Day 17

Monday 17th February

We had to go into Scone again today and on our way home we did some tiki-touring, up to the Tewarri NP, very nice, camping, big sites, toilets, lots of shade and water in creek when there’s water. On our way back also we came across a big wide load, took both sides of the road and had 3 Prime movers pulling it and 2 Prime movers pushing, didn’t realize how long it was until it started to pass, so I got what shots I could.

IMG_7698  One of the many land marks in the National Park of Tewarri.IMG_7709  Another dry river.IMG_7712  Quick shot as these birds all flew off, didn’t now they were there until I saw them fly.IMG_7724  Going up to the Tewarri National Park, lots of farms all the way up.IMG_7726  Rock formations..IMG_7745  Wombat up in the area of Washpool camping.IMG_7767  These are very interesting, read the notice below.IMG_7770 IMG_7799  A very wide load.IMG_7816 Amazing site, what a job getting this wide load thru some of the windy roads.

Day 16

Friday 14th-Sunday 16th February 

Well it’s been very wet since Thursday night so not a lot happening, also the town I’m in had contaminated water so we are relying on tank water.Not allowed to even wash our dishes or drink it, even the animals are not to drink it. The council is doing everything they can and handing out bottled water, so decided to go to my youngest sons place for the weekend. Was good catching up with family down where he lives. On our way home I called into the Plough Inn and was really taken with what the ladies do, they cater for Gluten Free and Vegetarian meals, as I am Gluten intolerant it is awesome to come across a shop such as the Plough Inn out in the middle of know where and are able to have a feed.  They are next to a Antique shop, here are a couple of photos from the weekend.:)

IMG_7659  This Plough Inn is at Burning Mountain, Wingen on the New England Highway, between Scone and Murrurundi.IMG_7661  The Plough Inn is built around the tree, it’s a real quaint place with beautiful food.IMG_7662 IMG_7663 IMG_7669 IMG_7672 Back at Murrurundi this evening and my son yelled out to me to get the camera quick, beautiful rainbow.

Day 12

Wednesday 12th February

Went up the Barrington Tops in NSW to a place called Polblue Camping grounds and to see the Polblue Swamps. Drove in from Scone end on the New England Highway. Went up through the Dingo gate, the road was pretty rough, we just took our time. The country side is very dry, I feel for the farmers and their animals. Here are a few images from the day.

IMG_7404 IMG_7407  Dry river bed.IMG_7410 IMG_7412 IMG_7418  Going up the Barrington Range.IMG_7425  Dingo Gate, love the gap underneath 🙂IMG_7432  Pine trees and there needles all over the ground, reminds me of NZ pine plantations. IMG_7439  Polblue camping, very large area’s.IMG_7455  This is the Polblue Swamp area, its like a big sponge. Was pretty dry and in the middle of the day.IMG_7460 IMG_7472  Another view of the swamps.IMG_7507  This is the Manning River from up the tops of Barringtons. They have a big camp area here as well.IMG_7512  On our way home via the Pheasants Creek road were all these Native Trees, they must be so old, as they were huge.IMG_7518  A wee house up the creek Rd. What stories could those walls say.IMG_7521 Love the sky in this scene.IMG_7540  Belltree’s, is a property that was home to the White Family since 1831. They have accommodation & farm stay conference center, they have all sorts, very neat and tidy property. It is still a working farm with horses.IMG_7543 This is the sign to the town. NSW

Day 11

Tuesday 11th February 

The last of the visitors left today and another hot day so we have just relaxed, after our late night shooting last night. Here are a few photo’s that we have taken over the last few days when we went driving out the back and up into the hills. The bird life is really incredible at my son’s place so that keeps us photographers happy. 🙂

Here is a kingfisher diving in and out of the swimming pool.

IMG_6767IMG_6772  This king fisher played for ages in the pool, so lovely, it was a very hot day. We didn’t go in until he went away.IMG_6825  Think this is a tree creeper.IMG_6838  We think this is a Scarlet Honey Eater, they are so funny, getting around upside down to all the nectar.IMG_6898  Young King Parrot.IMG_6947 Hotel at Scone.IMG_6950  Old house coming home from Scone.IMG_6957  Echidna up in the bush.IMG_6977

The main line into Murrurundi from out the back.IMG_6981  Busg road we have been using.IMG_6985  Some more of the rocks we have found.IMG_7123 Young Scarlet Rosella, it was poking its head into the hole by the guttering, so don’t know if there is a nest or not.