Day 56 – 57

Monday 6th – Tuesday 7th

Monday was sorting, packing and stocking up for heading west.

Tuesday we headed off at 10.30 am and going to the Campasepe River camping spot. Before we headed off the tree loppers arrived and I got some shots of them doing there work. Had a good run thru, camp site is nice and roomy, shade and nice toilets etc, no showers. River was dry and they had not long done a burn off.

StarStaX_DPP_601-DPP_623_gap_fillingCampasepeRiver  Star trails. Campasepe River.IMG_5790  Tree Loppers at work at the relations place.IMG_5715 DSCF3467 DSCF3461  Toilet block, rubbish bins, parking and camping. Campasepe River.DSCF3432  Apostile birds at Charters Towers Dump point area, so hot this day.DSCF3428  Columbia mine shaft entry. Charters Towers.DSCF3419  Loved this, on the way today.DSCF3417  Macrossan River and rail bridge, big camping area here.DSCF3425 Macrossan camping. This is not far out of Charters Towers.