Thursday 19th August

Went for a drive to Franklin and had a lovely day. This wee rabbit popped up this morning.

 Huon River


Dora Point Day 5

Odd shower of rain.Headed into St Helen’s and had Fish & Chips at the Skippers which was an old working boat now converted to Takeaway restaurant, really great food. Was eating my tea this evening early and noticed a movement and looked down, there was a Black snake about 12 inches from my foot, so I reached out to get my camera but it retreated back, so I banged my foot on the ground and it went under the camper, but later on I went around to the back of the camper and here it is again looking at me, so banged my foot lots and it went back into the bushes. No photo.

 Floating Takeaway’s.  Georges Bay, St Helen’s  Rains are coming.  Yellow Throat Honey eaters.  Beautiful Sunset with stormy skies.

Day 103

Friday 12th June
Got up early and the day is very overcast but took the chance of cloudy but sunny as forecasted, and we are heading off down the Huon Valley as far as Southport. Stopped off at all the wee bays, art galleries, etc. I just love the free range chooks we see in the country side, they are in the most unexpected places. Beautiful scenery and no wind so it wasn’t to bad and no rain. Got very overcast on way home.  All in all a very nice day. Just loved following the Huon River for most of the way, gave us some nice reflections. A lot of these photo’s were grab shots through the glass while driving, bit hard in city traffic to stop.
IMG_2907  Bridge over the Derwent River in Hobart.IMG_2908  The bridge in Hobart with Mt Wellington in back ground.IMG_2910  Mt Wellington.IMG_2914  Out of the traffic, now for some scenery.IMG_2920  This is where we had morning tea at Franklin on the edge of the Huon River.IMG_2928  A lot of old buildings are being used today for shops, galleries, etc, I loved the wheel in this photo.IMG_2931  Huon River.IMG_2932  As soon as I got over to the picnic table these ducks all came running, so funny.IMG_2937  Heading towards GeevestonIMG_2949  Free range chooks.IMG_2951  Nice entry to the town of Geeveston.IMG_2966  Had lunch at Dover.IMG_2972  Driving around to Southport, the end of the tar sealed road south.IMG_2982  Little beach holiday places right on the water.IMG_3001  End of the line. IMG_3017 IMG_3026  On our way back caught some good lighting on these yachts.IMG_3069 Another quick shot of the bridge at Hobart on our way home.

Day 90

Saturday 30th May

What a night, dam winds, had to get up in the middle of the Don fixed things up and we hoped it would still be there in the morning, didn’t get much sleep though. At least all was well in the morning. We had a free day today so didn’t want to go far with the winds as bad as they were, went into town and did all the things to see and down to the blow hole, oh I must say great dump point in town with a hose. Here are a few shots, the wind got worse down at the blow hole and was nearly blowing me over, freaky feeling. Loved it when I went to the butcher I could get my onions, etc for my meal to cook, great shop.


IMG_0243  Big slabs of rock down here at the blow hole.IMG_0244 IMG_0252  Big cracks, on such big slabs.IMG_0261  Seam of Quartz, wonder if there’s gold in there??IMG_0279  And there she blows.IMG_0284  Loved the name of this shop.IMG_0287  Harbour where we’re staying at Bicheno.IMG_0359  Eating out of Dons hand.IMG_0381 IMG_0391 IMG_0407 IMG_0419  Had to go back when tide was higher and shes a beauty.IMG_0442

Day 3

Thursday 14th

Woke to a beautiful day so we had breakfast, cleaned up and Don got the tarp up over the camper, so now we are secured for the rains. The dam/lake is low but still lots of water. We have toilets, cold showers and trees. Very uneven ground as it is all just paddocks,so you get what you can. Lots of people with boats, blow up canoes and rubber ducks.  Don and Jack went rowing several times. I got tea all prepared early so didnt matter about the weather. A chap called around to all the sites, hes getting a delivery service up and running and was asking about what we might want. Gets the stock from Monto and keeps his delivery fees low. His email for info is Jamie Harris is his name. He owns the 4×4 shop in town. We went for a big walk around all the bays, so big. Havent been to the wier yet. Had chicken tonight with veggies all in one pot. Don had a big fall today, thought he’d knocked himself out for a second, but he dented his head at the forehead by the hair line, got the bleeding stopped and put a cross plaster on it. Hes ended up with a very big bruise on his leg at the top. Weather does not know what it’s doing but its overcast and windy.  Not as cold tonight with the cloud cover.

IMG_1729 IMG_1713 IMG_1710 IMG_1677 IMG_1613 IMG_1597 IMG_1590 IMG_1589