Day 55

Sunday 5th

Went for a drive up to Paluma, called in at Little Crystal Creek Falls, great water holes and water falls. Then onto Birthday   Creek Falls, then went to Paluma Dam Camping area. Spent time here and on way home called into Big Crystal Creek Falls. This is a nice area to camp if one didn’t want to go up the range. Called into Balgal Beach, wow I really loved this beach area and the camping looked good. Trees, toilets, estuary and surf.

IMG_5710  Ocean at Balgal Beach, Rollingstone.IMG_5708  Estuary at Balgal Beach and camping area.IMG_5705  Big Crystal Creek Camping.IMG_5690  Paluma Dam and camping.IMG_5681  Walk down to Birthday creek falls.IMG_5615  Little Crystal Creek Falls.IMG_5570LittleCrystalCreek  The Arch at Little Crystal creek falls.IMG_5575  Picnic tables along the river bed. Little Crystal creek falls.IMG_5579  Big boulders along the river from the Little Crystal Creek Falls.IMG_5595  The Arch is huge, the person gives it perspective.IMG_5603