Day 58

Wednesday 8th

So nice just sitting listening to nothing having breakfast. The fire truck camp in and I went and spoke with the chap, he comes and fills the water tank up, cleans out the ablution block. Real nice person. We headed off to Aramac, popped into Pentland, checked it out and headed off down the Aramac/Torrens road, very wide, red road, temperature was 40 degrees. Had a good run and not many vehicles on this road, I just love the way the landscapes change. Had morning tea under a trees, boy it was hot. I did some driving today, did 180 km into Aramac, good practice in case I need to. Here’s a few photo’s to tell the story.

DSCF3534  Red dirt roads. Was quiet soft in places.DSCF3498  Campasepe River bed. Train bridge in foreground.DSCF3542  Flat country side along the way. So many extremes.DSCF3536  Back on the dirt.DSCF3530  Begining of the Torrens/Aramac road from Pentland.DSCF3523  Our destination second from bottom.DSCF3509  Pentland Hotel, could tell a story or two.DSCF3486  Camp site at Campasepe, they had not long done a burn off.DSCF3480  Lovely chap from Pentland doing his rounds and jobs.IMG_5892   At Aramac it was the evening of the moon eclisps, this is my effort.