Sunday 26th Febraury

Early start to the day, long drive, heading up to the Great Lakes District. Stocked up with tinned and groceries at Deloraine, Cheese and milk at Ashgroves, Raspberries at Christmas Hills and off we go. ūüôā Not a lot of photos due to no visibility most of the trip.

 A lookout on the great lakes road. Bluff forest tiers. Weather very overcast, low cloud cover.  Lake Arthur.  Country cottage, seen better days, up a side road. Ended up at Cowpaddock, awesome spot.


Bethungra Dam

Stayed at this Dam for a couple of nights, was nice but that’s all, a good rest stop as it was very quiet, not that far off the main road, not a lot to do, talk to the cows :).The water was very inviting but couldn’t swim as it had Blue Green algae. ¬†Here’s a couple of shots.

 This is one of two shelters and there is one toilet block plus rubbish bins. no water.

Day 32

Wednesday 15th June.

Set the alarm to see what the milky way was like at 5 am. I didn’t think it was worth it after looking, Don went out and did some shooting and is now still sleeping, 8.56 am. I’m going to save my early mornings for the jump-ups. Very windy today, hard to cook like this and we are still using a tarp for cover from sun due to the poles getting lost and the zip is not durable in wind. Going to have a relaxing day,¬† we are staying tonight as well. All the Wattles are in flower. Dingo’s were howling last night.¬† Got some good shots of Rainbow Bee Eaters this morning. Saw another crocodile this evening. Had another fire to burn all our burnables.


The Fresh water crocodile. Looks like a log but then it moved.


Sun going down over the Corella Dam wall.

IMG_0247White Winged Triller

White winged triller, lovely song it sings, just out side the camper door.


Flocks of Budgies.


Last light hitting the hill behind us.

Day 18

Wednesday 1st June  Day 18

Well it is raining,¬† started quiet early after we went to sleep last night. Has rained fairly constant. The land needs this,¬† as campers it’s fine overnight but nice to fine up now,¬† well not a lot to do in the rain.¬† Soaking the clothes to hang out when fine. Had a early tea, cleaned up and retired to the camper.


Just down the bank from our camp site, looking south. very overcast.


Looking up the opposite way. This dam is a lot higher than it has been, last year people were camping where the water is.


Our camp site.


Very dark skies tonight.


Beautiful Kite.

Day 17

Tuesday 31st    Traveling to Corolla Dam.

Set the alarm for 6 am,¬† got up and had breakfast,¬† got all ready to close the camper and I was on the phone when I saw a big bird in the tree, ¬†it was a Kite,¬† not a wedge tail like I first thought. On the road by 8.20 am,¬† what a beautiful drive,¬† the country side changed many times, from really green to red, flat to really hilly out crops with a lot of rock, ¬†then as we got closer to Cloncurry the hills were amazing.¬† Had morning tea at the Info center after we did the shopping at Woolworths. Nice town, not a lot of shops though. While we were at the info center a lady came up and asked if I was camping back at the rest area, I said yes, she said, you have lost 4 poles along the road back there. Went back to the camper and told Don and yes the cap for the tent poles vibrated loose off the pole carrier and we have lost 7 poles . Tried at Cloncurry to get some more, no luck, ¬†so will try at Mt Isa when we go to get the toilet cap. Saw a Wedge-tailed eagle today fly off a dead carcass on side of road. We arrived here at Corella Dam at 12.15 pm,¬† quiet a few people here and the water levels are up as we can’t camp on the peninsula where J&A usually camp,¬† so did a bit of a drive around, finally found a top spot,¬† got all set up with only minimal things out as if it rains we have to move fast due to bad soil. No photos tonight as it’s very overcast and windy. Sat around a wee fire until 7 pm, we’re all pretty tired so have retired to our vans. Here are some photo’s of the days travel. A lot of these I take while Don drives.


Heading to Corella Dam, on the Mt Isa road.


Rocky outcrop.


The Town


I have noticed that a lot of the out back towns have beautiful wide streets, plenty room for parking with a RV. The bakery makes lovely fresh cream buns with real cream and jam,


Just a quick shot as we drove through town.


I just loved the scenery, the changing colours of the hills. Still lovely and green from all the flooding and rain they have had out west, we are very lucky to see it this way.


Another amazing hill.


Arriving ar Corella Dam.


Could not believe how many campers were here, but its a big area.


Wow, look at this for a set up. Lovely people, I was chatting with the owners, they have been everywhere, so interesting chatting . Continue with safe travels.



Met up with Jack – Alice


Sunday 15th May

Left home on Sunday 15th May and stayed 1st night at Blackbutt. Stayed just over the bridge, west from town, free camping at the Squash courts at the top of the hill. free use of the toilets. Met up with friends of Dons whom we are doing the trip with J & A.


Cold night and long shadows, Blackbutt. Qld.


Woke to a lovely day and the start of the holiday. Image below shows the area for camping, really is good.


Day 1

Monday 16th. 

Up early and cleaned up, was very cold during the night.  Had morning tea at Goomeri and headed for Mingo crossing, very nice van park, tidy, green and good facilities. we stayed two  nights here, was a long day, arrived at 3 pm for afternoon tea. I will post some images later.

IMG_4798  WrenIMG_4846  Paradise Dam caravan park, it is a beautiful place.Paradise Stars

Startrails at the Dam.

Tuesday 17th.

Slept well, cold, sunny, have the morning sun in camper kitchen. Lots of birds.

IMG_5017 IMG_5067  These birds a Kite and Tern were fighting over a fish the Kite had caught.IMG_5130 IMG_5145

Wednesday 18th

Heading off to Wuruma Dam today. I took a few photos of Paradise Dam before heading off. We have been told its pretty full, but were going to check it out anyway. We traveled via Ceratadace. Well we got a tops spot for both vehicles, very happy. Had lunch and settled in. Lots of water in the Dam, I will post images later.

IMG_5149  Fog on the dam.IMG_5150 IMG_5151  SunriseIMG_5157

Lots of space for camping.

IMG_5295  At Wurumu Dam, there is always something happening, birds everywhere. White faced Heron.IMG_5306  Apostle bird, these birds are so funny to watch.IMG_5320  Don and Jack out having a kayak.IMG_5323 IMG_5358  Turtles, there were heaps, little ones as well as big ones.IMG_5394 IMG_5491

Sunset at Wurumu Dam.

Thursday 19th

Very mild last night slept with all windows open. Had a very relaxing day, chattered with some people, took photos men went kayaking again. Lots of water birds. Ran the gene and charged all the batteries etc..


View from our site,

Friday 20th.

Got away by 9 am and heading to Monto, we dumped and filled up here and had morning tea, from here we went to Biloela and did some shopping. Filled up gas bottles here. Shouted ourselves lunch out. We are all set for 3  nights off the grid. Got to Lake Victoria 3 pm, set up and had a cuppa. Beautiful spot. Black soil so will be watching for rain. We have a full moon so no night shooting stars tonight.

IMG_5537  Lovely spot so were very pleased. Lake Victoria.IMG_5543  This camping is on private property so please be mindful of the owners animals and leave things as you see them, It was lovely to see that all other campers had taken all there rubbish away with them, good one you.IMG_5548  At least these lucky cows have plenty of water.IMG_5579

Just a night shot from the camp site.

Saturday 21st.

Woke to a beautiful day not a cloud to be seen. We read, chattered, and took photo’s, lots of birds. Did some night shooting and star trails until some clouds came across.

IMG_5630 ¬†Spoonbills flying offIMG_5632 ¬†We could here a cat meow, but couldn’t work it out as to where the sound was coming from, then we saw it, a black cat after a dead fish on the bank across from us.IMG_5636 ¬†IbisIMG_5669 ¬†I went for a walk and saw these big cobwebs, there were heaps of them, I don’t like spiders, so I always see cobwebs.IMG_5773 ¬†Pelicans taking off from the lake.IMG_5796

Real golden sunset tonight.

Sunday 22nd.

Cloudy, windy and not a lot of sunlight for solar panels so will run the gene later. Another lovely day, caught up on a few bits and packed what we can as tomorrow is a early start for Sapphire, hope we get a site. Took these shots just before leaving.

IMG_5873 IMG_5877  Reflection on the Lake Victoria.IMG_5885

Pelican landing, they are such a big bird.

Monday 23rd. 

Up at 6 am, lovely morning, been pretty mild as well at nights. Got breakfast done and cleaned up, left the gate by 8.40 am Had a good run thru to Dululu and dumped and filled up the water containers. I had a shower here its free so that was awesome, thanks Dululu. We had morning tea here. Headed for Comet and had lunch nice we spot. Carried onto Emerald. Grabbed a few bits and pieces, rang some family and friends while we had good coverage. Spent a bit of time here but still arrived in Sapphire by 4.30 pm and got a site, as its for only one night you make do. Been a long day, its very hot, 32 deg. Crashed into bed early.

IMG_5972  Early morning shot of the moon still in the sky going down as the sun was coming up behind me.IMG_5983  Sunrise colours, Lake Victoria.IMG_6001  Dululu, thanks to the wee town for the facilities of hot free showers and a dump point. Support these towns, got to be grateful.IMG_6013

Coal train while were traveling.









Day 55

Sunday 5th

Went for a drive up to Paluma, called in at Little Crystal Creek Falls, great water holes and water falls. Then onto Birthday ¬† Creek Falls, then went to Paluma Dam Camping area. Spent time here and on way home called into Big Crystal Creek Falls. This is a nice area to camp if one didn’t want to go up the range. Called into Balgal Beach, wow I really loved this beach area and the camping looked good. Trees, toilets, estuary and surf.

IMG_5710  Ocean at Balgal Beach, Rollingstone.IMG_5708  Estuary at Balgal Beach and camping area.IMG_5705  Big Crystal Creek Camping.IMG_5690  Paluma Dam and camping.IMG_5681  Walk down to Birthday creek falls.IMG_5615  Little Crystal Creek Falls.IMG_5570LittleCrystalCreek  The Arch at Little Crystal creek falls.IMG_5575  Picnic tables along the river bed. Little Crystal creek falls.IMG_5579  Big boulders along the river from the Little Crystal Creek Falls.IMG_5595  The Arch is huge, the person gives it perspective.IMG_5603


Day 16

Wednesday 27

Water was so still, Jack went out for a early row. We sat around and had breakfast chatting. So peaceful. Don did some fishing, kookaburra sitting on the branch above hoping to catch something every time Don reeled in. But nothing was caught. We had 2 ring tailed opossums here last night, one was red furred, very pretty. Baby butchers, 3 baby kookaburras. We have no coverage out here so J & A shot back into Eungella to do some business. Warmed up my water for a nice hot shower. Went for a drive over to the Dam wall. Lovely picnic area for day use. There are kites flying all around us. Went for a ride in the rubber duck to the other side of dam was lovely.

StarStaX_DPP_333-DPP_340_gap_filling_CometMode  Star trails.IMG_2580  Eungella Dam wall.IMG_2579  Spillway.IMG_2510 IMG_2484 IMG_2456  Very foggy this morning.IMG_2446 IMG_2445 IMG_2444  Wonderful clean facilities.IMG_2442  One can camp anywhere here, very big area, it is paddock camping so you find what you can as far as level sites.IMG_2437  our set up.IMG_2435  More fog.IMG_2432

Earlier we could not see the other campers, so foggy.

Day 7

Monday 18th.

Very cold night, pea soup this morning, fog real thick, we had a cuppa and sat in the sun to thaw. Went for walk around the area, real nice, we will be back to stay for a week. The Dam is lovely with dead trees everywhere. Some person has planted some gardens with veggies and has painted on rocks to please water me and pick me, dont pull me out by the roots so I can keep growing and feed you. Please put scrapes in the compost pit. Most of the campers near the water sites have gone by 10am so if one came in by 10 you would get a pick of good site. The boys went rowing so I had my shower and washed my hair, did my washing. Morning tea time now, 10.30am what a great life. I ended up by cutting my hair, a wee bit short but a month will help. The days pass quiet quickly when you get chatting with others campers etc. We did star trails again tonight. Rang my friend and said where we are. Heading to Rocky tomorrow to stay with her.

IMG_1976  our set up for a few days, we had a good site right down the back, nice and private.IMG_1951  The Dam at Boynedale Bush camp.IMG_1948  Nice big area.IMG_1944 Fog over the water.

Day 3

Thursday 14th

Woke to a beautiful day so we had breakfast, cleaned up and Don got the tarp up over the camper, so now we are secured for the rains. The dam/lake is low but still lots of water. We have toilets, cold showers and trees. Very uneven ground as it is all just paddocks,so you get what you can. Lots of people with boats, blow up canoes and rubber ducks.¬† Don and Jack went rowing several times. I got tea all prepared early so didnt matter about the weather. A chap called around to all the sites, hes getting a delivery service up and running and was asking about what we might want. Gets the stock from Monto and keeps his delivery fees low. His email for info is Jamie Harris is his name. He owns the 4×4 shop in town. We went for a big walk around all the bays, so big. Havent been to the wier yet. Had chicken tonight with veggies all in one pot. Don had a big fall today, thought he’d knocked himself out for a second, but he dented his head at the forehead by the hair line, got the bleeding stopped and put a cross plaster on it. Hes ended up with a very big bruise on his leg at the top. Weather does not know what it’s doing but its overcast and windy.¬† Not as cold tonight with the cloud cover.

IMG_1729 IMG_1713 IMG_1710 IMG_1677 IMG_1613 IMG_1597 IMG_1590 IMG_1589