only. Did some milky way shooting.


Early morning at Winton at the Long Water Hole, packing up and heading for Cloncurry with a stop over night somewhere like Fullerton River Rest Area, but I saw no river. 🙂


Some very long Road Trains, if they have only 3 dogs they didnt seem so big after seeing many with 4 dogs.


The road goes on forever. Jump-ups in the distance.


A jump up.


A road train with 4 dogs.




Windmill not doing much good.


Many of these rest area’s every where we have traveled, so good, with toilets and shade for eating.


Very flat land and horizon, makes you feel quiet small, in the realm of things.


Heading into Combo Water Hole, that’s Jack & Alice up ahead, its so dusty we’er stay well behind. Got the air-con on its very hot outside.




Map to show where we are and where we’ve come from today.


Walking to the Combo Water Hole.


These are the stone walkways that the Chinese built and there’s water! There are many of these we crossed.


Interesting read.


Under the shade of a Coolibah tree.


More water. Its dirty looking but was still inviting, but to muddy to take a dip, dammmmm.


Lots of interesting thing here to read.


Heading out from the combo water hole, we have been so lucky to see so much greenery as it was very wet only two weeks prior to this trip.


Lunch is coming up.


Had a bit to eat, very interesting place. One can camp here if they want, there is a caravan park out back.


Well this is a pub with lots of history.


Walkabout Creek.


If you saw the Movie you’ll recognize this.


I’m very fascinated with Termite mounds. These are small ones.


Milky way at our rest stop. Fullerton River Rest area.

Day 21 & 22

21st Saturday
Had a day at home and went to the markets, saw the monkeys, and Katie came home and did a big cook up with Quince, made a crumble, wow so nice. Sean had to work today.
22nd Sunday
Got up and headed off to Woolmer’s Estate, what a wonderful place, spent all day there and had a picnic lunch as well. On our way home went to see a free camping spot at the sports grounds at Bishopbourn. Then just took the long easy way home and saw the scenery.
20150321_102352  We went to Saturday markets and saw the monkeys on our way home20150321_102755  Quiet a few babies in the bunch.20150321_102438 DSCF4308 Woolmer's Estate and Maquairie river  View from the bridgeWoolshed  WoolshedIMG_0946  Staff quarters, now rented out for travellersIMG_0949  Windmill and pump shedIMG_0955  Main homesteadCoach House and stables  Coach and StablesRose Gardens  Rose Gardenswindmill and pumpshed Windmill and pump-shedfree rand chooks Free range chooks, they are wondering in so many places we have been, so nice.

Day 18

Friday 29th

Well the winds got up about 3.30 am, by 6.30 am clouds were coming in over the range so worked in nicely that we were planing to move on today. Filled up with water, beautiful drinking water they provide here. We are heading to Elphinestone via the Nebo Rd, or Little Lizzy Rd, what wonderful country side, dry but still so much to see, along the way Jack saw Moonlight Dam Camping sign and radioed to us as to would we like to have morning tea here, of course we would, so off we go, OMG I wondered if we’d ever get there, but when we did it is lovely. very rough 4×4 drive, along a ridge and windy.

IMG_2753  Lake Elphinestone, We camped here for two nights.IMG_2731  Here is a drag line bucket at the entrance of the town Glendon.IMG_2714  Amazing landscape along the way today.IMG_2704  All these Brolgas in the paddock, what a noise they were making, they were a long way away.IMG_2694  Going along the ridge into Moonlight Dam Camping.IMG_2671  Old trough, was once filled by the windmill in background.IMG_2668  Heaps of room for camping.StarStaX_DPP_345-DPP_361_gap_filling  Did star trails at Lake Elphinestone.IMG_2661  Moonlight Dam Camping area, the Dam was only a puddle but large area when there is water.IMG_2653  Little Lizzy Road, heading to Nebo.IMG_2648  Going through a narrow part of Little Lizzy Road.IMG_2642  The animals weren’t as thin as I expected.IMG_2639  Love this shot, the way the road winds, Jack is the wee white dot at the end of the road.IMG_2635 IMG_2632 IMG_2628

Country side where we traveled today.


Day 15

21st April Monday 

We have had a real nice time here, but time to go so had breaky and got cleaned up, packed up and hit the road by 9 am, stopped at Taroon for morning tea and empty the toilet, fueled up. Called into Wandeon looked around had a cuppa then headed to Jackson down the Jackson Road, heading south/west now for Warrego Hwy again and back to Judd’s Lagoon. Still a few people here but plenty of room for us all. Stayed two nights and Kate and Chris had to head back home so we stayed another night.

DSCF1600  Taroom, a stop for morning tea.DSCF1605  Wandeon.DSCF1617 On the road to Jackson, heading to Judds Lagoon.