Day 2

Wednesday 13th

Had breakfast took some photos, Kumbia is a lovely town,  park is great, free but a donation for power. Beautiful scenery along the way to Kingaroy.. Don got some photos of a couple of pubs he’s always wanted to shoot.  Heading off to Ban Ban springs for lunch. What a neat stop over here. Free, toilets, fresh water bubbling out of the ground.  Great history about the Aborigines from this area.  When we got to Gayundah what a nice town,  stopped at the Food Works, got everything. Just out of town there is a Wier and its free camping as well by the river north side. We got to Ceratodus (this name comes from a fish that comes from this area.) free camp spot and there were firemen and trucks everywhere,  they were about to do a burn off on both sides of the road and with the winds we decided to move onto the Wuruma Dam as it was only about 30 min further,  so got us here at 5 pm. This place is amazing,  so big, many bays, and lots of campers, but still room. We started cooking tea and it bucketed down, so we cooked our tea under Jacks awning. Black clouds everwhere. Cleaned up and all had a hot drink and bed early it was so cold.

IMG_1797  After the rains.IMG_1816