Day 3

Thursday 14th

Woke to a beautiful day so we had breakfast, cleaned up and Don got the tarp up over the camper, so now we are secured for the rains. The dam/lake is low but still lots of water. We have toilets, cold showers and trees. Very uneven ground as it is all just paddocks,so you get what you can. Lots of people with boats, blow up canoes and rubber ducks.  Don and Jack went rowing several times. I got tea all prepared early so didnt matter about the weather. A chap called around to all the sites, hes getting a delivery service up and running and was asking about what we might want. Gets the stock from Monto and keeps his delivery fees low. His email for info is Jamie Harris is his name. He owns the 4×4 shop in town. We went for a big walk around all the bays, so big. Havent been to the wier yet. Had chicken tonight with veggies all in one pot. Don had a big fall today, thought he’d knocked himself out for a second, but he dented his head at the forehead by the hair line, got the bleeding stopped and put a cross plaster on it. Hes ended up with a very big bruise on his leg at the top. Weather does not know what it’s doing but its overcast and windy.  Not as cold tonight with the cloud cover.

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