James Camping Reserve, Benalla.

We got away early as its a big day, heading for Casey’s Weir, about 10 km out of Benalla. Well when we got there decided no, not for us was disappointing but you just know. So we hit the road and looked up plan B which was James Camping Reserve. You are allowed to camp along the river in town at Benalla. Mozzies are bad.

 Lovely wee creek and we did cool off in it, was very cold.  The babbling brook is just over the bank, I could here it at night.


Day 66

Wednesday 6th May

Well we went for a drive, the storm has passed , we still have rain and the annex cant go anywhere now. Went to Stanley to see a photo our friend has put into the Cow & Calf Gallery, photography fine art, really lovely art. Got to meet David the owner and Photographer. Next door is the Brown Dog cafe, where we went to have some morning tea, lovely old and unique place. Just loved both their names and there is a story behind the Brown dog but didn’t find out if there was a story behind the gallery name.

IMG_6312 IMG_6349 IMG_6318  We did the walk along the historical area of old buildings in between sheltering in peoples veranda’s, loved this sigh as well, I have removed his phone number.IMG_6321  View from Bobs place, looking out over the bay of Stanley.IMG_6327  Under the Nut at Stanley.IMG_6338  Old railway station down by the jetty. I think this top part of the light house has been moved from somewhere else.IMG_6339  Road heading to Railway station and the big crayfish, great fish and chips we bought from there, so fresh.IMG_6343  Prices from old. Pound, Shillings and pence.IMG_6344  Inside waiting for a train, joking, it is now a cafe.IMG_6363 Church StanleyIMG_6360  Chair lifts up to the Nut, closed today, winds were very bad.IMG_6368  Another view of The Nut.IMG_6377  We were at Port Latta, all these gulls were going crazy, then they would all land on the water then take to the air again, but the winds were really blowing them around. Funny to watch.IMG_6464  Crayfish Creek on our way back to Rocky Cape.IMG_6474  We love this sigh, hell yer great. Haha.IMG_6480 Crayfish creek heading out to sea.

Day 55

Sunday 5th

Went for a drive up to Paluma, called in at Little Crystal Creek Falls, great water holes and water falls. Then onto Birthday   Creek Falls, then went to Paluma Dam Camping area. Spent time here and on way home called into Big Crystal Creek Falls. This is a nice area to camp if one didn’t want to go up the range. Called into Balgal Beach, wow I really loved this beach area and the camping looked good. Trees, toilets, estuary and surf.

IMG_5710  Ocean at Balgal Beach, Rollingstone.IMG_5708  Estuary at Balgal Beach and camping area.IMG_5705  Big Crystal Creek Camping.IMG_5690  Paluma Dam and camping.IMG_5681  Walk down to Birthday creek falls.IMG_5615  Little Crystal Creek Falls.IMG_5570LittleCrystalCreek  The Arch at Little Crystal creek falls.IMG_5575  Picnic tables along the river bed. Little Crystal creek falls.IMG_5579  Big boulders along the river from the Little Crystal Creek Falls.IMG_5595  The Arch is huge, the person gives it perspective.IMG_5603


Day 14

Monday 25th

Up and away by 9.15 am. Went thru to Sarina and had morning tea at the train station. Then onto Mackay. Stopped at Caneland Central,  did some shopping. The drive and country side was real nice to here, lots of rugged hills and cane farms.  We got away from Mackay about 2.15 pm and headed towards Eungella,  pulled into a rest stop at Plummer River and ate lunch. Had chicken and salad, Got to Boulder Creek at 4 pm, long way out of the way for what there is,  but one never knows until you do it. At least the turn off to Eungella is only 1 km back, good short cut. Not a very big area,  nice wee creek running. We are only staying the one night seeing as its not fantastic.

IMG_2358  Entrance to Boulder Creek camping on left.IMG_2339  Boulder Creek.IMG_2337 IMG_2332 IMG_2330BoulderCreek
 This is the only area to camp in here, not big.

Day 2

Monday 23rd

I awoke to the sounds of many Kookaburra’s, such a great sound, then all the other birds started. Birds like wrens, the wee Honey eaters and the Crimson Rosella’s.

Got up at 6 am made a cuppa and just sat back and listened, the sounds were great.

Had breakfast then cleaned up, went for a bit of a walk and saw our neighbours, had a bit of a hello and wondered back, had morning tea.

We then took a drive up to the rainforest, just lovely, did one of the walks, called Sylvester Lookout, very steep.
It was nice and cool in the rainforest, we came home had lunch and then the heat got up again, but we have a wee breeze.

Went and mucked around with the birds here taking photos, got fire wood etc, was a nice relaxing afternoon.


Azure Kingfisher, we found that this is one of the spots he fishes from.

Look out walk What a lovely walk, very steep, heaps of birds, all very high in the canopy, but the view at the look out was very hazy but must be amazing on a clear day, worth the effort.

Rain forest under growth. This is rain forest under growth, and the smell is so nice, all the different forest scents.

IMG_3943  This is a White Napped Honey Eater, have not seen one of these before, they are very pretty.IMG_3962  Don over the other side of creek.IMG_3987  Nankeen Night Heron.IMG_3991  They had been harrowing the paddock.IMG_3992  The old gate. Still worked though.IMG_4001 Female Bower visiting us, they are so nosy when they get use to you being around.