Day 21

Saturday 4th.
Off to Cloncurry,  stock up on food, fuel and anything else we might need for 9 days off the grid,  heading to Gregory river to camp. We stopped and had a break at Quamby rest area then stayed the night at Terry Smiths Lookout. Nice camp spot, plenty of room, toilets, dump point, just make sure the water is operating.

Old remains at the Quamby rest area.


Just north of Cloncurry, the Albert hotel, aka, The Quamby Pub was built as the customs house in the 1860’s The word Quamby is aboriginal meaning being “stop”, rest awhile. The timbers in the building are beautiful, shame its all falling down.


Quamby Hotel,


View from the camper trailer at Terry Smith’s Lookout.


Day 16

Monday 30th     Fullerton Rest Area.

Early start this morning.  J&A went on in to Winton to do a few things and we met up with them when we did the toilet dump and fueled up.  Heading to Cloncurry,  stopping for morning tea at a wonderful spot where there were some jump ups.  Then carried onto the Blue Heeler Pub, had a bit to eat, lots of history in the place.  On the road after lunch we saw Crocodile Dundee Pub, not the same looking as the movie.  Fueled up as it was cheap. 1.15 liter. Lovely country side,  flat as, dry as, so sad. We checked out the Combo waterhole,  gee it was hot walking to the water hole, but interesting story as to the Chinese building the stone pathway. Saw lots of gibber stone.  The road goes on forever.  We are camped at Fullerton River rest area. Really nice stop over and stayed one night only. Did some milky way shooting.


Early morning at Winton at the Long Water Hole, packing up and heading for Cloncurry with a stop over night somewhere like Fullerton River Rest Area, but I saw no river. 🙂


Some very long Road Trains, if they have only 3 dogs they didnt seem so big after seeing many with 4 dogs.


The road goes on forever. Jump-ups in the distance.


A jump up.


A road train with 4 dogs.




Windmill not doing much good.


Many of these rest area’s every where we have traveled, so good, with toilets and shade for eating.


Very flat land and horizon, makes you feel quiet small, in the realm of things.


Heading into Combo Water Hole, that’s Jack & Alice up ahead, its so dusty we’er stay well behind. Got the air-con on its very hot outside.




Map to show where we are and where we’ve come from today.


Walking to the Combo Water Hole.


These are the stone walkways that the Chinese built and there’s water! There are many of these we crossed.


Interesting read.


Under the shade of a Coolibah tree.


More water. Its dirty looking but was still inviting, but to muddy to take a dip, dammmmm.


Lots of interesting thing here to read.


Heading out from the combo water hole, we have been so lucky to see so much greenery as it was very wet only two weeks prior to this trip.


Lunch is coming up.


Had a bit to eat, very interesting place. One can camp here if they want, there is a caravan park out back.


Well this is a pub with lots of history.


Walkabout Creek.


If you saw the Movie you’ll recognize this.


I’m very fascinated with Termite mounds. These are small ones.


Milky way at our rest stop. Fullerton River Rest area.

Day 38

Thursday 18th

Caught the bus at the pub and did a one fare all day pass, we had great fun, getting off and on where we wanted to, saw heaps and was nice not to drive, also sitting that bit higher we could both nosy out the windows.Only took the point and shoot camera on this trip.

DSCF3119  Picnic bay from the jetty. Hotel and life saving club in behind the palms.DSCF3122  Boats in Picnic bay DSCF3131  Horseshoe Bay, lovely spotDSCF3130 Another of Horseshoe bayDSCF3116 Jetty at picnic BayDSCF3125

Day of bus hopping. Great fun.


Day 22


Tuesday 2nd 

Heading off today for Fletcher Creek, had a good drive through. Stopped at Ravenswood for morning tea.What a neat place. Another town with lots of mining history. J & A had to carry onto to Charters Towers and we met up with them there. We spent some time in Charters Towers, didn’t realize what a big place it is, we stocked up on grociers, fuel etc. We had lunch at Centennial Park before heading off to Fletcher Creek, we got here at about 4 pm, 3 very large areas to choose from.

IMG_3209  Came across this very distinguished gentleman.IMG_3199  Two old Fords At Pub in Ravenswood.IMG_3190  Another lovely old building, still being used.IMG_3183  Red tar seal, heading to Fletcher Creek.IMG_3211Imperial Hotel




Day 11

Tuesday 11th February 

The last of the visitors left today and another hot day so we have just relaxed, after our late night shooting last night. Here are a few photo’s that we have taken over the last few days when we went driving out the back and up into the hills. The bird life is really incredible at my son’s place so that keeps us photographers happy. 🙂

Here is a kingfisher diving in and out of the swimming pool.

IMG_6767IMG_6772  This king fisher played for ages in the pool, so lovely, it was a very hot day. We didn’t go in until he went away.IMG_6825  Think this is a tree creeper.IMG_6838  We think this is a Scarlet Honey Eater, they are so funny, getting around upside down to all the nectar.IMG_6898  Young King Parrot.IMG_6947 Hotel at Scone.IMG_6950  Old house coming home from Scone.IMG_6957  Echidna up in the bush.IMG_6977

The main line into Murrurundi from out the back.IMG_6981  Busg road we have been using.IMG_6985  Some more of the rocks we have found.IMG_7123 Young Scarlet Rosella, it was poking its head into the hole by the guttering, so don’t know if there is a nest or not.