Day 85

Monday 25th May

Went for a drive to Evercreech Forest,from St Helens you go along the way down the coast and over the St Marys Pass, very windy and narrow in places but just take your time, its very high and lovely. St Marys town is a quaint wee country town.The Museum at the old Railway Station is worth the stop, Ian will tell you about so many things, may even give you a tune on his Banjo if you ask nicely.  Further on we called into Cornwall, full of history as a coal mining town, they have a wall of remembrance there, very nice to see. Had smoko there. Got to Fingal, which is a lovely drive down through the valley and we turned off and headed to Mathinna, our turn off was just this side to the Evercreech forest, good dirt roads. Beautiful driving down through the forest. We ran out of day so will have to make another trip to Mathinna.

IMG_8893  quick snap while driving past, loved the fog in behind the house. Heading to St Marys.IMG_8889 IMG_8895  Fingal drive.IMG_8921  Esk River, heading out of Fingal to the forest.IMG_8922 IMG_8939  Well here we are at the picnic area of the Evercreech Forest, no camping allowed, but day use only, this is a great shelter, nice toilets and a gas BBQ, table and chairs placed at different place with also fire pits.IMG_8946  Stream, so clear.IMG_8942  picnic area.IMG_9034  walking through the forest, the bush is so quiet.IMG_9046  Well here is some of the White Gums, known as the “White Knights”, about 90 metres tall, they are Australia’s tallest white gums.IMG_9056  Another angle, so hard to photograph as they are to big, and the lighting isn’t always good looking up towards the sky.IMG_9084 IMG_9109  Part of the walk back down.IMG_9115 IMG_9118  Looked like a graveyard of trees all covered in thick bright green mosses.IMG_9119 IMG_9130  Natures smile.IMG_9136  This is the base of an old tree, its rotted away in the middle.IMG_9165  Reflection of the bridge in clear stream.IMG_9170 IMG_9195  Opps the skies are looking dark, this house just looked nice in the foreground of a dirty sky.IMG_9252 IMG_9253  Cornwall has so much history but don’t go wondering up in the hills still lots of  mine shafts  up in the hills we have been told.IMG_9308  Scamander, bridge on left not in use now, only a walk way, new bridge on right, ocean on right. Nice wee seaside town.IMG_8987  I dont like doing portrait shaped photo’s, but this was to try and show the size of some of the trees, this is only quarter of the tree.IMG_9038  This bridge is made from old punga’s and other dead trees and then just a frame to hold it together, we have been told that the towns people and some of the bikie people help maintain this forest, how good is that.IMG_9094 Just a small one. 🙂


Day 52

Wednesday 22nd April

Woke to a lovely sunny day for our Gordon Rive Cruise, we have to be down there early and also we wanted a good parking spot. Our cabin was only around the corner so that was handy, here are a few images to see what it was like.

IMG_4103  The wee township of Strahan, this is where we catch the cruise. IMG_4108  The harbour and Jetty.IMG_4115  The Lady Jane Franklin 11, I liked the reflections in the window.IMG_4117 IMG_4122  Looking over the harbour to where you board the wilderness train trip from.IMG_4123  Inside the Lady JaneIMG_4133  Sea plane getting ready to pick up some passengers for a scenic flight.IMG_4159  Leaving the JettyIMG_4208 IMG_4253 Then entrance back into the harbour from the ocean, very deep and swift waters in that channel.IMG_4262  Only was in or out for these people is by boat, now that’s living in peace apart from the cruise boats every day.IMG_4274 IMG_4282 IMG_4336  We drop right down to a few knots as entering into the Gordon River, very old and ancient forests here, some of the Huon Pine is thousands of years old, wonderful journey and history. Thank goodness they stopped logging it but you can see where they have.IMG_4371  We got off the boat and did a walk up into the forest, just another world.IMG_4399  One of the other cruise’sIMG_4431  Jetty where we went onto Sarah Island and learned all about the convict days and how cruely they were treated, very moving as the lady acted out as she told the story. Reminders are still there as far as the hollows in the ground, logs that were left where they did the boat building etc.IMG_4451  Another jetty on the Sarah Island that was used, its very old.IMG_4481  A ruin from old.IMG_4498  This is some of the huon pine logs left from boat building.IMG_4506  Returning to our cruise.IMG_4558 Strahan from above.

Day 2

Monday 23rd

I awoke to the sounds of many Kookaburra’s, such a great sound, then all the other birds started. Birds like wrens, the wee Honey eaters and the Crimson Rosella’s.

Got up at 6 am made a cuppa and just sat back and listened, the sounds were great.

Had breakfast then cleaned up, went for a bit of a walk and saw our neighbours, had a bit of a hello and wondered back, had morning tea.

We then took a drive up to the rainforest, just lovely, did one of the walks, called Sylvester Lookout, very steep.
It was nice and cool in the rainforest, we came home had lunch and then the heat got up again, but we have a wee breeze.

Went and mucked around with the birds here taking photos, got fire wood etc, was a nice relaxing afternoon.


Azure Kingfisher, we found that this is one of the spots he fishes from.

Look out walk What a lovely walk, very steep, heaps of birds, all very high in the canopy, but the view at the look out was very hazy but must be amazing on a clear day, worth the effort.

Rain forest under growth. This is rain forest under growth, and the smell is so nice, all the different forest scents.

IMG_3943  This is a White Napped Honey Eater, have not seen one of these before, they are very pretty.IMG_3962  Don over the other side of creek.IMG_3987  Nankeen Night Heron.IMG_3991  They had been harrowing the paddock.IMG_3992  The old gate. Still worked though.IMG_4001 Female Bower visiting us, they are so nosy when they get use to you being around.

Off we go in the rain. Beauchamp Falls

Wednesday 20th April.

8.15 am, weather looking cloudy and wet but we are heading up to Beauchamp falls, we ended up spending all day. Getting down to the falls was very steep but we just took our time and there was lots of fungi along the way. We had black wheelie bin rubbish bags to lay in the wet on and plastic bags for the camera’s.

Beachchamp Falls, Really worth the walk down to these falls. Beauchamp Falls in the Otway’s Victoria.

Small Fungi These fungi are so tiny and it was raining, I was doing Macro shooting and all of a sudden my camera say’s error and my macro had a big problem, so I started using one of my other lens and just got in as close as I could, but it’s ok now, after lots of money spent on the macro lens.

Forest Walk. At the bottom of the hill, the stream and waterfall is just around the corner, it was so beautiful down in this forest.