Dora Point Day 5

Odd shower of rain.Headed into St Helen’s and had Fish & Chips at the Skippers which was an old working boat now converted to Takeaway restaurant, really great food. Was eating my tea this evening early and noticed a movement and looked down, there was a Black snake about 12 inches from my foot, so I reached out to get my camera but it retreated back, so I banged my foot on the ground and it went under the camper, but later on I went around to the back of the camper and here it is again looking at me, so banged my foot lots and it went back into the bushes. No photo.

 Floating Takeaway’s.  Georges Bay, St Helen’s  Rains are coming.  Yellow Throat Honey eaters.  Beautiful Sunset with stormy skies.


Day 91

Sunday 31st May

Last day of the month, leaves us with 27 days to go. Went to Coles Bay and Freycinet and saw lovely scenery, not a lot there, Loved the Hazards the mountains in the background at Coles Bay, drove to the light house, got our cameras ready and it poured with rain, so waited awhile, we knew it wasn’t going to let up. Very dark skies.

IMG_0495 IMG_0502  The Hazards.IMG_0510 IMG_0521  Was so windy this seagull was not happy.IMG_0528  Another view of the Hazards, they are so big and long hard to fit them all in. Lighting was not good.IMG_0541  Information Centre at Coles Bay, worth going into, lady there very helpful and has lots of knowledge of the area.IMG_0570  On our way back to Bicheno.IMG_0588  Had to go and have another look.IMG_0679 These guys were holidaying and were having great fun.

Day 16

Friday 14th-Sunday 16th February 

Well it’s been very wet since Thursday night so not a lot happening, also the town I’m in had contaminated water so we are relying on tank water.Not allowed to even wash our dishes or drink it, even the animals are not to drink it. The council is doing everything they can and handing out bottled water, so decided to go to my youngest sons place for the weekend. Was good catching up with family down where he lives. On our way home I called into the Plough Inn and was really taken with what the ladies do, they cater for Gluten Free and Vegetarian meals, as I am Gluten intolerant it is awesome to come across a shop such as the Plough Inn out in the middle of know where and are able to have a feed.  They are next to a Antique shop, here are a couple of photos from the weekend.:)

IMG_7659  This Plough Inn is at Burning Mountain, Wingen on the New England Highway, between Scone and Murrurundi.IMG_7661  The Plough Inn is built around the tree, it’s a real quaint place with beautiful food.IMG_7662 IMG_7663 IMG_7669 IMG_7672 Back at Murrurundi this evening and my son yelled out to me to get the camera quick, beautiful rainbow.