Day 4

Friday 15th

Another lovely morning,  no rain but very dark clouds, fog over the hills across from the dam. Kookaburras laughing heaps this morning. I got up and had a cuppa, got the muesli soaking for breakfast. We have decided to sit it out if it rains, the SEQUEB chap camp to let all campers be aware of the coming rains and to move to higher levels than the high mark of dam. We are staying as even 100 mls wouldn’t reach us. We have a plan in case though. Cows have come to visit our bay and drink, sit around our csmp site. Don made a shelter so I could have a shower. Don and I went for a walk around the other side today and found some more camp sites, my kids would love camping here. I have curry sausages cooking in magic cooker for tea. It rained all night but a good rain for soaking, hope some farmers got it. We have our containers out collecting water off the tarp roof.

IMG_1749 IMG_1754 Break in the weather, Jack & Don are hopeful.