Day 98

Sunday 7th June,

Bit windy and overcast but we are heading to see the Tessellated Pavements, Devils Kitchen, Tasman Arch and the Blowhole, and on our way home dropped into the Chocolate factory and into Fortescue Bay and saw the camping area. We got away at 9.15 am and didn’t get back until 4pm, very tired. Great day. Weather was kind and it didn’t rain. Cooked tea up in the kitchen,  quiet neat catching up with others that you chattered to the day before.  Really blowing and raining now.

IMG_2203  These Green Rosella’s were everywhere and certainly use to people at the Big 4. They would come so close you could hardly take their photo. The owners were saying the birds are all so hungry.IMG_2276 IMG_2225 IMG_2237  View from the edge of the Tessellated Pavements.IMG_2238 IMG_2264 IMG_2280 IMG_2282  The doorways are so small in all the old buildings, we were told that the average height of the people back in the last century was 5′ 6″. Hence Don is taller than that.IMG_2283  The ceiling and how they were made, they are restoring them bit by bit.IMG_2290  This is one of the dogs of the dog line, they had 18 of these ugly ( only a mother could love ) things to get past if the convicts tried to escape.IMG_2291 IMG_2300 IMG_2322  Very rugged along the Tasman Coast.IMG_2330 IMG_2310 IMG_2356  Blow hole not doing much blowing today.IMG_2357 IMG_2639 There she blows, I have been here for quiet some time and I think this is my lot. The turbulence of the water is fascinating. IMG_2484  This is the opening out to see from the blowhole.IMG_2576  This opening is where the arch broke away, amazing rocks and formations here,IMG_2596  Down at the Jetty.IMG_2690  This vehicle was in the car park, loved the sign.IMG_2380 IMG_2381  This Devils Kitchen is so huge and deep cant get any angle to show the size, plus you cant get past the barriers and foliage when you are to short. This very aptly named feature gets it’s name from the cauldron of foaming fury, normally seen at water level from the viewing platform several hundred feet above.IMG_2410
IMG_2369  So big.IMG_2411  I just loved this wee house, it even had lace curtains. This is at Doo-Town, most of the house’s in Doo-Town have some sort of Doo in a name of their house, just to many photo’s of the house’s to post. Doo-Town cant grow any bigger because of Deer farming and National parks that surround it.IMG_2696  Chocolate Factory on our way back and saw this statue. And yes I bought some fudge, real nice.IMG_2701 IMG_2703

Day 91

Sunday 31st May

Last day of the month, leaves us with 27 days to go. Went to Coles Bay and Freycinet and saw lovely scenery, not a lot there, Loved the Hazards the mountains in the background at Coles Bay, drove to the light house, got our cameras ready and it poured with rain, so waited awhile, we knew it wasn’t going to let up. Very dark skies.

IMG_0495 IMG_0502  The Hazards.IMG_0510 IMG_0521  Was so windy this seagull was not happy.IMG_0528  Another view of the Hazards, they are so big and long hard to fit them all in. Lighting was not good.IMG_0541  Information Centre at Coles Bay, worth going into, lady there very helpful and has lots of knowledge of the area.IMG_0570  On our way back to Bicheno.IMG_0588  Had to go and have another look.IMG_0679 These guys were holidaying and were having great fun.

Day 90

Saturday 30th May

What a night, dam winds, had to get up in the middle of the Don fixed things up and we hoped it would still be there in the morning, didn’t get much sleep though. At least all was well in the morning. We had a free day today so didn’t want to go far with the winds as bad as they were, went into town and did all the things to see and down to the blow hole, oh I must say great dump point in town with a hose. Here are a few shots, the wind got worse down at the blow hole and was nearly blowing me over, freaky feeling. Loved it when I went to the butcher I could get my onions, etc for my meal to cook, great shop.


IMG_0243  Big slabs of rock down here at the blow hole.IMG_0244 IMG_0252  Big cracks, on such big slabs.IMG_0261  Seam of Quartz, wonder if there’s gold in there??IMG_0279  And there she blows.IMG_0284  Loved the name of this shop.IMG_0287  Harbour where we’re staying at Bicheno.IMG_0359  Eating out of Dons hand.IMG_0381 IMG_0391 IMG_0407 IMG_0419  Had to go back when tide was higher and shes a beauty.IMG_0442